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					 West Armidale Medical Centre                      University of NSW. He has an interest in Family
                                                   Medicine and Men’s Health. He can admit
                                                                                                         Dr Susan Paul
                                                                                                                 Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
             298 Beardy Street
                                                   patients to both Armidale Hospitals.                   AM                                     
            Armidale NSW 2350                      Dr Susan Paul has been in general practice
                                                                                                          PM                                    *
                                                   since 1980. She has a Medical Degree (with            *Dr Paul will be available alternate Friday
          Phone: 02 6772 2933                      Honours) from Sydney Uni and holds a Diploma          afternoons
                                                   in Obstetrics. She is able to admit patients to and
       Opening hours: 8.30am – 5.30pm              delivers babies at Armidale Hospital.                 Dr Barbara Moritz
             Monday to Friday                                                                                    Mon Tue          Wed     Thur    Fri
The West Armidale Medical Centre provides a
                                                   Dr Barbara Moritz has been in general practice         AM                      
                                                   since 1988. She graduated from the University          PM                      
comprehensive medical service for all patients.    of Melbourne in 1982. She has been in Armidale
Our doctors are all Vocationally Registered and    since 2001. Her main areas of medical interest
have a commitment to quality general practice                                                            Dr Khac Le
                                                   and experience are Women’s Health (especially
and continuing medical education.                                                                               Mon       Tue     Wed     Thur    Fri
                                                   Menopausal Medicine and Osteoporosis) and
                                                   Medical Education.
                                                                                                          AM                                     
Our administration staff are Miranda, Jennifer,                                                           PM                                  
Irene, Carolyn and Deborah.                        Dr Khac Le is new to Armidale. She graduated
Dr Terry Bohslen has been a GP since 1993          from University of NSW in 1996. She is fluent         The surgery is open alternate Saturday
having graduated from UNSW in 1988 and is a        in both English and Vietnamese. She has               mornings for urgent or semi-urgent matters only.
holder of the Dip Obstetrics and is a FRACGP.      experience working in Hospitals at Auburn,
He worked in Moree as a GP until Dec 2005          Wollongong, Port Kembla and Shell Harbour.            PRIVACY POLICY
when he moved to Armidale and joined this                                                                Your personal health information and your
practice. He admits patients and delivers babies   The usual sessions for the doctors are:               medical record may be collected, used and
at    Armidale Hospital, also          providing   Dr Terry Bohlsen                                      disclosed for the following reasons:
anaesthetics at the Hospital including Epidurals           Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
for labour. His main medical interest is            AM                                                ~ use by all doctors in this group practice when
Obstetrics.                                         PM                                               consulting with you
                                                                                                         ~ communication of relevant information to
Dr Maree Puxty has been a GP since 1993. She       Dr Maree Puxty                                        other treating doctors, specialists or allied health
is a Graduate of Newcastle Uni. She is a                  Mon Tue           Wed     Thur    Fri          professionals
FRACGP and has a Master of GP Psychiatry.                                                                ~ follow up reminder notices – with your
She has worked in Moree until Dec 2005. Her
                                                    AM                                                 permission
work also included Aboriginal Health, General       PM                                                 ~ Accounting, Medicare, Health Insurance
Practice, Counselling and Medical Education.                                                             procedures
She was a senior lecturer in GP for the UDRH       Dr David Young                                        ~ disease notification required by law as per
(Newcastle) and continues to teach medical                 Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri                          Public Health Act 1991
students in Armidale. She admits patients to        AM                                                 ~ legal disclosure as required by a court of law
Armidale Hospital.                                  PM                                   *            (eg subpoena, court order or suspected child
                                                   *Dr Young will be available alternate Friday          abuse)
Dr David Young has been in general practice                                                              Continued over page..
since 1981. He has a Medical Degree from the
PRIVACY POLICY Cont:                                     Concession rates are available to full time tertiary      PRESCRIPTIONS
~ research purposes - with your permission. All          students who present a student card.                      Repeat prescriptions are available, however, doctors
research information is anonymous                        Pension and Health Care Card holders will be bulk         require 24 hours notice to be given prior to
~ Quality Assurance activities such as accreditation     billed, providing a valid card is produced at the time    collection. If you have not seen the doctor for a long
                                                         of consultation.                                          time, you may be required to make an appointment.
If you have any concerns or wish to restrict access to
your medical information please discuss with your        If you are having trouble paying, eg in cases of          TEST RESULTS
Doctor or the Receptionist. This practice adheres to     prolonged illness or hardship, please feel free to        Your doctor will either ask you to make a follow up
the principles of the RACGP handbook for the             discuss this with your doctor.                            appointment for results or ask you to ring the surgery
Management of Health Information in Private                                                                        to receive them over the phone. It is important that
Medical Practice and has a written Privacy Policy in     Payment can be made by cash, EFTPOS, credit card          you speak to your own doctor (ie the doctor who
the Practice Policy Manual.                              or cheque. We are able to claim your Medicare rebate      ordered your tests) as they know your history.
                                                         online for you, if you have registered your bank
APPOINTMENTS                                             account details at Medicare.                              PATIENT FEEDBACK
Please ring the surgery to make an appointment.                                                                    From time to time this practice invites patients to
Every effort will be made to accommodate your            AFTER HOURS                                               complete a questionnaire on their views of the
preferred appointment time and GP. If your medical       In conjunction with another local GP surgery, a 24        practice and how it could be improved. These surveys
problem is urgent or an emergency please inform the      hour on call service is provided for patients of West     are completely confidential and help us to improve
receptionist. If an emergency appointment is not         Armidale Medical Centre, for genuine emergencies          our services.
available, the receptionist will ask your doctor to      only. Ringing the surgery number will access a
advise you.                                              recorded message telling you which doctor is on call      If you are unhappy with any aspect of the care you
                                                         and the phone number to contact that doctor. If a         receive from this practice, we are keen to know about
Your appointment will be for 15 minutes therefore it     consultation is required, an after hours fee may apply.   it. Please feel free to talk to a doctor or staff member
is important to book a longer consultation if you feel                                                             about any problems you have with the service we
you require one. Examples of longer consultations        TELEPHONE CALLS                                           provide.
would be:                                                Please inform reception if your phone call is of an
~ for a new patient                                      urgent medical nature.                                    We believe that it is best to deal with problems
~ more than 2 separate problems to discuss               Doctors in this practice may be able to take your call    within the practice. However, if you feel there is a
~ an excision, eg having a mole removed                  immediately, however, if not, they will return your       problem you wish to take up outside the practice, you
~ a procedure, eg having an Implanon or IUD              call at the end of the session/day. They may ask the      may prefer to contact the NSW Government centre
inserted or removed                                      receptionist to make an appointment for you.              for handling complaints. The address is:
~ pre-employment medical                                                                                                   Health Care Complaints Commission
~ Centrelink form to fill out                            INTERPRETERS                                                               Locked Mail Bag 18
                                                         If you are unable to understand or read English, this                  Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
FEES                                                     surgery uses the TIS Translating and Interpreting                           Ph: 02 9219 7444
Brief consultation (5 mins)          - $25               Service. Please let the receptionist know if you
Standard consultation (5-20 mins)    - $50               require an interpreter for your consultation and the      West Armidale Medical Centre has a non-smoking
Long consultation (20-40 mins)       - $80               Practice Manager will book the interpreter. You will      policy. Please refrain from smoking inside the
                                                         need to book a long consultation.                         building or anywhere on the grounds.
Extra charges will apply for additional tests such as
ECG, spirometry or pregnancy tests.

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