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                             What You Need To Know About Avoiding Content Duplication
                                                 By Cliff Posey Jr

  Avoiding content duplication can be tricky, particularly if you are trying to submit articles to another
website. Nevertheless, it is something that needs to be considered by ever website owner.

 Search engines make every effort to display diverse results for Internet users and they frown on
substantive blocks of content within or across domains--particularly when the content is exactly the
same or close to it. If they think the duplication is an intentional attempt to manipulate search engine
ranking, they will drop your website and any other site that shares your content down to the bottom of
the list.

 Avoiding duplicate content when you submit articles and making sure that you have original content on
your own website is the best way to make sure you don't get penalized. Here are a few things that you
will want to keep in mind:

Avoiding Content Duplication When Creating Content

 The key to is to create original and useful content for your website. After all, the goal is to get your
website avoiding duplicate content to rank high in the search engines. Once you have built up content
for your website you can begin to submit articles to other sites, blogs, and forums for backlinks.
Original articles are best for avoiding duplicate content, but you can syndicate an article with good
results providing you follow two rules. The first is to make sure you have a link in the syndicated article
that takes the reader back to the original article on your website. The second is to submit articles to
quality sites that are respected and have consistently good rankings in the search engine results.

Avoiding Content Duplication When Outsourcing

 Avoiding content duplication when you outsource your content writing can be especially difficult. The
last thing you want to do is pay a writer to write multiple articles on one topic. The additional money
you spend can eat up all of the profits you receive when you submit articles. To get around this, try
asking your writer to create one article for your website. Then, alter the text to create a second and a
third article. This way when you submit articles to other websites, you will be submitting original

(Warning: When using this method of avoiding duplicate content, make sure that you either purchase

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full rights to the first article or change it significantly--if you don't, the writer could accuse you of

Final Thoughts on Avoiding Content Duplication

 Avoiding duplicate content is easier said than done. It takes time to learn the tricks associated with
avoiding duplicate content and even more time put them into practice. Eventually, you may begin to
wonder if you should just forget about content duplication and submit articles as they are. As tempting
as this may be, it is important that you stick to the idea of avoiding article duplication. If you stay on
course, your website will rank much higher in the search engines.

About the author: Cliff Posey, owner of CRP Marketing, owns and operates
http://www.webbusinesstoolsonline.com/ Cliff has also operated several other successful web
businesses including Love Song Cards and Radio Career Consultants. The content in this article was
developed from his experience in these businesses and his continual research into further business

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                                                Duplication vs. Individualism
                                                          By Tina Rideout

Duplication vs. Individualism
 by: Tina Rideout

How can we add Word Rich Content to our Websites without overtly duplicating others website
content, and as an end product maintain our own Individualism?

In theory Article Libraries are the answer to the above question. But, is it true that if you continually add
like information to your site, you no longer maintain an individual posture?

Not every article that is submitted to your site will fit the needs of your particular agenda. Your site
contains individual keywords that are meant to enhance the theme of your pages. Although it is true
that many persons who submit articles to you may also have a similar website theme, it is important to
examine the content of each article.

Ask yourself: Do I agree with the message this article is conveying. Why is the information relative
to my website? Does this article contain information that enhances my visitor’s experience? Does
the article provide correct information?

Providing article and content that is intended for the soul purpose of gaining Page Rank will in the end
take away the individualism of your website.

Remember the average visitor will stay at your site between two minutes or less. As they scan your
pages, it will not take long for them to realize they have seen the same information over and over.

The same rings true of the Robots and Spiders that eat your pages everyday!!!

The “Value” placed on your site by your visitors will be recognized by the “Value” you place there.

There is no reason why we cannot use “others” materials in our journey for original material, but how
we “choose” that material will in the end reflect our destiny.

“Duplication does not necessarily mean the loss of individualism, nor is individualism lost through

Written by Tina Rideout, Successful Home-Based Business Professional. For more information visit
her at:
http://free-internet-home-based-business.com or

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