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									                  Keeping the Body Balanced Through Chakra Healing

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An alignment point in the body that is able to receive, associate with and transmit the life force of
energy is called a chakra. It is a word from Sanskrit which means the sphere of mans aural energy
or a continually spinning wheel.
Traditional Hindu writings have often said that there are nearly 90,000 points of Chakra throughout
every human body, but there are truly only seven extrmely important points of Chakra. These
seven vital points of Chakra can be found from the bottom of the spinal cord all the way up to the
top of the head.

The root or base chakra, the sex or navel chakra, the stomach or solar plexus chakra, the heart
chakra, the throat chakra, the brow or third eye chakra and the crown chakra are the seven major
chakras of the body. These main chakra points of the body can receive and transmit energy to and
from its universal surroundings including various elements and the individuals around it. They are
able to influence the spiritual, mystical, emotional, intellectual, corporeal and psychological
activities of an individual all by themselves.

There is a common thread that runs through the viewpoint of Chinese medicine, the explanation of
modern psychology of human thought processes and consciousness, or the Hindus mystical
perception of the external and internal experience of an individual. That is that the chakras are
indeed distinct concerning their definitions or explanations.

It is important to understand that the Chakras in your body are always in motion even if you are
sleeping. They are constantly influencing the metabolic functions of your body as well as the
thoughts that your mind is having. Now you can see why the well being of our Chakras is so
important. If one Chakra is disrupted then our entire body may be affected negatively.

This is due to the seven major chakra's being connected to the in endocrine gland that is found in
our bodies. Even the smallest imbalance of can take it's toll on our emotional state as well as our
physical state. When an imbalance occurs it can create a disturbance in the way a person
behaves and that is directly linked up to the endocrine gland.

Maintaining the Balance of Chakra Using the above as our point of beginning, we can assume
safely that the majority of our ailments and illnesses are related to our chakras. Even though there
may not be enough materialization of imbalance or illness, there may yet be concerns or emotions
that come from our childhood that influence us spiritually, emotionally and physically.

One of the major causes of chakra imbalance is associated with repressed emotional baggage
that develops from past trauma. These habitually buried emotional toxins of the subconscious
influence the cellular level of our body.

Thus it is extremely essential to deal with these emotional burdens as these are the most common
factors that usually imbalances the proper functioning of chakras.

Chakra Healing is good for the Body. We directly influence our chakras when we take on such
activities as aromatherapy, color therapy and Reiki healing by bringing balance to the chakras
while using such items as gemstones, pendulums and crystals.

There are many people that like to do yoga classes which help with their breathing as well as their
physical exercises. Yoga is good for maintaining the balance of the chakra in the body as this
helps a person to focus.

Several other modern methods include meditation to focus on the chakras which you aim to
develop; meditation in general increases awareness or motivation for attaining things that you
desire in life. A guided period with meditation CD or audio tape might give you encouraging
relaxation techniques and a natural healing mode in order to reduce stress and promote relaxation
leading the mind to focus easily in peace.

Chakras work unaided to maintain our body although we cannot touch or see our chakras.

In order for the chakras to be in balance the body must be fed properly and enjoy good health.
Each of the seven major chakras has specific foods that aid in maintaining balance.

The root chakra is nourished with foods rich in protein, spices and root type vegetables. Nuts,
vanilla, cinnamon, sweet fruits and seeds such as caraway and sesame nourishes the sacral
chakra that of our sexual being and creativity. Breads, cereals, pasta, yogurt, dairy products and
spicy mints nourish our stomach or solar plexus chakra which enhances our sense of self love and
self confidence.

Green tea and green leafy vegetables are good for the heart chakra while having a lot of water,
fruit juices and tangy fruits such as peaches and apples nourish the throat chakra.

Eating blueberries, drinking wine, and grapes makes our brow chakra extremely nourished and
much more sharper. It also helps improve our physical abilities.
Our emotional and spiritual center the crown chakra requires a good detoxification. This is done by
ritual inhalation of herbs and incense and fasting.

Thus, it can be seen that our health and wellbeing is influenced or stimulated with the aid of
chakras. Doing this inspires our soul to be more responsive so as to match its frequency with that
of the infinite cosmos.

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