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									Review Tool for New and Revised

      University Learning Requirements
Review Tool for New and Revised Syllabi

The review tool has been designed to:

(a) Make the review process more efficient and

(b) Provide the ULR Committees and the University
    with a database that will store information regarding
    courses approved for ULRs.

The review tool:
(a) Is a database driven web site (Filemaker,
(b) Will store information in a CSUMB secured server.
                      How to use it?

(a) Access the review tool

    Beta version website

(b) Select the
     Corresponding ULR
                           Before you Start:
Please take a moment to review the evaluation steps that apply to the
     corresponding ULR.

1. All electronic copies of syllabi that will be reviewed have already been
       placed within the ULR server. You will be able to access the copy of
       the syllabi for review as assigned by the chair of your committee.

2. You are expected to use the assessment tool fields to inform the data
      base of the following three elements:

         (a) the identification of the course you are reviewing
         (b) your evaluation of the syllabus
         (c) your comments to the author of the syllabus

3. The review of a syllabus is expected to take no more than 30 minutes.
                       Using the Tool

Select “Faculty” or
    “Reviewer” Links
                         Using the Tool: Reviewers

The reviewer’s screen
    provides access to:

(a) Review a syllabus

(b) Look for a reviewed
    syllabus and related
    records such as

      -   Cover Letters submitted
          by instructors

      -   Additional reviews by
          peer members of the
          ULR Committee
                        Using the Tool: Reviewers
                                  The syllabus to be reviewed will be selected
                                         from the directory and will appear on
The Review Screen is                               the right side of the screen
    divided into two            Review Screen
1. Review tool (left)
   Identify the syllabus
   Provide your evaluation
   Add comments to the
2. Access window (right)
   Provides access to
       electronic copy of
       syllabus under review.
                   Using the Tool: Reviewers

                        Review Draft
                                       Final Version

The Review
tool allows
the reviewer
to edit the
                       Using the Tool: Reviewers

With the Search Option, the
    reviewer’s screen
    allows access to the
    database with reviewed
    syllabus and related
    records such as
                 Instructor’s name,
-   Cover Letters submitted or
                 Course number,
                 Reviewer’s name
    by instructors
                  and select “find”
-   Additional reviews by
    peer members of the
    ULR Committee
                      Using the Tool: Reviewers

The database will return a list of syllabi reviewed,
    providing information on the status of approval,
    reviewer, date of review and access to cover letters
    submitted by instructors as well as comments from
    all reviewers to that particular syllabus
                    Using the Tool
                         It also provides access to a
                                PowerPoint presentation of the
The “Faculty” screen            Submission Guidelines.
    provides access to
•   Submission
    Guidelines by ULR
•   Cover Letter
•   Check results of
                        Using the Tool: Faculty Screen

The Cover Letter
“wizard” helps the
instructor articulate
how the course meets
the requirements of
the ULR.
It also provides the
committee with an
opportunity to
understand the
instructor’s course
                         Using the Tool: Faculty Screen

Instructors can also
search for their own
individual syllabus
(password required) to
review results and
comments from the
2003-2004 C&E ULR Committee
   WLC       Dr. Donaldo Urioste
   VPA       Dr. Amalia Mesa-Beins
   TAT       Dr. Will Shephard
   TMAC      Dr. Eric Tao
   SBS       Dr. Juan José Gutiérrez
   MIE       Dr. Coleen Mullery
   LS        Dr. Herbert Martin
   GS        Dr. Robina Batti
   ESSP      Dr. Sharon Anderson
   CHHS      Dr. Brian Simmons
   HCOM      Dr. Ilene Feinman

   Chair     Dr. Juan José Gutiérrez

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