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                                                                                 HEALTH SCIENCES

Medicine is a branch of the health sciences and focuses on the application of medicine and
medical techniques in the treatment, care, and prevention of disease, illness, and injury in both
humans and animals. Students of medicine are exposed to how medical knowledge and
procedures, drugs, and technology assist to minimize pain and preserve the health of millions.
Among the numerous specialties are anesthesiology, colon and rectal surgery, dermatology,
family practice, internal medicine, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, urology,
gastroenterology, surgery, dentistry, psychiatry, and veterinary medicine.

                                     Related Majors
      Athletic Training--Dermatology--Family Medicine--Gynecology--Health Services
     Medical Technology--Neurology--Pharmacy--Physician Assisting--Pre-Dentistry--Pre-
      Optometry--Pre-Veterinary Medicine--Psychiatry--Psychology--Sports Medicine--

                                      High School Courses
                                         Health Science
                                   Biology         Chemistry
                                    Physiology      First Aid
                                Physical Education       Algebra
                                  Geometry       Trigonometry
                                      Related Occupations
                              Allergist—-P Anesthesiologist—-P
                            Cardiologist—-P        Chiropractor—-P
                               Dentist—-P      Dermatologist—-P
                         Endocrinologist—-P Gastroenterologist—-P
                           Geriatrician—-P         Gynecologist—-P
                              Immunologist—-P         Internist—-P
                            Neurologist—-P         Obstetrician—-P
                            Ophthalmologist—-P Optometrist—-P
                              Orthodontist—-P       Osteopath—-P
                            Pathologist—-P          Pediatrician—-P
                              Pharmacologist—-P Physician—-P
                      Physician Assistant—-B           Plastic Surgeon—-P
                                Podiatrist—-P Psychiatrist—-P
                    Radiologist—-P        Reproductive Endocrinologist—-P
                                  Surgeon—-P Urologist—-P
C=Certificate (usually requires 1 yr. or less of study; could be pre/post HS or college)  AA= Associates Degree (usually equivalent to 2
full yrs. of study beyond HS) B=Bachelor’s Degree (usually equivalent to 4 or more yrs. of study beyond HS)            M=Master’s Degree
   (usually equivalent to 1-2 full yrs. of study beyond a Bachelor’s)    D=Doctoral Degree (usually equivalent to 3-5 full yrs. of study
    beyond a Bachelor’s) P=First Professional Degree (post-Bachelor’s training/study varies; may require up to 6 or more yrs. of
combined study/interning & residency for some medical majors)          V=Training/study varies greatly, is often technical and may require
                                                             an apprenticeship)

                                          Leisure Activities
 Attending medical science fairs and exhibits and visiting science museums; reading medically
   related publications; joining a health club; doing lab experiments and researching medically
related topics; belonging to a medical science club or related professional organization; working
    as a part-time or volunteer in a local hospital, nursing home, or community health agency;
actively participating in or financially supporting medical research efforts; attending lectures and
                                  conferences related to medicine.


                                        High proficiency for accuracy and detail

 Ability to react quickly and maintain emotional and physical composure in stressful situations

                                     Proficiency in interpersonal communication

                               Ability to work well and concentrate under pressure

                       Proficiency in critical thinking, analyzing, and problem-solving

                               Physical stamina, good vision, and manual dexterity

    Intellectual capacity to perform well in most undergraduate and graduate college programs

                             Thorough knowledge of medical theories and practices

                            Ability to conduct and clearly explain scientific research

                         Ability to make keen observations and appropriate decisions

                                                Aptitude for applied science

                                       Proficiency in reading and memorization

                                                    Values and Attributes
               Desire to help others and make a contribution to humanity
                                  Interest in challenges
                     Willingness to work long and irregular hours
                  Desire to alleviate the pain and suffering of others
                                    Scientific inquiry
                                     Analytical mind


                                    Sacks, Terrence.

                         Opportunities in Osteopathic Medicine.

                               VGM Opportunities Series,

                         NTC Contemporary Publishing, 2001

                             American Medical Association

                                 515 North State Street

                                   Chicago, IL 60610

        (offers student membership and information on how to become an MD)

                           American Osteopathic Association

                                 142 East Ontario Street

                                   Chicago, IL 60611

(sponsors internships, provides information about accreditation and publishes informative

                         Association For Chiropractic Colleges
                         (provides list of Chiropractic Colleges)

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