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					Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills training group:

This group is based on Marsha Lineman’s DBT model and is an accelerated five-week
course. Each five-week course covers one module of DBT skills and will include:

      Core Mindfulness
      Distress Tolerance
      Interpersonal Effectiveness
      Emotion Regulation

Designed for stable individuals who struggle to control emotions and have a tendency to
react in compulsive and problematic ways. Clients who attend this group will learn how
to integrate highly effective coping skills into the recovery process.

The Next DBT group (Core Mindfulness Module) will start on Monday April 16th from
4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. This is a closed group that will run for five consecutive Monday
Enrollment: When clients register for the DBT group, it is expected that they will
commit to one of the full five-week modules at a time. Cost of the group is $375 for five
weeks. Please contact the PCS front office staff (480/947-5739) to enroll in the group or
email Stacy Hall at TherapistHall@me.com. If interested in joining the DBT group, an
intake appointment will be scheduled to review the client’s goals as well as the structure,
expectations and guidelines of the group and answer any questions.

Coordination of care: Ongoing communication with the individual therapist is critical.
A group note will be provided to each therapist with an assessment of the client’s
development of skills and any other relevant information.

Individual Skills Training:
For clients who are not able to commit to the five-week DBT group format, it can be
advantageous to conduct focused skills training in an individual session. Both the DBT
group and individual skills training can be a helpful adjunct to individual therapy.

For more information, please contact Stacy Hall:

Psychological Counseling Services
7530 E. Angus Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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