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									Guarding UK
Social & Corporate
Corporate Social Responsibility
Guarding UK as part of its ambitious vision of a corporate socially
aware modern security industry, has implemented far reaching
initiatives designed to minimise the impact of its trading activities
on society, economy and the environment.

At Guarding UK we believe that doing business in a responsible,
sustainable way goes hand in hand with doing business successfully.

Our approach to what has become an essential part of our operating
culture is what sets us apart from our competitors. Social
awareness is more than just words, it is how we operate, from
employee welfare to community support.

The following sections provide a brief synopsis of how we are
working towards a safer, cleaner and more sustainable

Guarding UK has a responsibility to manage both the direct and
indirect environmental impacts arising from its operations.
Environmentally sustainable operating systems are implemented
wherever possible to manage our direct impact on our base
environment and that of the wider community.

The introduction of our ‘AWARE’ strategy has empowered all
stakeholders within the company to adopt an approach to business
that openly seeks to source, adopt and promote environmentally
aware products and services, from recycled stationary to
community based printers and service providers, thereby reducing
our Carbon footprint.

Other initiatives adopted to reduce our impact on our environment
include the following;

     Recycling of paper, card and plastics

     Introduction of the ‘Paper free Drive’, a movement towards a
      paper free working environment

     Promotion of the use of Public transport

     The adoption of low emission (CO2) company vehicles

Health & Safety

The health, safety and welfare of all employees of Guarding UK is of
paramount importance, that’s why we have introduced far reaching
reforms to make the working environment as safe and secure as
possible. Some of the reforms introduced include the following;

     Introduction of Logosoft check calling software – to monitor
      personnel deployed to stand-alone sites

     Establishment of an all embracing intranet system – enabling
      operatives working up and down the country to access a
      dedicated website providing them with a means of
      communication to log concerns, register feedback and
      empowering them to provide positive ideas for the benefit of
      all stakeholders

     Establishment of a dedicated Helpdesk designed to safeguard
      the interests of all personnel deployed. The Helpdesk is an
      internal and external customer communication hub that
      enables all stakeholders to access an actual person 24/7 for
      the speedy resolution of conflicts and human resource
      orientated issues

      The formation of the Business Manager model – this model of
       employee welfare is modeled on the Military and places field
       based operatives under the direct command of a Business
       Manager, thus providing them with a clear line of
       communication should they have any work or personal issues
       that they require advice or counseling.

The above initiatives go hand in hand with a conscious operating
culture tailored to the individual requirements of personnel working
in the field, from someone to talk to at all times, to a set of policies
and procedures designed to ensure that company employees
remain protected, nurtured and developed throughout their career
with the company.


Charitable work has always been an important part of the Guarding
UK commitment to the local community and the country as a whole.
After all we are in a people business, therefore supporting charities
that provide a worthwhile service to disadvantaged sections of our
community is something we are passionate about.

Our commitment to the support of charities is evident in our
ongoing support of worthwhile organisations such as;

      Dreams come true charity

      Breast Cancer

      Children in Need

      Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice

Our support comes in many forms such as;

      Running the London Marathon

      Running the Great North Run

      The New York Marathon

      Charitable events

      Regular donations

Currently we are actively supporting the Chestnut Tree House a
worthwhile charity dedicated to the welfare of terminally ill

            Chestnut Tree House is the only children's hospice in
            Sussex and cares for children and young adults from 0-
            19 years of age with progressive life-limiting and life-
            threatening illnesses from all over the county.

Completed in 2003, the hospice provides a 'home from home'
environment with 10 children's bedrooms plus 8 family rooms, a
wet and dry play area, computer and music rooms, a multi sensory
room and hydrotherapy pool. The house is set in beautiful gardens
within an area of outstanding natural beauty.

There are potentially 400 families with life-limited children in
Sussex. Chestnut Tree House offers support for the whole family
including psychological support, care in bereavement therapy, end
of life and respite care and sibling support.

The hospice costs approximately £2 million per year to run. Families
are not charged for their care and the hospice receives no
government funding at all, so it relies completely on the generosity,
help and support of the people of Sussex and the country as a

Business Ethics (ACS)

An ethical approach to business is what sets us apart from our
competitors, from an ethical approach in the way we source goods
and services to the way we conduct ourselves whilst looking after
nearly £7 billion of client property.

As an organisation we have from the start strived to enhance the
reputation of the security industry, from being one of the first
organisations to support the introduction of the Private Security
Industry Act, to our enthusiastic embrace of the SIA Approved
Contractor Scheme (ACS).

You can’t get it right 100% of the time, but you can learn from
mistakes and evolve the service provided to ensure that client
satisfaction remains at the forefront. Part of this commitment to
getting it right is our ACS accreditation an achievement which
proclaims our commitment to enhancing the image of the security
industry through safeguarding employee rights, protecting the
environment and by giving something back to the community.

ACS accreditation tells our clients that we have signed up to some
of the most stringent quality criteria in the service industry, thereby
providing peace of mind secure in the knowledge that the company
you’ve chosen to look after your interests, is a company that
conforms to the highest ideals, in terms of quality and


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