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Codes and Standards Committee Face to Face Meeting Minutes
November 16 – 17, 2007
American Institute of Architects
Washington, DC

Attendees        James Bartl
                 Christopher Chwedyk
                 David Collins
                 Libby Dannenberg
                 Maureen Guttman
                 Henry Kosarzycki
                 Paul Mendelsohn

Absent           Kerwin Lee
                 Andrew Prescott

Notes captured during face to face meeting:
Goals and Objectives as anticipated by the committee attendees:
NIBS process update, Codes and Standards higher profile with membership, impact of 2030 on architects
and the membership. (Maureen)
Concern with organizations running ahead without goal or big picture in mind, concern with 2030 concept
and proposed changes. (Dave)
A lot of talk, not as much “green” action. Tremendous opportunity for the institute as a whole. The board
is looking for an organization to take a chance, for example the proposed changes…ICC & ASHRAE
uncomfortable with NAHB – AIA brokered a compromise. (Paul)
GreenCodes Summit follow-up. Understanding that Code = Struggle = Compromise. Further discussion
to recognize that LEEDS is more of a point based game than a regulation. (Chris)
Should we consider addressing the paradigm of code text? (Paul)
AIA’s reputation rides on 2030 – Codes and Standards isn’t the only committee or group in AIA to move
this initiative forward. The Green Codes Summit brought it to us. (Dave)
Who are the nay-sayers?...Client and Developer side – “this isn’t do-able” or “this isn’t feasible.”
Jessica Schwartzkoff, (resource architect) new AIA Green Codes staff expert. Identify what the codes
piece of the puzzle looks like.
One radical approach or part of that new paradigm is to make believe that no code exists. (Paul)
Two to five year range, technology and green codes. A group of our (AIA) members must be identified
and a timeline must be established to achieve green goals. (Jim)
We have to remember that the one code concept drew as much criticism. (Dave)
       Action Item:      Address the summit attendees with the code changes that we put forward.
We must recognize and engage the ethical ability of the architect. (Dave)
A lobby campaign should be explored to engage our architect members. (Paul)
The lobby campaign should be understood as a two prong strategy…membership and external. (Libby)
The AIA ethics statement should be evaluated to include sustainable design. (Paul)
       Action Item: Evaluate the current continuing education structure (CE’s). Not just HSW but 2
        hrs. code and 2 hrs. sustainable.
       Action Item: Tools for achieving 2030…Architects can provide these but architects won’t be
        involved with all buildings.
We have to be aware that LEED has pre-empted the public perception of Green or Sustainable.
Third Party verification regarding green or sustainable design. (Maureen)
Current regulatory model recognizes post occupancy inspection for fire prevention / maintenance. The
future regulatory model must address sustainable building performance as well. (Henry)
The architects responsibility of stewardship must be part of the ethics. Self certification must be explored.
Post-occupancy, stewardship and third party verification all resolve in hours, fees and firm participation.
       Action Item:      Post Occupancy Stewardship.
NIBS: Very ambitious – hit a brick wall – how to catalog standards of construction that can work as tool to
define high performance buildings. There is even a current struggle with what a high performance building
is. “High Design?” A council is being formed within NIBS.
AIA Leadership…Not LEED, Not NIBS, Not ASHRAE, Not ICC…but, CBEGS
ICC committee appointment update…20+ architect appointments. Make sure to let the AIA know.
       Action Item:      Support our committee members. Welcome packette, congrats, educate and
       Action Item:      AIA member must be recommended for the NFPA 101 egress committee.
       Action Item: Farm team must be established for the various roles that need to be continuously
        filled specific to codes and regulation. SGN to be tapped for the resource. Tag on to Citizen
NAHB – Green Building Code Guide. Spring ’07 wanted guide to be code. Unfortunately a lot of well
meaning people want it to be a code but some people want it to be a hammer. (Dave)
Carbon and Energy problem resides in the residential sector – “We”, the AIA have little influence on the
process or problem. (Maureen)
The architects role is to find a solution rather than follow a checklist. (Paul)
