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					                     EARLSTON HIGH SCHOOL
                    THURSDAY 1ST OCTOBER 2009.

Present        Susan Sutherland - Michelle Strong – Scott Renwick
               John McLennan – Hugh Chalmers – Catherine Fletcher
               Joe Tolland – Louise Ogilvie – Jo Conington – Fiona McQueen
               Mary Bell – Siobhan McDermott – George Runciman
               Angie Hemmey – Darren Todd – Jane Houldey –
               Phillippa Brosnan – David McLean
Apologies      Lyn Norman – Ruth Magowan – Dean Sewell

Welcome        Susan Sutherland, Chair, welcomed everybody present, introduced
herself and gave a short rundown of the format for the evening. Susan said it was
encouraging to see so many people in attendance.

Chairpersons Report            See attachment for report.

GLOW             Susan at this point handed the meeting over to Jill MacDonald who
was about to give us an introduction to GLOW with assistance from Judith Weston.
Jill started by saying that GLOW did not stand for anything by letters but it did stand
for Lighting up Learning.
GLOW is a web based intranet – a safe, secure site that children can talk to each
other. It is a digital network to connect teachers and pupils throughout Scotland and
is the first National Internet Teaching source for education. It is a ‘tool’ to enable the
communication and collaboration with other teachers which is easily accessible.
Technology is advancing so quickly and children spend a lot of their time on their
For example a teacher using GLOW in Earlston can be seen by other GLOW classes
all over Scotland and share classes Teachers can evaluate work with pupils like an
‘in school tutor’. Judith has the aim that children will take over and form their own
discussion groups but she stressed that GLOW is only one ‘tool’ that teachers can use
out of many. There is also the problem that some pupils do not have computers at
home but schools were making computers available at certain times for pupils to use.
A very interesting discussion took place among those present at the meeting with a
general ‘buzz’ about the exciting prospect that GLOW was definitely enabling
between pupils, teachers and other schools throughout Scotland.
Susan thanked Jill and Judith for their informative presentation on GLOW and said
that their enthusiasm was ‘catching’ and she felt sure that all the members here
tonight were going away to ‘pass on’ what information they had learned tonight

Election of Committee            At the short meeting to be held after the Annual
General Meeting the appointment of Vice Chair and the new committee would take
place. Susan asked for names from anyone present who would like to be considered
and the following names were put forward:-
        Darren Todd - Jo Tolland - Sarah Leslie - Avril Tobbin
        Joanne Conington - Justine Archenhold - Angie Hennie
It was agreed that all 7 of the above be accepted as new members and Linda would
put an amendment into the Constitution to make the maximum number of the Core
Group to 19.
At this point is was decided to take a break for refreshments and the tour of the new
school would follow on directly after the break.

Due to time ‘running out’ it was decided to reschedule the short meeting of the new
committee until the next meeting which was Wednesday 4th. November, 2009 at 7-
00p.m. The meeting closed at 9-05p.m.

MINUTES _____________________________________________CHAIRPERSON

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