Writing A Traffic Pulling Article - 480 words by BookLove1


									As marketers, we are told that we should be article marketing. It is how
you make money as an affiliate, it is how you promote your websites and
it is how you add content to your virtual real estate empire.

Many people find article writing difficult to do because they are not
used to writing. If you have the money, it can be outsourced. However,
for many people starting out online, money is tight and so they can't
afford an outsourcer.

You can get articles written for a couple of dollars, but they are likely
to be very poor quality. For a decent 400 to 500 word article you are
looking to pay around ten dollars, possibly more depending on the niche
and the author.

You can write the articles yourself, and it's not that difficult to do if
you follow a system. Many people suffer from writers block or are just
not used to writing an article. It can be very daunting to sit down and
write if it is something you are not used to.

Below is a system that works very well, it is one I use myself and you
can be writing high quality articles surprisingly quickly with this
technique. It really isn't that hard and it enables even the most novice
of writers to create decent articles rapidly.

Step 1 : Decide upon the niche you are writing in.

Step 2 : Determine which keyword(s) you are targeting in your article.

Step 3 : Determine the subject your article will be about.

Step 4 : Type into Google some of your keywords and see what problems and
issues people are facing in that niche. What do they want to know? What
is their pain? What solutions are they looking for?

Step 5 : Write a powerful, interest building title with your keyword at
the start, if possible.

Step 6 : Write out four or five short sentences about the problem (don't
give away too much ... you want your reader to buy).

Step 7 : Turn each sentence into more descriptive paragraphs, remembering
not to give away too much information.

Step 8 : Write a paragraph introducing the article at the top.

Step 9 : Write a paragraph summarizing what was in the article at the

And there you have a good quality, unique article that you could spin or
just submit to an article directory or use on your website. Content is
king on the Internet, and unique content provides you with an edge over
the competition.
This method will help you to quickly write articles, and it won't be long
before you can write a high quality article in under ten minutes. With
practise, you will be able to do them in five to seven minutes easily!

And remember the more articles you have out there, the more you can
potentially earn!

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