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					                   STATEMENT OF ED QUATREVAUX

      On September 4, I met with Mr. Odom who handed me a report
that had been prepared at his direction by two OIG auditors. He also
told me that he had referred the matter to the State Inspector General,
who then referred it to the State Legislative Auditor. He advised that
members of that Office would visit me the following Wednesday, and
asked me to return the report after I scanned it quickly. I met briefly
with the state auditors, and promised the full cooperation of the OIG.

       The report contains administrative allegations directed at the
former Inspector General, Mr. Robert Cerasoli, specifically unwise
procurement and personnel actions, as well as infringement of the OIG's
independence by the Ethics Review Board. I was asked not to discuss
the report with OIG staff prior to the State Legislative Auditor's planned
interviews, and agreed.

       I am confident that the legislative auditors will issue an impartial
report at the completion of their work. To the degree that corrective
action is required, it will be taken -- the OIG must set the example for
the city government.

       The allegations related to OIG independence quote the governing
standards, which were promulgated by the Association of Inspectors
General, of which Mr. Odom is the President. The allegations ignored the
qualifications in the standards relating to statutory requirements. I saw
nothing that I considered an infringement on OIG independence.

      The leaking of this report is a violation of OIG policy and the
governing standards. I am told that the two OIG auditors who prepared
it announced they would be absent for the remainder of this week. That
action effectively left Dr. Westerling and the OIG without so much as a
copy of the report. That is why, even though I am out-of-state with my
family and not yet the Inspector General, that I decided to issue this

      It is clear that there was internal strife during Mr. Odom's tenure,
and it apparently continues today. I consider personal agendas an
unaffordable indulgence, and those who engage in them will have no
place in my organization.