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Entering The Second Five Years"

                  Invited Talk
 UC President’s Board on Science and Innovation
                  Oakland, CA
               September 29, 2005

                       Dr. Larry Smarr
Director, California Institute for Telecommunications and
                  Information Technology
                Harry E. Gruber Professor,
      Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
          Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD
           Calit2 is Completing its Mission
•   Occupying New Buildings and Facilities
•   Partnering with Industry
•   Building Teams for Larger Federal Grants
•   Coupling Two UC Campuses
•   Reaching out to the California Private Universities and CSU
•   Strengthening UC as a Whole
•   Working with First Responders and Recovery Operations
•   Innovating with Students
•   Collaborating with California’s International Trading Partners
      Calit2@UCSD Is Up and Running
      Maxine Brown, Tom DeFanti, Co-Chairs

       iGrid                  2005
                                                              September 26-30, 2005
                                             Calit2 @ University of California, San Diego
              California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology

                50 Demonstrations, 20 Counties, 100 Gbps
First Trans-Pacific Super High Definition Telepresence
   Meeting in New Calit2 Digital Cinema Auditorium

                                                      Basis for
                                      Keio University  Digital
                                      President Anzai Cinema

                                      Chancellor Fox
First Remote Interactive High Definition Video
        Exploration of Deep Sea Vents

                           Canadian-U.S. Collaboration

       Source John Delaney & Deborah Kelley, UWash
            Largest Tiled Wall in the World
Enables Integration of Streaming High Resolution Video
                                            Calit2@UCI Apple Tiled Display Wall
     HDTV                                     Driven by 25 Dual-Processor G5s
                                               50 Apple 30” Cinema Displays
                                          200 Million Pixels of Viewing Real Estate!

     Digital Cameras
     Digital Cinema

                                                      Data—One Foot Resolution
                                                      USGS Images of La Jolla, CA

                       Source: Falko Kuester, Calit2@UCI
                           NSF Infrastructure Grant
                Combining Telepresence with
Remote Interactive Analysis of Data Over National LambdaRail

                   August 8, 2005


                        Data                                     NASA
                  HDTV Over
      The OptIPuter Enabled Collaboratory:
Remote Researchers Jointly Exploring Complex Data


                                 “SunScreen” Run by Sun Opteron Cluster
     OptIPuter will Connect
        The Calit2@UCI                                        UCSD
        200M-Pixel Wall
       The Calit2@UCSD
       100M-Pixel Display
 With Shared Fast Deep Storage
              Calit2 is Continuing to Increase
               its Engagement with Industry
• Major Partners Are Reinvesting After Initial Five Years
   – Sun Microsystems
• New Partnerships Are Being Developed
   – Intel embedded systems teaching Labs
   – JVC “Cold Light” Virtual Reality Joint Development
• This Week iGrid2005 Joint Press Releases with:
   –   Glimmerglass
   –   Force10
   –   SGI
   –   Skywalker Sound
   –   Nortel
   –   Sony
   –   NTT
   –   Yamaha
                Calit2 Industry Partners:
Driving Public-Private Innovation Throughout California

 Draft Data                                      Source:
 Only 93 of                                       Jerry
132 Partners                                    Sheehan,
  Mapped                                          Calit2
Calit2 Researcher Eskin Collaborates with Perlegen Sciences
  on Map of Human Genetic Variation Across Populations

                                           “We have characterized whole-genome patterns of
                                              common human DNA variation by genotyping
                                           1,586,383 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)
                                            in 71 Americans of European, African, and Asian

                                              David A. Hinds, Laura L. Stuve, Geoffrey B. Nilsen,
                                               Eran Halperin, Eleazar Eskin, Dennis G. Ballinger,
                                                         Kelly A. Frazer, David R. Cox.
                                              “Whole-Genome Patterns of Common DNA Variation
                                                          in Three Human Populations”
                                                Science 18 February, 2005: 307(5712):1072-1079.
                                           “Although knowledge of a single genetic risk factor
                                               can seldom be used to predict the treatment
                                             outcome of a common disease, knowledge of a
                                            large fraction of all the major genetic risk factors
                                            contributing to a treatment response or common
                                              disease could have immediate utility, allowing
                                               existing treatment options to be matched to
                                             individual patients without requiring additional
                                               knowledge of the mechanisms by which the
                                            genetic differences lead to different outcomes .”
         “More detailed haplotype
     analysis results are available at “
   Calit2 Has Been Working with CENIC to Provide
    the California Optical Networks for CineGrid
  Partnering with                                            Discussions
SFSU’s Institute for    SFSU                                 with CITRIS
 Next Generation
      Internet                         UCB
   Calit2’s CineGrid Team                               Digital Archive
                                                           of Films
       is Working with
      Cinema Industry
         in LA and SF
In addition, 1Gb and 10Gb Connections to:
    • Seattle, Asia, Australia, New Zealand                    Prototype of
    • Chicago, Europe, Russia, China
    • Tijuana, Rosarita Beach, Ensenada       USC
              Extending SoCal
             OptIPuter to USC
             School of Cinema-                      Calit2         Calit2
                 Television                          UCI           UCSD
             Webcasting iGrid to
      Calit2’s SFSU CineGrid Partners