Current buzz is that Green Globes is looking to gig LEED.
       Action Item:      Dave will address AIA members as ICC members with the AIA/ICC Joint
Other topics for the AIA/ICC Joint Committee…Green Codes strategic partnership is a good start. ICC
gave code books to universities (now there must be a program in place to include code curriculum.
       Action Item: Educate our members in codes, schedule, sustainable and business.
        Concentrate on pro-active rather than reaction. “Tell me what I have to do.”
Educate young architects. (Maureen)
       Action Item: How do we shift? Stop the generational hand off regarding education of young
        architects. Engage in NAAB.
Dave asked Jessica Schwartzkoff to address what code change is do-able. Dave’s answer is informing
architects (AIA) what the members are expected to do.
Develop a summit summary and statement of what code change was proposed.
SDG (Sustainability Discussion Group) Fall ’07 SDG reviewed the rating criteria and sent their comments
to USGBC. The result was not taken as positive.
Fundamentally Codes and Standards took the charge that we should drive the change.
SDG has reviewed all the measuring systems 50 to 50. (50 principals to 50% reduction)
Sign-on to 2030 challenge. Catalog projects that meet the challenge…”tie to code of ethics”.
       Action Item:     Write how it can be accomplished to the AIA board.
The steeple chase of the external participants has been created internally (AIA).
       Action Item:     Recommendation piece to the board…fix this problem
       Action Item:     Incentive to engage architects in the 2030 challenge…study the 50 to 50 and
If we engage and promote sustainable and ethical design we don’t have to single it out or sell it. (Maureen)
Remember the codes are and have historically been the minimum. (Dave)
Sustainability should not be seen as an add-on, it must be integrated in the design. (Jessica)
The Model Energy Code today would make a great difference. By 2030 we’ve made a contract with
America that we will be 100% better. Not 50% carbon neutral but 100%.
       Action Item: Nay-sayers: not even 50% is do-able. Architects must demonstrate how 50%
        reduction right now is a no-brainer.
AIA involvement at the present time. Communities by Design, Green Venues Collaboration, 2030 Road
Show, SDG…50 to 50, evaluation process, Green meetings guidelines, toolkit. Brooks Rainwater
regulatory study. Sustainability 101. Continuing education piece.
The aforementioned initiatives re-enforce the theory that the AIA is a mile wide and 1” deep. (Maureen)
It must be communicated that sustainability is the right thing to do but it also is good business. (Jim)
Sustainable design is dependent on the codes to drive it. (Paul)
We must build the case…if we don’t meet the demand then LEED fills the void for mayors, governors and
all officials.
One hurdle to address is our membership participation with LEED. Well how about if we stop competing
and recognize it as a tool and not a competitor. (Jessica)
       Action Item: Propose changes to code of ethics. Canon VI not to design a building that does
        not meet sustainable standards. (Maureen)
Action Item Summary from Saturday notes:
       Code changes to be sent to Green Code Summit attendees.
       Letter to Green Code Summit attendees. Address greening of the codes and ethics change to
        Canon VI.
       Dave to draft Committee member letter of congratulation, include code change comments. Letter
        out 1/11/08, teleconference with C&S committee on 1/25/08.
       Read NAAB, get comments to MG by 11/30/07.
      Board meeting ethics piece will be proposed to be moved by MG.
      Get minutes of face to face C&S committee meeting to Mike Rodreguiez. Also, address C&S
       achievements. (Brd mtg Dec 13 -14)
      Tool kit…Component piece to SGN.
           o   Guide to Codes (look at piece from ‘90’s)
           o   Guide to professional practice.
           o   Code process.
           o   Local adoption and how architects participate.
           o   Review C3.
      Joint AIA/ICC mtg – propose the ad hoc Green Code Committee. Template on it’s way heading
       towards 2012.
      Toolkit – staff pulls resources and posts on Sharepoint.
      Survey states with architects certification program. Self certification Chris and Jim to address
       Chicago and North Carolina. Washington DC has 3 party program. Get to Libby, out to SGN in
       February for feedback.

(please review the minutes for any errors or omissions)

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