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					                                                                         Case Study 24: Municipality of Pesaro, ITALY

                         Adriatic Arena: the Sun Parking in Pesaro
                               Municipality of Pesaro, ITALY

This case study is about the realization of a photovoltaic parking lot of 22 872 mq in Pesaro, which will be
completed by the end of October 2010. The project is promoted by the Municipality of Pesaro as an action in its
“Energy Municipal Plan” and the project aims to demonstrate how a Municipality can utilize its public surface as
a area for photovoltaic systems of large dimensions, and doing this by only combining the available financial
incentives provided by the Italian regulation “Conto Energia” and its public procedures. The objective is the
transformation of a surrounding area in the major energetic urban area of the city.
The main actors are the Municipality of Pesaro and a private company, the BLU MINI POWER srl. The main
results are: the creation of renewable energy at territorial-local scale; the earnings for the Municipality are due
1) Its role as decision-maker / promoter of RES
2) The annual patent rent received by the company for its public surface
3) The PV installation and maintenance are realized with private sources without weigh on public balance

End-user area                                     Target Audience                      Technical
   Financial instruments                             Citizens                             Solar energy
                                                     Local - regional authorities

The Sun Parking Adriatic Arena is not an isolated project but it belongs to the operative initiatives of the
“Energy Municipal Plan” approved by the Municipal Committee in 26/01/2009. The document describes the
strategic guidelines of energy municipal planning, paying attention to public buildings and surfaces on private
town planning. In particular the Adriatic Arena, commercial headquarters of Pesaro and its parking surface, the
indoor sports arena (more than 11 000 seats), the multiplex cinema (6 rooms), and many shopping centres.
This means that, even if it’s not typically a residential area, it is frequently used by people and so it constitutes
as a social and economic reference point.

The main aim is the energy promotion in the area, through the leading influence of a Municipality that - as a
public local Authority – can play an important role in the management of energy on a local scale; the
Municipality is at the same time a consumer, a decision-maker / promoter of the production and the use at local
level of renewable energy sources. In specific the aim of this project is the transformation and a new

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                                                                                        Case Study 24: Municipality of Pesaro, ITALY

qualification of a surrounding commercial area in the major and energetic urban area of the city, through the
sustainable mechanism put into action by the Municipality of Pesaro.

The main purpose in the energy planning of a Municipality is to increase renewable energy and energy
efficiency in its local territory, starting with the public buildings and surfaces. This aim has to be extended to the
whole city encouraging the private town planning to adopt RES systems.
This attainment of this aim by a Municipality has to be reached not using the few municipal financial sources,
but trying to take advantage of the available financial incentives. It means to find a way to obtain renewable
installations without weighing on public balance sheets. This is the guideline and the milestones followed by our

Action/milestones                                                                                                   Implementation date
Municipal Council Resolution n. 180: installation of photovoltaic systems on the municipal buildings and surfaces   13/11/2007
Executive decree n. 1355: call for tenders about the project about covering photovoltaic roofs with public parking
Executive decree n. 2161: temporary aggiudication to the BLU ENERGY srl company, winner of the public tender        10/11/2008
Executive decree n. 1686: Final aggiudication to the SUN PARKING PESARO srl company (incorporated by BLU
ENERGY srl company)
Start Works                                                                                                         01/03/2010
End Works                                                                                                           31/10/2010

Financial resources and partners
The investment of Adriatic Arena photovoltaic parking is about € 9 500 000 covered by the BLU MINI POWER
srl, company identified through a public call for tenders, announced by the Municipality of Pesaro in July, 2008.
Through this mechanism the Municipality of Pesaro receives an annual income of € 50 000 for the use of its
public parking surfaces, on which the company will realize the Sun Parking by the end of October 2010. The
annual income for the Municipality of Pesaro lasts 25 years. The company is interested in the investment
because - using the available incentives provided by the Italian regulation - receives the earnings from “Conto
Energia”, the Italian fixed feed in tariff for PV.

The project previews the realization of 22 872 mq photovoltaic cantilever roofs on a parking surface to cover
1 550 cars and 600 motorcycles. The PV cantilever roofs will produce a power of 2 500 kwp and 2 650 000
medium kWh/year.
The PV cantilever roofs will contribute to improve the quality of air through the annual reduction of 607 tons oil
fuel, 1 800 tons CO2, 3 950 tons nitrogen oxides.
The project will end in October 2010, so at the moment it is not possible to answer questions about social
benefits (jobs created or number of students or persons involved).

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                                                                         Case Study 24: Municipality of Pesaro, ITALY

Lessons learned and repeatability
The project is replicable in those countries in which there are energy incentives. All public Authorities, which are
owners of public surfaces, can receive periodic income for the use of their public surfaces. The company,
interested in the investment, receives its earning from the energy incentive, more than sufficient to cover the
costs of the investment.

Contact for more information:
Project Web Site:
Organisation / Agency: Municipality of Pesaro
Main contact: Antonio Mezzino, Head of Environmental Department
Address: Piazza del Popolo, 1 - 61100 PESARO (ITALY)
Tel: 0039 0721 387453
Fax: 0039 0721 387485
Web Site:

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