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Șuie Paparude by pc10201


									Șuie Paparude
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Șuie Paparude is a Romanian music band with a cult following in their native
country. They are recognized as having a distinct sound and style, comparable                       Șuie Paparude
with very few other local bands. As such, they were honored with multiple            Origin            Romania

opening acts for internationally acclaimed bands [2] as well as presences to high    Genres            Breakbeat
profile music festivals, especially from Romania but also across Europe. [3]                           Big beat
Autumn 93, A. Go Club makes its debut, the atmosphere is alternative-new-wave.
Next 6 albums, 9 videos, music video, thousands of concerts, some in the
opening of super bands such as Depeche Mode.
                                                                                     Years active      1993 – present

                                                                                     Labels            Cat Music

Discography                                                                          Website 

   1995 – Șuie Paparude
                                                                                               Hauteculture (Mihai Dobre)
   1997 – Salvează-te                                                                          Bean (Alexe Marius Andrei)
   1998 – Musca                                                                                 Michi (Mihai Campineanu)
   2000 – Urban                                                                                      Past members
   2003 – Atac la persoane
                                                                                          Junkyard (Cezar Stănciulescu) [1 ]
   2005 – Scandalos                                                                                  DJ Vasile
   2008 – A fost odată...
   2010 – E suflet în aparat

   1. ^ Junkyard leaves the band and Bean joins - Accessed on          June 2006 - Accessed on 31 March 2010
      31 March 2010                                                 3. ^ About Suie Paparude – Accessed on 31 March 2010
   2. ^ Șuie Paparude opening for Depeche Mode on 23rd of

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