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									Child Care

Read this article and know the best for your baby child.
One of the big hurdles of our children growth and progress is not
to providing the proper diet with respect to children age. We should
learn and understand about our children diet with respect to their
age. Usually we give mother’s milk or tea in winter and drinks in
summer; moreover we don’t provide any sold or soft diet up to the
age of one year. Because of this diet which we provide to our
children up to the age of one Make Lake of diet which result
disability or May caused of dangerous disease.

After born you should start up the diet of your child. The gap of one or
two days is not good. After born the child go to sleep for few hours
because he/she was tired. As your child wake up, give clean boil water
to your baby child to check digestive is working properly or not. If after
drinking the boil water child do vomiting its mean the digestive system is
not working properly. In such situation take your child for check up to

The Height and Weigh of Children

The normal weight of baby child with respect to age is as follows:-

Weight (Up to One Year age of Baby)

1st three months       200 grams               per week.

2nd three months       150 grams               per week

3rd three months       100 grams               per week

4th three months       50 to 75 grams          per week

Weight (Up to second Year age of Baby)

2 ½ Kg per year

Weight (Up to 3rd, 4th and 5th Year age of Baby)

2 Kg per year


At the time of born    50 cm
After one year         25+ cm
After two years        12+
After three years        10+
After four years         08+
After five years         06+

If you give healthy and proper diet to your baby child, then the size of
chest and head is as follows: -

Age of child              Size of head             Size of chest
After born                33.5 cm                  33 cm
At the age three          37 cm                    35 cm
At the age of six         42 cm                    43 cm
At the age of one year    46 cm                    47 cm
At the age of three       49 cm                    50 cm

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