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					Making Fortune From Hobbies
In the modern world, unemployment menace exists everywhere on earth but the velocity
differs on each continent. Especially in Africa, political leaders have failed the black race
because things are always not very rosy for their inhabitant due to high rate of corruption.
To add value to the global economy growth, we all have a part to play. In what ever thing
you enjoy doing, have you ever asked yourself ‘can I make money out of this?’. In the
early ’90, a young man once had passion for drawing but never took it serious, later on in
his life, he realized that it very hard for him to sit down for just 30 minutes without
asking for a plane sheet to draw images, he took it to the next level, he learnt painting
along the line and now he is one of the best art work distributors in Nigeria. He was
adding the proceeds of his drawing to his income while he still work with the government
but later the drawing job got much of his time and he left the government yard, believe
me , he is now enjoying his idea of focusing on his hobby, he is making a good living
from it. Search into your heart, you always have something to do, start little no matter
what, you will surly get there.

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