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					{As marketers, we are told that we should be article marketingArticle
marketing is vital to Internet marketers|Article marketing is a
{vital|important} {component|part} of Internet marketing}. {It is how
you {make|earn} money {as an affiliate|affiliate marketing}, it is how
you promote your websites and it is how you add content to your virtual
real estate empire|You earn as an {affiliate|affiliate marketer}, promote
your website and create content for your {websites|web sites|sites} all
from articles}.

{Many|Some|A lot|Lots of|Numerous|Loads of} people find article
{writing|creation} {difficult|hard|tricky|complicated} to do
{because|as|since|for the reason that} they {are not used to
writing|haven't written a lot|don't write often|are not natural
writers|haven't had to do a lot of writing}. {If you have the money, it
can be outsourced|You can outsource this if you {afford it|have the
money|can pay for it}|This can be outsourced if you {afford it|have the
money|can pay for it}}. {However, for many people starting out online,
money is tight|{A lot of|Some|Many|Lots of} people start {their online
business|marketing online} without a lot of money|{It's|It is} common to
find people starting online businesses without a lot of money} and so
they {can't|are unable|cannot} {afford|pay for|manage to pay for|find the
money for|meet the expense of|come up with the money for} an outsourcer.

{You can get articles {written|created} for a {couple of|few} dollars,
but they are likely to be very {poor|low|bad} quality|For a {couple
of|few} dollars you can get an article {written|created}, but it is {more
than likely|likely|usually} going to be {very poor quality|low
quality|rubbish|no good|junk|a junk article}}. {For a decent 400 to 500
word article you are looking to pay around ten dollars, possibly more
depending on the niche and the author|An article of a decent length and
quality {may|will} cost you {10|ten} dollars or more depending on the
author and the niche}.

{You can write the articles yourself, and it's not that
{difficult|hard|tricky|complicated} to do if you follow a
{system|methodology|process|routine}|{Creating|Writing} the articles
yourself isn't difficult if you {follow a
{system|methodology|process|routine}|have a
{system|methodology|process|routine} to follow}}. {Many people suffer
from writers block or are just not used to writing an article|Many people
are {just|simply} not used to writing|It {can|may|could} be
{difficult|hard|tricky|complicated} if you are not {used to writing|a
writer|writing frequently}|You can find yourself suffering from writers
block if you are not used to writing}. {It can be very daunting to sit
down and write if it is something you are not used to|It can seem quite
{daunting|overwhelming|difficult} to sit down and write, particularly if
{you don't {usually|typically|normally} do it|it is something you don't
{usually|typically|normally} do}}.

{Below|Here} is a {system|method|technique|procedure} that {works very
well|is effective|is {highly|very} effective}, it is {one I use myself|my
technique} and you can be {writing|creating} {high|good|decent} quality
articles {surprisingly|remarkably|astonishingly|shockingly|startlingly}
{quickly|rapidly} with this {technique|method|strategy|approach}. It
really isn't that {hard|complex|difficult|tricky} and it
{enables|allows|permits|lets} even {the most novice of
writers|beginner|beginning writer|new writer} to {create|write}
{decent|good|high} articles {rapidly|quickly|speedily|swiftly}.

Step 1 : {Decide upon the niche you are writing in|Decide which niche you
will {write about|work in}}.

Step 2 : {Determine which keyword(s) you are targeting in your
article|Decide which keyword(s) your article will {target|focus on|be
based around}}.

Step 3 : {Determine the subject your article will be about|Decide what
subject {you {want to|will|are going to} write about|your article {is
going to|will be} about}}.

Step 4 : {Type into Google some of your keywords|Enter some of your
keywords into Google|Search Google with some of your keywords|Do a Google
search with some of your keywords} and see what {problems and
issues|problems|issues} people {are
{facing|having|experiencing}|have|experience|face} in that niche. What
{do|is it} they want to know? What {is their pain|{problems|pain|issues}
are they experiencing|are their main {problems|pain|issues}}? What
solutions are they {{looking|searching|on the lookout for|keeping an eye
out for} for|seeking|after}?

Step 5 : {{Write|Create} a powerful, interest building title with your
keyword at the start, if possible|{Write|Create} a title with your
keyword at the {start|beginning} that grabs {the attention of your
readers|people's attention}}.

Step 6 : {Write out|Create} {four or five|a half dozen|{about|around} a
half dozen} short sentences {about|concerning|regarding|describing} the
{{problems|issues}|{problems|issues} {people|people in that
{niche|market}} are experiencing} (don't give away {too
much|everything|the farm|too much information} ... you want your reader
to {buy|click through|go to your website}).

Step 7 : {Turn each sentence into|Each sentence then needs {to be turned
into|turning into}} {more descriptive|descriptive|in depth|more in
depth|more informative} paragraphs, {remembering not to give away too
much information|but don't give away (the farm|too much information|so
much they {will not|don't|do not|won't} {need|want|have} to click

Step 8 : {Write|Create} {a paragraph introducing the article|an
introductory paragraph} {at the top|to put at the {top|start|beginning}}.

Step 9 : {Write|Create} a {paragraph summarizing|concluding
paragraph|summary paragraph|summarizing paragraph} {what was|the
content|the gist|the {concepts|main points|ideas} presented} in the
article {at the bottom|to put at the {bottom|end} of it}.
{{And there|Now} you have a {good|high|decent} quality, unique article
that you could spin or just submit to an article directory or use on your
website|Now you have a {good|high|decent} quality article that can start
{paying its way|earning {you {money|an income}|for you|its keep}}}.
Content {is king|rules} on the Internet, and unique content {provides you
with an edge over|will {{help|let} you|enable you to} crush|will
{{help|let} you|enable you to} dominate|will {{help|let} you|enable you
to} beat} the competition.

{This method will {help|assist|aid|enable} you to
{quickly|rapidly|swiftly|speedily} write articles, and it won't be long
before you can write a {high|decent|good} quality article in under ten
minutes|{Using|With} this method, you will soon be writing
{high|decent|good} quality articles in under {ten|10} minutes}. {{With
practise|With {some|a bit of} practise}|After {a bit of|some}
practise|After practising}, you will be able to {do|write|create} them in
{five|5} to {seven|7} minutes {easily|no problem|with no trouble|without
difficulty|without problems|effortlessly|without doubt}!

{{And remember|Remember that} the more articles you have {out there|out
there working for you|out on the Internet|out in the wild}, the more {you
can potentially earn|potential earnings you have|you {could|can} be
earning}!|Article marketing is a numbers game; the more articles you have
{out there|out there working for you|out on the Internet|out in the
wild}, the more {you can potentially earn|potential earnings you have|you
{could|can} be earning}!}

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