Improve Your Life With These Ways to Cope With Stress

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					Since modern life is full of demands and frustrations, all of us need to learn
different ways to cope with stress. Today, the term stress is such a broad term
used in different industries and fields of science. Although this term stirs up a
variety of definitions, the popular one is typically what we experience and
complain about almost every day when we go to school, work, or perform other
daily activities.

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–    Everyday Stress

Stress is as a defense mechanism of our body from a perceived threat or fear.
Our nervous system responds by releasing a huge number of hormones like
cortisol and adrenaline that prepare the body for a fight or flight response. This
mechanism is already innate in us. It protects our body from different forms of
danger or harm. In order to apply different ways to cope with stress, we should
first gain enough information on our body’s normal reaction called stress

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–    Stress and Its Symptoms

Due to the body’s response to a certain stressor, there are different symptoms
that can either be psychological or physiological. In order to learn proper ways
to cope with stress, we need to learn about the cognitive symptoms it can
cause, including memory problems, inability to concentrate, poor judgment,
being pessimistic, gaining racing thoughts, and chronic worrying. If we are not
able to learn effective ways to cope with stress, we will not be able to perform
our best in situations that require being mentally healthy and stable, such as in
school or in the office.
Another category of symptoms is the emotional aspect, and this includes
moodiness, irritability, agitation, depression, and even a feeling of loneliness.
Behavioral symptoms of stress can also affect our health; they can cause bad
eating and sleeping habits, lead to alcohol or cigarettes use or annoying habits
like nail biting or pacing. Different ways to cope with stress have been
discovered; they can able to get rid of physical symptoms, such as chest pains,
constipation or diarrhea, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, frequent colds, and loss of
sex drive. Whether you’re single or married, stress can really greatly affect your
life, especially if you do not know ways to cope with stress.

- External and Internal Factors
The success of different ways to cope with stress are affected by a lot of internal
and external factors, but our tolerance to stress is much more influenced by
internal factors, such as the presence of a support network, sense of control,
attitude, outlook, and ability to deal with emotions. A strong support group of
family and friends is a great buffer against everyday stressors. That’s why it is
important that we develop a good relationship with our family, relatives,
classmates, or coworkers so that when we go to school or work, we are also
able to enjoy it in their company.

Self-confidence is another factor in dealing with stress. When we have the
right amount of confidence, we are able to face challenges and obstacles while
being in control. Having a positive attitude and outlook in life will also more likely
bring positive results in the challenges that we face. With a strong support
system and high self-confidence, we are able to deal with our emotions properly
without getting too frustrated or stressed out!

–     Causes of Stress

To learn proper ways to cope with stress, we also need to have a bit of an idea
on its possible causes. Stress, as we all know, can be caused by two types of
factors, and these could either be external or internal factors. External factors
include financial problems, relationship difficulties, and lacking time for self or
family. Internal factors also affect our ways to cope with stress in a sense that it
is self-generated and these are perfectionism, pessimism, lack of assertiveness,
unrealistic expectations, and inability to accept certain risks or failures.

–     Stress for the Better
Stress is not always negative; it can also help someone perform better. A lot of
people usually do not perform well when they are relaxed, but when deadlines
are approaching and stress is already there, they usually perform much better
than expected. A lot of people use different ways to cope with stress since each
one of us has our own way of doing it. What is important is that we don’t get too
ahead of ourselves that we forget what is really significant in our lives and the
right thing to do. The graph below explains how much stress will give you the
optimum level of performance.

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–     Think Healthy and Well

We are not perfect human beings. We are not able to live healthily without facing
a few bumps on the road. Learning a variety of ways to cope with stress is
essential so that we are able to reach our life’s ambitions without turning into a
wreck or becoming too self-absorbed. Managing stress is all about being in
control and in charge of yourself, which includes your habits, thoughts, and
routines that may affect your ways to cope with stress. Through giving yourself a
break from stress with relaxation, you are able to pull yourself together in such a
way that you are ready for the new day ahead. Stress will always be around as
a short-term chronic issue, but this doesn’t mean that you should wallow in
frustration. Be strong!
Stressors will never disappear from life, and they can take different forms, so
ways to cope with stress are important to learn. A stressor for a person may not
even be considered a stressor for another person, so it is really important that
we effectively know ourselves when it comes to situations like these. When we
are able to identify our strengths, weaknesses, and even things that make us
“crack,” we will be able to effectively cope with the everyday demand of the life
that we live. Through knowing a variety of ways to cope with stress, we will be
able to live a happy and fulfilled life even if it means facing stressors every day.

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