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                                                                                        ACTION NOTES
Minutes of the Estates Management Committee held on Tuesday 1st February 2011 at 7.30pm in the Village
Office, Lincoln Road, Skellingthorpe.
Present: Cllr Mrs Flint (Chair), Jackman (Vice Chair), Gant, Richardson, Goldson, Mrs Hall, Mrs Chambers
and Billinghust. Cllr Barnett was present as an observer.

    1. Apologies for absence and reasons given.
No apologies.
    2. To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act.
No declarations of interest were received at this point.
    3. Notes of the last meeting held on 7th December 2010 to be approved as the minutes of that meeting.
The Clerk’s notes of the Estates meeting held on the 7 th December 2010 were approved as an accurate record of the
business conducted at that meeting by all those present. Proposed Cllr Richardson, seconded by Cllr Goldson and
unanimously agreed on a show of hands by those members present at the meeting. All action notes had been dealt with.
    4. Play areas Specialist’s report.
              a. To consider quotes for purchase of new play equipment.
Cllr Gant reported that there was approx £5,000 available in the budget and Cllr Flint advised that this money could not
be carried forward again and needed to be spent. The Play Areas sub committee were hoping to purchase a substantial
piece of skate park equipment but unfortunately any increase to Precept this year was not permitted and so the skate
park idea has had to be put on hold. Options discussed were a new piece of play equipment for which the Clerk had
obtained quotes from the local play areas contractor who had suggested the most popular and sought after was a Tay
Play Cone Climber. Cllr Goldson proposed purchase of the 1.8m climber from EKM Ltd at a cost of £4521.00
seconded by Cllr Jackman and agreed unanimously.                                               Clerk to place order
Committee also agreed to purchase the Argos Rowlinson Playaway playhouse at a cost of £279 which Cllr Jackman had
recommended and researched for this meeting, proposed Cllr Jackman, seconded Cllr Mrs Hall and agreed
unanimously. Clerk asked about cementing in/securing to the ground as this would be advisable to ensure it could not
be stolen. Committee did not feel that this was necessary but agreed that Cllr Jackman and other members would
arrange installation/cementing as required with the handymans assistance if necessary. Payment for the playhouse to be
discussed with the Clerk as this is normally required when placing the order, enquiries to be made to Argos regarding
payment as Council do not have an account or a credit card and also need to consider claiming the vat back.
                   Clerk to make enquiries/subject to satisfactory arrangements for payment to place order
Members agreed to install another set of goal posts on the practice pitch as Cllr Jackman reported had been requested by
local youths. The football manager had offered Council a spare set of goal posts and so installation costs would be
minimal. Proposed Cllr Goldson, seconded Cllr Mrs Flint and agreed on a unanimous show of hands. Cllr Jackman to
arrange installation with football manager.
Part refurbishment/replacement of the spring horse was discussed for which a quote had been received for £1,000.
Committee agreed not to purchase.
              b. To consider the insertion of an additional gate in Under 8’s play area.
Cllr Mrs Flint reported that the Community Led Plan group had requested the installation of a second gate in the under
8s area. Committee agreed that the only side of the fence with the option of installing a gate was the side leading onto
the tennis court but because of the possibility of this area being altered in the future it was agreed to defer this request
until that time. Installing the gate on either of the other sides of the fence brought up too many health and safety issues.
                                                                   Clerk to write to the community led plan group.

         4.       Finance Specialist’s report.
No report update.
    5. Cemetery Specialist’s report.
No report given. Cllr Mrs Chambers requested more information to assist her in this role.
                                                                                   Clerk to provide guidance
    6. Playing Field Specialist’s report.
Cllr Jackman indicated that there was nothing to report.
              a. To consider hire of football pitches to teams from outside the village.
The football team manager had requested that the Clerk inform Council that many games had been postponed due to the
bad weather and that Parish Council may receive requests from outside teams to use the football pitches. Committee
discussed excessive use of the pitches and the damage this causes and hence the expense of repairs. Members agreed to
wait until a formal written request was received and to defer it for the time being.
    7. Car Park areas Specialist’s report.
No report given. Cllr Mrs Hall requested more information to assist her in this role.
                                                                                   Clerk to provide guidance
    8. Monson Pavilion update on expenditure.
An update had been sent out to members with the paperwork for this meeting.                         Noted
                                                                                                   Action Notes
              a. Emergency expenditure for leaking Pavilion roof
It was noted that over the New Year there had been a leak in the roof and an emergency repair amounting to £72 had
been incurred.                                                                                       Noted
              b. To consider quote for reinforcement of the Pavilion fence.
The Clerk reported that the contractor had not provided a quote as yet. Ongoing vandalism to the fence was discussed
but it was decided not to pursue the reinforcement and concreting in at the moment due to budget restraints. The
handyman will continue to fix any damage as and when required.
    9. The Queen Elizabeth II Fields Trust
Committee decided to nominate playing areas and the Monson playing field as well as wildlife areas.
                                                                                           Clerk to investigate
    10. Correspondence.
    11. Chairman’s Report.
There was no report.
    12. Clerk’s Report.
Council currently donate £20 per annum to the Lincs Playing Field Association via Community Lincs who provide
advice and assistance in providing adequate playing fields and areas. It has now come to light that there is also a Play
Facility Advisory Service which also provides advice and assistance as well as offering free visits by advisers and free
training and workshops throughout the year. The cost for affiliation is £25 per annum. Cllr Flint has attended play area
training at a cost of £25 and this would be included for free under the annual £25 subscription. Cllr Mrs Flint proposed
that Committee should subscribe, seconded Cllr Jackman and agreed unanimously. Refer to full council as paperwork
not received in time to be added to agenda.
                                     Expenditure approved/Refer to full Council/Clerk to apply for affiliation
    13. To resolve on whether the Council will move into closed session in accordance with the Public Bodies
         (Admission to meetings Act) 1960.
    Should this resolution be passed the public and press will be required to leave the meeting at this stage.
There were no items to be discussed.

There being no further competent business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.30pm.

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