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                                           Looking For Multiple Domain Web Hosting?
                                                                By Don Break

   Getting hosting for multiple domains used to be quite difficult, and many webmasters, including me,
ended up with single domains scattered around various hosts. Now, many of the top hosting services
offer multiple domain web hosting as an option. This means you can create a set number, or an
unlimited number of sites under one hosting plan, for a set monthly price. Often this price is little more
than the cost of hosting a single site.

 Sometimes, people really want multiple domain pointing – the hosting of many domains which simply
redirect to the one important domain with content. We will also give a source for this below.

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of hosting many domains on one host, under one plan?
Let's look at the advantages first.

Advantages of multiple domain web hosting

1. Price

 The price is the main attraction for most people. For one reasonable monthly payment, you get to host
a set number, or an unlimited number, of domains. If you pay an annual fee, the cost for all your
hosting is fixed for the year.

2. Marketing

 If you have an idea for a web site, it takes only a few minutes to buy a suitable domain (better to buy
this from a separate domain registrar) and then set up a new site on the multiple domain web hosting
service. You can implement web marketing ideas quickly, and respond to trends and seasonal demand
with no extra cost, except that of the domain name. If you are involved in affiliate marketing, you can
create a site for each product area, or even a site dedicated to selling the products from your favorite
merchant. You don’t need to load up a single web site with multiple product lines, confusing the search
engine spiders, and confusing your customers as to what your site is about.

3. Maintenance

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 You only have one host to visit to do all your site maintenance. Once you have learned how to install a
blog, or a forum, or a shopping cart, you can do it again on your other sites much more easily.

Disadvantages of multiple domain web hosting

1. Single IP address

 You will usually have all your sites under the same IP address, usually shared with others; depending
on who you believe, this may mean the search engines discount link value. In other words, any high
PR site you manage to get may not pass on link juice to other sites on the same server. If other sites
on the same server are considered spammy, your site may suffer by IP address association.

2. Down time affects all your sites at once

 If your host goes down due to hardware failure, or for maintenance, all your sites are not available at
the same time. If you are earning your living from your sites, this could be very bad news.

3. Unlimited bandwidth

 Why should this be a problem? Not all multi-site hosting services offer this, but it is generally agreed in
the hosting industry that offering unlimited bandwidth is not a viable business model long term, since all
bandwidth has to be paid for eventually. If all your sites are on one multiple hosting service and that
service collapses due to financial problems, you are in trouble. However, this is your call.

See http://www.hostingbreak.com for more domain advice.

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                             Multiple Domain Hosting the New Solution to Cut Cost
                                                     By James Koh

Multiple domain hosting is the new wave of cost cutting measures by web hosts and web masters
these days. This is because of the new rising concerns of many web masters that have a problem
cutting costs when dealing with a web host that runs more than a single web site. It is actually quite
common to many shared web hosting solutions out there, among other problems experienced by what
is considered to be yesterday’s solution to hosting many websites.

 One of the main alternatives that these webmasters are looking to is multiple domain hosting, and
what it is actually using a single account to host multiple websites with their own domain names. This is
quite different from the old system where many accounts were being managed by a single web master.
When looking at this, the solution of multiple domain hosting is actually quite simple and there are
many ways for you to do this. One of the more simpler ways for you to achieve this is to actually
redirect all the directories and sub directories of the account into a single domain root. In this method,
all you are doing is creating a subdirectory of the root domain, and all new domains will be then set up
to actually point to that particular subdirectory.

 The uses are the same, all that is being done is some minor name changing. The process is then
automated on the end of the user, which means that even if they type in the old domain name, they will
be automatically route to the newly created sub domain. While slightly technical in explanation, the
process is really quite easy to do and anyone can achieve it. Many web masters are touting this
method, especially for those who have more than one networked web site that have similar
administrative needs. This means that you will have separate control panels and options for managing
these websites, which would be quite tedious.

 If you have a website with many domains within the root address, then you might want to consider
multiple web hosting as well. There are other methods besides this and one of them is true multi
domain hosting, which means that you will get a single domain and subdirectories, but you will receive
separate ways to control each of the domains through GUI’s and panels. The benefit of this is that
there will be plenty of flexibility in customising each and every domain, but of course this is a much
more intensive and labour hardy method. The other method that is floating around is called multi
domain housing reseller account, a mouthful of a name that allows for you to create customised
websites and domains, under a single control panel. It is a really cheap way for you to start up your
own web hosting company. So these are some of the alternatives to just plain old domain hosting, and
one of them may be the answer to all your problems.

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