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									Food Advisory Board Meeting Minutes                                       October 8, 2003

Minute Taker: Michelle Arnold

1. Review of the Minutes from the September 24, 2003 meeting
    Approved
2. Business Arising From the Minutes
    We are currently without a staff dietician
          o Sandra Gibson will be helping out until we have one
    New WATCARD outlets
          o Bagel and Juice, Angie’s, Mel’s Diner and Homestyle Diner were all
              approached about the possibility of their establishment being on the
          o Only Bagel and Juice and Angie’s responded
          o The business’s financial bid will be reviewed and a student survey done.
              In the case of a tie between the business with the best financial bid and the
              business preferred by students, student preference will win out

      Long Lines at Cafeterias
          o The number of cashiers has improved, and lines have become noticeably

      Hand Washing vs. Using Gloves
          o Implementation of student awareness plan is underway
          o Signs have gone up in Village cafeterias
          o There are three different signs to educate students
          o If students still have concerns they can contact management
          o The idea may be incorporated into the 2004 Single and Sexy

      Vegan and Vegetarian Concerns With Utensil Use
           Signs alerting students to the special system Food Services uses to
             separate meat and vegetarian products have gone up right under the hand
             washing signs.

      Tim Horton’s
           A new proposal for the building of a full Tim Horton’s in the Ground Zero
             space has been sent. The proposal will be considered at a FED meeting
             next week
                 There will also be other proposals from student groups and the
                    FEDS that will be reviewed
           The FEDS did a survey last year with a sample size of around 2500
                 Found that the students wanted a coffee shop in place of Ground
                    Zero. However the FEDS are not sure that a Tim Horton’s is the
                    type of coffee shop students want
                 Mark suggests that a deal may be worked out with Tim Horton’s to
                    make the space more comfortable and more appealing to students
             When the first proposal was turned down, the FEDS were looking at
              having two new businesses in the Ground Zero place, plus a Tim Horton’s
              elsewhere. They though that students would benefit more from three new
             A few main concerns the FEDS have are whether a Tim Horton’s would
              support the long term vitality of the FEDS (allowing them to serve the
              students best), what the students want, and although it is not a major
              concern, money is also a factor
             The possibility of the Tim Horton’s being built elsewhere in the SLC
                   In order for this to happen, 72 seats in the SLC would have to be
                   Dave suggested the possibility of seats in the basement of the SLC
                   Mark has already offered to put seats in the lower level of the SLC
                     and has been turned down.
                   Carolyn points out that even if you put more seats in the basement
                     you would not be compensating for the amount of new business
                     the Tim Horton’s would bring
                         o In addition, studies have shown that two story food courts
                              do not do as well
             Ownership of Ground Zero space
                   The FEDS have a “perpetual” use arrangement on the space
                   The university owns the space, but the FEDS pay utilities and
                   The space was given up by Food Services on the condition that the
                     space would not be used as a food service area
                   Food services vacated the space so it could be used as an extension
                     to the Bomber
             There is some disappointment that other alternatives have not been worked

                     Concern for the bigger picture was expressed
                     Mark will draw up a list of pros and cons for the FEDS of different
                      options and why they will not work as well as the Ground Zero

3. Nutrition Report
    Website project
           o There are three modules up currently: Fuel Mix, Timing is Everything,
              and Strategic Snacking
           o Access can be gained through weekly menu
           o Feedback has been positive thus far
           o More promotion will be done when on-line stations in the cafeterias open
              and students can browse through nutritional information when they are
           o Two new modules will be out soon on vegetarianism and dairy products
          o Other nutritional information is available on such websites as
              www.ccfc.ca and www.dieticians.ca.
      Sandra’s Report
          o A Good Food Fast program was done last week, and Smart Snacks
              workshop will be done at V1, drop-ins at the SLC are underway and
              students over at UW Place want to learn more about cooking
          o She has found that there are more eating disorders

   4. Current Issues
    With the winter season coming up, would it be possible to sell cold and flu
      medicine at the cafeterias?
          o There are also free flu shots coming up soon
    CEIT coffee shop
          o It is too loud, but sound absorbers are coming very soon
          o The coffee shop is doing well
    Allergies to milk
          o A student who is allergic to milk tried a soy product and found that there
              were milk ingredients in it
          o New modules on dairy products coming out soon should help this
    Ramadan
          o The V1 cafeteria will start opening at 5:30 for the duration of Ramadan
              (the beginning of Ramadan is expected to be October 27th, depending on
              the moon)
          o The opening time may be adjusted depending on the traffic through the
    REV hours for Thanksgiving
          o Have been set and publicized
    Jeff Chalmers will be replaced on committee by a frontline manager and brought
      back on an as needed basis

   5. New Business
    Buying meal plans for others
         o Students can occasionally buy meals for other students
         o There hasn’t been a significantly large increase of students who purchase
            two meals
         o If this privilege is abused, new decisions may need to be made

6. Meeting Adjourned at 5:55. The next meeting is October 22, 2003

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