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									                      Samsung Galaxy S3 for the Gadget Lovers

In today’s fast changing gadget world owning the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 may be a dream for
many. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best mobile Smartphone from the Samsung world.
In a short span of time it has already broken through the 10 million sales barriers, making it a
faster seller than its predecessors, the Galaxy S and the hugely popular Galaxy S2.

Samsung S3 is a blue and white phone with an all-plastic finish with a 4.8in screen. It features
a Super AMOLED panel that offers excellent black response and vivid colors. You can use the
microSD cards and uses the microUSB standard in the Samsung Galaxy S3 with amazing HD
video output with surround sound audio. Quad Core Application Processor that operates on
Android 4.0 (ICS) and has a CPU speed of 1.4 GHz powers Samsung Galaxy S3.

With an 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and a bright LED flash for low light conditions you
don’t have to carry a separate camera any longer nor worry about keeping it charged or checking
if it has a clear memory stick. You can take your own portrait shot, as there is a front facing 1.9
MP camera that makes it easy. Your mobile is always accessible, so you never have to miss out
on exclusive shots. The best feature of this Samsung Galaxy SIII camera mode is the
Panorama option that lets you get a wider view as you can take the picture from left to right
giving a panoramic view.

Your Galaxy S3 can be your personal assistant as it has very powerful recording and playback
feature having clarity even in a noisy surrounding and downloading from s3 to your laptop is a
breeze. The most outstanding feature is that the Samsung Galaxy S3 with built in eye sensor
keeps an eye on your eye movement. As long as you are keep looking at the phone whether for
reading or just like that, there is a sensor which makes the screen brighter, the moment you look
away, the sensors track your eye movements and the brightness will go down.

Samsung Galaxy 3 is a boon as you don’t need to carry multiple equipments as it doubles up for
your camera, Dictaphone, laptop and more. If you would like to own this phone the best place to
buy it would be in online shopping websites. When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S3 price
you get the best deal online, with discounts, deals, and promotional offers available online, you
are sure to get a good deal. So go ahead and change the way you work by owning a Samsung
Galaxy 3 today.

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