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					              A Quick Vignette
                John Woods
            Adobe Certified Expert
               Photoshop 7.0

 Figure 1                                   Figure 2

Figure 1 and 2 Before and After of the quick vignette effect. The object of this is to
tone down the background and make the model the center of attention.

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                                                                     Figure 3

Figure 3 Original Image after Patch tool use and color correction.

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                                              Figure 4

Figure 4 Layers Palette showing that the image has one Background
layer present.

                                                                    Figure 5

Figure 5 Select Layer>New on the Photoshop banner bar.
                                                                       Figure 6

 Figure 6 New Layer popout dialog box open, click on the name and
 change the name to Vignette Layer.
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                                                                       Figure 7

Figure 7 New Layer popout dialog box open, name changed to Vignette Layer.
Click OK

                                                      Figure 8

Figure 8 Layers Palette showing new layer Vignette Layer selected (Highlighted)

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            Figure 9

             Figure 9 Push D on the keyboard to set the Foreground and
             Background colors to their default Black and White values.
             Select the Gradient Tool on the Photoshop toolbar.

Figure 10
Figure10 Gradient Tool Options shown on the tool options banner bar.

 Figure10 Click on the Gradient patch in the tool options banner bar, to open up
 the Gradient Editor control panel.

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                                                              Figure 11

Figure 11 Gradient Editor control panel open, Black to White Gradient selected.

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                                                              Figure 12

Figure12 Click on Foreground to Transparent Gradient in the
Gradient Editor control panel.Click OK.

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                                                                           Figure 13

Figure13 On the Gradient Options in the tool options banner bar, select Radial
Gradient, and Click Reverse on.

                                                       Figure 14


                                                   Drag Direction arrow.


 Figure 14 Click the mouse button and hold it starting at the Red X then drag
 the Gradient to the Green X release mouse button.

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                                                     Figure 15

Figure 15 Results of the Gradient Drag on the Vignette Layer.

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                                                  Figure 16

Figure 16 Layers Palette showing the Vignette applied to the Vignette Layer

                                             Figure 17

Figure 17 Adjust the Opacity of the Vignette Layer to what your preference is.

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                                             Figure 18

Figure 18 Opacity of Vignette Layer at 61%

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                                               Figure 19

Figure 19 Click on the Small arrow at the upper right of the Layers Palette
Select Flatten Image, Save as a Jpeg,Tiff etc.

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            Figure 20


Figure 21


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