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The chakra is a point in the body that is associated with, and transmits the life force energy. The
word 'chakra' comes from the sanskrit and literally means 'spinning wheel or sphere of energy'.

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Traditionally Hindu scripts believe that there are 88,000 chakra points in the human body. But out
of these, seven chakras form the vital points for the flow of chi along the spinal column to the
crown of the head.

The seven chakras involve the root, navel, stomach, the heart, throat, and brow and the crown
chakras. These featured chakra points have the ability to transmit and receive energy from the
general surroundings as well as those individuals in it and other influential elements of the
surroundings. Chakras can influence activities of an individual that deal with emotional, spiritual,
intellectual, mystical, psychological and corporeal issues.

Whether you believe in the Hindu philosophies and doctrines of human body function explanations
or the Chinese medicinal beliefs or even the modern psychological research findings, the energy
points or the chakras are the common thread that would bind all explanations and definitions.

The chakras are in perpetual motion whether we are awake or asleep. Continual activity does
influence the glandular processes, physical disorders, structure and appearance as well as our
actions and deeds. When one or more of the chakras malfunction for different reasons this will
cause an imbalance, it then continues to make it known in other areas.

It is believed that this is due to the chakras being connected to the endocrine glad that is found in
our body. If a chakra gets off balance at all then we can have what is called a disturbance in the
normal behavior of the endocrine gland and all that is attached or linked to it.

It is extremely important to attempt to maintain Chakra balance by using the above as a starting
part. It is important that you realize all major illnesses are related to one of the seven main
chakras. There may not be physical evidence yet of the illness, but emotions or worries from past
events in our lives may still effect us today emotionally as well as spiritually.

Generally speaking, the repressed or elapsed emotional balance that comes from experiences of
past trauma is one of the main causes of imbalance of the chakras. The cellular level of the body
is influenced by the emotional toxins that are habitually buried inside the subconscious of anyone.

This is why it is important for a person to get rid of their unwanted emotional baggage before it
causes them problems with their body. A person can keep these issues buried in their
subconscious mind and end up having emotional toxins which will affect their bodies in so many
ways. By dealing with the issues from the past, you can then learn to heal yourself by way of a
healthy chakra.

Thus, it ca be said that the human body deserves Chakra Healing. By making use of techniques
such as colour therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki healing and balancing the chakras while using
crystals, gemstones or a pendulum we can influence our chakras directly.

There are many of people that get much relief from doing yoga as it will help them to breathe
better. Yoga can help a person focus they attention somewhere else so that they can balance their
chakra much easier.

Several other modern methods include meditation to focus on the chakras which you aim to
develop; meditation in general increases awareness or motivation for attaining things that you
desire in life. A guided period with meditation CD or audio tape might give you encouraging
relaxation techniques and a natural healing mode in order to reduce stress and promote relaxation
leading the mind to focus easily in peace.

Chakras work without any help, though it cannot be felt with our touch or cannot be seen with our

In order for the chakras to be in balance the body must be fed properly and enjoy good health.
Each of the seven major chakras has specific foods that aid in maintaining balance.

The root chakra takes nourishment from spices, protein rich food and root vegetables. Foods such
as nuts, seeds, sweet fruits, cinnamon and vanilla nourish the sacral chakra. The solar plexus
chakra that enhances out sense of personal self love and self confidence is nourished by
consuming dairy products, pasta, breads, spicy mints and cereals.

Did you know that the heart chakra works the best on leafy vegetables and even many types of
green tea? Also, the chakra of the throat needs lots of liquids to stay hydrated. The best liquids are
water and even fruit juices such as apple and orange juice.

Your 3rd eye chakra thrives on grapes, wine and blueberries.

The crown chakra which is our emotional and spiritual center often requires a good detoxification.
This can be done by fasting or by the ritual inhalation of certain herbs.
When we influence our chakras by stimulation, we do influence our health. When we do so we
become more responsive in our everyday and spiritual life, while we are more able to tune in
completely to our surroundings and various other elements of the metaphysical and physical
environment in which we live our lives.

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