America – is a nation of risk-takers by malj


									  America – is a nation of risk-takers.

• Most Americans are descendants of
  immigrants who left the known of the Old
  World for the unknown of the New.
           They were the first
• The pioneers who lived on the frontier had a
  hard life, so they had to be tough and self-
              American character
• The frontiersmen had to overcome many
  difficulties. They shared food, build each
  other’s houses, fought fires. This willingness to
  help led to another American traits –
  friendliness and hospitality.
• The British rarely have severe winter frosts,
  they don’t suffer from heat, drought and
  flooding. So they have excellent roads in
Ideal climate

The climate is ideal for
growing flowers and
          Love of compromise
• Весаuse of the fact that the land and climate
  in Britain don’t have extremes the British is
  the nation that love compromises.
Russia is a vast country. So everything
Russians do, they do on a grand scale.
             Not individuals
• Russians think of themselves as members of
  the community. The origin of the Russian
  communalism lies deep in the vastness of the
  Great Russian Plain.
            Russian character
• Russian have long winters and short periods
  when there is so much to do. This explain why
  Russians are inactive for long periods and then
  show bursts of energy.
      Russian character

• The cruel climate, harsh history and
  skeptical outlook on life made
  Russians value stability, security and
  to avoid risk.

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