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					Short Story: ENG 1DI/Y

For your first major assignment, you are asked to write a feature news article on
either, the events in the short story “My Name is Angie” or The Office episode “Fun

Option 1: “My Name is Angie”
A horrible accident has occurred, putting a school bus of kids in danger. Pretend that
you are a journalist who has been off to write a story about the bus accident.

Option 2: “Fun Run”
Pretend you are a journalist who has been sent off to write a story about Meredith’s
accident, or Michael’s Fun Run fundraiser.

Step 1:     Read “My Name is Angie” or watch “Fun Run” and answer the question

Step 2:     Write a well-structured, interesting news article about the events of
            the short story or episode approximately 250 words in length. What will
            the local newspaper report?
             First, complete the news article format sheet and outline.
             Now write your rough copy. You must include:
                   o Masthead
                   o Headline
                   o Byline
                   o Dateline
                   o Placeline
                   o Interest-catching lead
                   o All 5 W’s + H
                   o Image
                   o Caption
               Be sure that you keep the level of language formal and that you
               adhere to all the conventions of feature news articles.
             You must have a minimum of two (2) quotations from expert reliable

Step 3:     Double check that your article contains all of the features of a
            newspaper article that we discussed in class as well as the events of the
            story that you chose.
            Questions to Ask:
             Have you included an effective lead?
             Is your article structured like an inverted pyramid?
             Does the first paragraph answer most or all of the 5W + H?
             How many quotations have you included?
             Did you set up the writing in columns?
             Do you have an appropriate picture to accompany your article along
              with a caption?

          * Be sure to check the list at this point in order to ensure that you are
          meeting all the assignment requirements.

Step 4:   Revise your work. Take this opportunity to make changes to your article.
          Rework structure, sentences and word choices. Ask yourself is this my
          best writing? Can I improve something?

Step 5    Proofread your work!
           Double-check your spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.
           Remember, you should always edit your rough copy in a different
             colour! You will also have two peers edit this piece, but you still need
             to do this yourself!

Step 6:   Write a typed, polished copy of your feature news article. Make sure you
          hand in all of the rough work with your final copy.
Rubric for a Feature News Article

                              4   3   2   1   R
*Story is developed using
extensive detail from the
*Two quotations from an
expert / reliable witness
develop the story
*Includes brainstorming,
rough copy, editing, and
any additional process
* Added details are logical
and enhance the meaning
of the story
*Clear, concise writing. A
reader finds this work
* Use of language
conventions (spelling,
grammar, punctuation) is
accurate, effective and
virtually error- free
*Appropriate level of
language for the intended
*Creative and accurate
layout includes all
features of a news article
*Headline is appropriately
worded and the main idea
is repeated in the first
*Article answers all of
the 5W +H and follows
the inverted pyramid
*Paragraphing is correct;
each focuses on one fact.
*Picture is relevant to the
topic of the article

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