Introduction to our Heart by shakeelahmed889


									Introduction to our Heart

You don’t think that if you are young so the heart disease will not attack on
you and you don’t need to read this article. The foundation of heart disease
start from at the age of 20 and it carry on at the age of 35 to 40, and after that
you spend your rest of life by keeping the medicine in your bag. So before this
time will come in your life, you must read these few article which we only write
on Our Heart disease and the remedial action against it.

1. Heart is a main part of our heart and if we think on it duty then comes in No 1
position. Other parts of human are also having importance. Brain is having
importance and it come in No 2 position, If some one want to hit on your head then
suddenly you want to stop it by keeping your hand in front of hit, mean you don’t
want that your head get any damage. If our other part of body like eyes and ears not
going to work properly then we can lived but as our heart not going to work then we
don’t. Therefore the Heart having the main importance in our body and we should
protect it. If our heart is not healthy then we are not able to carry out the routine task.
Neither we move fast or nor we work as we want.

Will to think on these proverbs in your daily routine:-

God lives in an honest heart.

What the eye sees not the heart rues not.

A light belly, heavy heart.

Cold hand, a warm heart.

The heart is the most essential human quality.

Happiness spring -- cleans the heart.

The heart that loves is always young.

A fool's heart is found in his mouth.

Away from the eye, out of the heart.

Observed them and then see how much heart having importance.

2. The heart work is like pump and responsible for pumping blood through the blood
vessels by repeated contraction to our other part of body with the help of arteries.
The pumping of our heart is almost 72 times in one minute and for this purpose the
heart muscles also required oxygen and energy. This energy is gain by Aorta’s
Arteries named Right and Left Coronary Arteries.

These are the main Arteries which provide the source of energy to our heart and if
there is any blockage then our heart feels pain. This situation called Myocardial
Infarction and caused of death.

This disease Myocardial Infarction is very dangerous and for complication of this
disease everyone must know the treatment against it.
We provide you some useful article about heart’s disease and the preventative
measure against them, moreover tips to reduce heart disease>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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