the Massif Central - Geography Geek by dfhdhdhdhjr


									• Upland region of south central

• Located in the ‘empty diagonal’

• Made up of extinct volcanoes
Today's lesson will focus
on 2 case study areas:
Clermont Ferrand and
Le Puy en Velay.

1. How do you think the
two places might differ?

2. The motorway was
completed in 2002. How
different would each
settlement without it?
What is the Massif
Central area like?

 Steep inaccessible mountains                      Wind power

                                     Small Towns

Small Villages

 Plateaus suitable for agriculture                              HEP
Clermont Ferrand is known as
the capital of the Massif Central.
It is not a rural settlement, but a
settlement in a rural setting.
It is low lying and well linked by
the A75 motorway (completed in
2002). The A75 does not have a
toll, unlike many other French
motorways. This helps to attract
tourists, commuters and
transport companies.
Clermont Ferrand has an airport
that’s linked to 18 French and
European destinations.

It also has a train station that links
it to the rest of France.
Other important functions
The General Consul – government offices.
A large Police Station
Sorting office for postal mail
A stadium
A university
A museum
There are many higher order
services in the town:
Designer shops
Hi-tech industries – Mistral
Informatique are a big
Industry and commerce
There are many
signs of growth
and development
Le Puy en Velay is a small town nestled
in the mountains of the Massif Central.

It is 127km from Clermont Ferrand
and 58km (along small winding roads)
from the A75. This makes it
inaccessible and difficult for
Le Puy en Velay is a historic
settlement that clings to the sides of
ancient volcanoes. It is characterised
by statues and towers that tower over
the town.
The residents form a tight-knit
community and local events often
bring people together.
It relies heavily on agriculture. It has
some highland cattle but mainly
grows Maize and Sunflower crops.

What are these two crops grown for?
Will they be used locally?
Le Puy en Velay also has some
other forms of employment.
Agricultural supplies.
Local services, e.g. hospitals.
A quarry.
How would you describe these
types of employment?
Tourism is beginning to develop in Le
Puy en Velay. However, because of
the towns remote location there are
limitations to it’s growth.


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