; Odyssey Book 2
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Odyssey Book 2


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									The Odyssey: Book II (pg. 690-696)
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                                                                                Date: ___________ Period: _____
 Directions: Read each of the following questions and answer them completely.

    1. Identify the following character using the chart on page 647-48 and the text.
           a. Eumaeus –
           b. Antinous –
           c. Eurycleia –
           d. Penelope –
           e. Telemachus –
           f. Eurymachus and Amphinomus –

     2. Where do the events of the second part of The Odyssey take place?

     3. Predict: What do we expect Odysseus will find when he gets home based on Tiresias’s prophecy in the
        Land of the Dead?

     4. How long has Odysseus been away at this point in the story?

     5. What does Athena disguise Odysseus as? Who does he go to stay with before he goes home? Why?

     6. In Book 15, Athena has a discussion with Telemachus. Summarize the information that she tells him.

 The Meeting of Father and Son

     7. Lines 944-955 show a distinct relationship between Telemachus and Eumaeus. What is it? How does
        Eumaeus treat Telemachus? (Try to utilize text in your answer.)

     8. Why has Telemachus come to see Eumaeus before going to see his own mother? What is his reasoning
        for doing so?

     9. What has Penelope been doing all of these years? (line 973)

     10. Remembering Telemachus’s title, what is odd about his behavior toward the beggar in lines 979-990?
         What do his actions show about his character (not the person but the traits)?

     11. Describe the transformation of Odysseus in lines 991-995.

     12. Why does Telemachus think that Odysseus must be a god?

     13. What is Telemachus’s initial reaction to Odysseus telling him that he is his father?
   14. How does Telemachus react when he realizes that it is really Odysseus? (lines 1028-1035)

   15. The epic simile in lines 1032-1033 compares their crying to ________________________________.

(from the handout)

   16. What does Telemachus know about his long lost father according to lines 1088-1090?

   17. When Telemachus explains that there are over ______ suitors to fight, what does Odysseus tell him?
       (lines 1109-111)

   18. Why is Telemachus afraid that the gods won’t be able to help them? (lines 1113-1116)

   19. List the four main steps of Odysseus’s plan to kill the suitors.

   20. Why doesn’t Odysseus want Telemachus to tell Penelope that he is back?

The Beggar and the Faithful Dog

   21. A.) Who is Argos?

       B.)Predict: Do you think that he will recognize Odysseus? Why?

   22. What kind of life is the dog living now that he has grown old without Odysseus as his master?

   23. How does Argos react when he sees Odysseus?

   24. What does Eumaeus mean when he says, “You know how servants are: without a master they have no
       will to labor, or excel” (lines 1072-1073). How could this represent all of Ithaca in Odysseus’s

   25. What happens almost immediately after Argos has seen Odysseus? What might this represent? (Think
       about the dog as a symbol.)

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