                      Wow! Last night was really something.
        The whole group in San Francisco was buzzing after the event.
It really distilled for everyone just how important and imminent this work is.
               If we keep this up we just might change everything!
                                 --Blogger, SFSU
    CalRadio 1.0 – A Calit2 Academic-Industrial Platform
      Launches Open Source Software Defined Radio
•   Developed with Industrial Partners
     – Symbol Technologies—RF Module and Early MAC Code
     – Texas Instruments—Development System
•   Being Used in Calit2 Projects
     – ResponseSphere, RESCUE, WIISARD
•   Allows Researchers to Test Out New Algorithms
    and New Techniques for Wireless Communications
•   Teaching Tool for Graduate and Undergraduate Researchers
•   On Display at MobiQuitous 2005,
     – The Second Annual Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems,
       Networks and Services, July In San Diego
•   Won Best Demo Award at Information Processing in Sensor Networks

                            Souce: Doug Palmer, Calit2
Major Progress on Wireless Internet Information System
          for Medical Response in Disasters
New Calit2 Initiative is to Transition these Systems into Hospitals

First Tier

                                 802.11 pulse ox   Triage

                                                             Reality Flythrough
                                                               Mobile Video
             Mid Tier
                        Wireless Networks   Command Center
     New NSF Infrastructure Grant Establishes Calit2
    Project Rescue Testbeds in Irvine and in San Diego
•   Localized Site-Specific Disasters
    Via Crisis Response Drills
•   Large Scale Regional Disasters
    Via Simulations
•   Transportation (Simulation) – ImageCat
     – Test & Validate IT and Social Science
       Research Within the Context of Regional
       Crisis Response
•   CAMAS (Crisis Assessment, Mitigation, And
    Analysis) – UCI Campus
     – Field-Test and Refine Research on
       Information Collection, Analysis, Sharing,
       and Dissemination in Controlled yet Realistic
•   GLQ (Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego/UCSD)
     – Ubiquitous Wireless Coverage in Downtown
       San Diego
     – Test Network Architecture Enhancement and
       New Applications

                   PI: Magda El Zarki, ICS, UCI
     Calit2 Is Applying OptIPuter Technologies
             to Post-Hurricane Recovery
Working with NASA, USGS, NOAA, NIEHS, EPA, SDSU, SDSC, Duke, …
We Are Living Through A Fundamental Global Change—
           How Can We Glimpse the Future?
          [The Internet] has created a [global] platform
           where intellectual work, intellectual capital,
               could be delivered from anywhere.
It could be disaggregated, delivered, distributed, produced, and
                    put back together again…

              The playing field is being leveled.”

       Nandan Nilekani, CEO Infosys (Bangalore, India)
        Calit2 Has Developed Research Partnerships
          with California’s Major Trading Partners
• California’s Two Biggest Trading Partners are NAFTA and Asia:
   –   Mexico—Largest
   –   Japan                  California has Dropped to Second Place
   –   Canada
   –   China
   –   Korea
   –   Taiwan
   –   United Kingdom                  Texas surpassed California in 2002 and has
   –   Hong Kong                        remained at the top of the list ever since
                                                      (Sept 2005)
   –   Singapore
   –   Netherlands
• Leading Export Category is Computers and Electronic Products
• International Commerce Drives ~ 1/4 of California’s Economy

          Office of Trade and Industry Information, U.S. Department of Commerce
         Pacific Rim Undergraduate Experiences
                      PRIME 2005
•   Preparing Students for the Global Workplace of the 21st Century
    – 14 UCSD Undergrads
        – NSF- Funded with Calit2
    – Students Work With Researchers During Summer in:
        – Australia, Japan, Taiwan, China and Thailand
    – Chemistry, Biomedical, Ecology, Networking
                   International Grid Testbed
                      KISTI, Korea
                                                     NCSA, USA
CNIC, China                     AIST, Japan
                                                   SDSC, USA
                               TITECH, Japan
   UoHyd, India
                          NCHC, Taiwan
                                               CICESE, Mexico
                          ASCC, Taiwan

                   KU, Thailand
                                                   UNAM, Mexico
                  USM, Malaysia

              BII, Singapore

                               MU, Australia            UChile, Chile
          CUDI-CENIC Fiber Dedication at
    Border Governor’s Conference, July 14, 2005

                       US                         Mexico
             Torreon Conference---Fiber Dedication Linking
             Mexico and US, crossing at San Diego-Tijuana

 • Shared Security Smarr
                Prof. Aoyama
 • Energy
 • Trans-National Crime
 • Education and Research 

 • Business Development                     Culmination of Three Years
                                             of Work Between Calit2,
                                            CICESE, CENIC, and CUDI

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