Fasting and Detoxification by lanyuehua


									•   What is detoxification and fasting?
•   Background information
•   Conventional Wisdom
•   Controversy
•   Examples of detoxification and fasting methods
•   Benefits and Negative Effects
•   Future Work
•   Conclusion
     What is fasting and   Pro’s and con’s of each
       detoxification?              method

     Relevance                    Which one is most

Benefits and negative           What can we do to
         effects                   make it more

   Different methods of
      fasting and detox      Final conclusion
• Detoxification
   – Method used to cleanse & heal the body
   – Rids toxins through colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph glands and skin

• Fasting
   – When you completely deprive your body of food and liquids
   – Variations used for religious healing processes
   – Chemical Process:
       •   Autolytosis
       •   Liver produces alternative acids
       •   Distributes the acids throughout blood stream
       •   Your body starts using your stored fats for energy

• Toxins
   – Results of:
       •   Poor eating habits
       •   Unhealthy food combinations
       •   Artificial food
• Importance of topic
   – Could significantly improve your health
   – Lengthen life span
• Why is this topic relevant?
   – Used for religious and secular reasons
   – Understanding of alternative energy if faced with extreme hunger
   – Reasoning behind not being hungry when sick/ animals don’t eat when injured
• Who is mostly affected?
   – General population
   – Stakeholders/Businesses
       •   Profiting retail and drug companies
       •   Celebrity sponsors
• Makes you loose weight
• Cleanses and heals the body and mind
• Helps overcome addictions
   –   Drugs
   –   Alcohol
   –   Nicotine/ tobacco associated with cigarettes
   –   Food
• Lead to anorexia if abused
• Most people would rather take a pill than put in effort to eat
  and drink healthier
• Different perspectives
   – Imperative to keep your body healthy
   – Unnecessary because the human body effectively eliminates toxins
   – Uneducated people assume that it will result in anorexia
• Lemon Detox Diet (most successful results)
   – Used and sponsored by several celebrities
       •   Beyonce
       •   Ashton Kutcher
       •   Angelina Jolie
   – Contains:
       •   Pure lemon juice
       •   Water
       •   Cayenne pepper
       •   Natural maple syrup

• Formulas
   – QuickTrim
• Use Cleansing Clay Bath Solution
• Bio – Chelat
   – EDTA attaches to metals in body
•   True fasting for extended period of time could be fatal
•   Fasting is practiced for religious purposes
•   Still practiced by Christians, Jews, Muslims etc.
•   Juice diets
    –   Restricted to fruit and vegetable juices
    –   Usually lasts 1-3 days
    –   Can last up to 40 days
    –   Effective because metabolism uses minimal energy to process
    –   Shown to enhance senses over time
• SlimFast
• MediFast
•   Diverts energy from metabolism to immune system
•   Enhances protein production
•   Increase in growth hormone production
•   Increase in organ healing and health
•   Cleanses toxins from body
•   Reduces:
    – Risk of cancerous growths
    – Allergy symptoms
• Potential expansion in life
    – Less likely to get health complications
•   Possible risk of death
•   Reduces body temperature
•   Slows down metabolism
•   May result in:
    –   Dizziness
    –   Fainting
    –   Low blood pressure
    –   Heart complications
    –   Weight loss
    –   Hunger
    –   Vomiting
    –   Diarrhea
    –   Kidney problems
    –   Nutrient deficiencies specifically in protein and calcium
•   Studies are necessary for long term effects
•   Experiments conducted on people throughout entire life
•   Always be flaws in the system
•   Which method has the best results?
    – Juice fasting recommended as most natural and effective process
• No proof that any of these methods are guaranteed success
• Reliable detoxification and fasting methods can be extremely
  beneficial to your health and healing process.
• Please refrain from using methods without professional

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