What the Drummer Boy Didnt Know by BookLove1


									What the Drummer Boy Didn’t Know

Value: The Story of Hanukah

The children of the shepherds waited eagerly not far from Bethlehem to
hear the story of their parents visit to see the Christ child. Little
Johannes sat on the hill watching the tiny barn in the valley where they
say the miracle baby was just born. But instead of his parents, a small
boy came out carrying a drum and made his way up the hill.

“Oh hello.” The little drummer boy said when he saw the young shepherd
boy. “I am Amahl.”

“I am Johannes.” The shepherd introduced himself.    “Have you been to see
the Christ child?”

“Yes, I traveled here with the wise men from the east. I could not
afford a gift so they let me play my drum for him. I will never forget
it.” Amahl told his new friend sitting next to him in the snow.

“Yes, I want to see the messiah so much. It is the greatest miracle to
come to our people since the Hanukah miracle.” Johannes reflected.

“I am not part of your proud Hebrew tradition.”   Amahl confessed.   “What
is this story of Hanukah?”

So Amahl began to draw pictures in the snow to tell the story. “A long
time ago, over hundred and fifty years ago to be exact, the Hebrew people
were being treated very cruelly by bad men who were the government. They
did not respect our religion and they destroyed our temple and put filthy
things that made our temple unholy on our alters and killed many many

“Oh that must have been terrible.” Amahl observed. “Stories are told of
this horrible treatment around the world. The wise men who brought me
talked of them during the long ride to Bethlehem. They said a great
champion saved your people.”

“Yes, that’s true. His name was Judas Maccabeus and God gave him great
victories over our oppressors. He was able to defeat armies of ten
thousand with just a few hundred soldiers just like the great deliverers
of history did. It was truly a show of how faithful and protective God
is of his people.” Johannes continued.

“So you celebrate Hanukah because of the miracle of deliverance that God
did through Judas Maccabeus?” Wondered Amahl.

“Well there’s more to the story.” Amahl continued happy to be able to
tell the story of the Hanukah miracle. “Judas Maccabeas drove the
oppressors from our land. Our priests and valiant men took the temple
back as the battle raged. In the temple there is a flame that is to burn
for eternity. It represents that God is present in the temple and He
will never leave us or forsake us. When our priests reentered the temple
that day, they found the lamp still burning despite the horrible things
the enemy had done to our holy places. It showed us for sure that God
never left us and will never leave us, even when we suffer.” Johannes
said sound much like his father when the story is told each year in their

“This is a wonderful God you have. I wish all the peoples of the world
could come to Him.” Amahl said sadly.

“The miracle of Hanukah shows that God will save his people no matter
what. The priests found there was only enough oil for one day left for
the lamp to continue to burn. Because they had to stay in the temple as
the battle raged on, there was no way they could go find oil for the lamp
and yet that lamp was God’s presence with us. For eight days they waited
to get out to get more oil.” Amahl said whispering in awe.

“And the lamp? Did God’s presence lift because the oil ran out?”
Johannes asked eagerly.

“NO!” Amahl said triumphantly, “The lamp burned for eight days on one
days worth of oil. That is the miracle of Hanukah and why we celebrate
each year for eight days to commemorate that God would not let his spirit
lift from us even though supplies were not available to keep the lamp
burning. Our God is not bound by missing oil or anything. He has the
power to do miracles for all of his people. And now he has done the
greatest miracle, he has sent His only son, Jesus to save all people so
we all can be his children.”

“As we traveled.” Amahl said, “the wise men spoke of salvation for all
people too. Isn’t your God just the God of the Hebrews and didn’t Jesus
just come to save the Jews just as Judas Maccabee saved the Jewish people
from outsiders?’ He asked confused.

Amahl face lit up because he suddenly understood why Hanukah and
Christmas are about the same thing. “The miracle of the Christ child is
like Hanukah. Just as God declared in Hanukah that his presence will
always be with us, now even more is God coming to be our friend and
savior because God himself has come, not just oil form him or blessing
but God himself has come to be with us forever. And the miracle is
greater still because as the angel choir sang, his salvation is for all
people, the Jews, the wise men from the east, you Amahl, all people can
receive the salvation from God.”

Both boys got goose bumps from the amazing thing they learned about God.
And on that very first Christmas night, Jew and non Jew alike joined
hands and accepted the gift of life from Jesus just like you and your
family have done and people in your community will continue to do as you
tell them the story of the amazing miracle of God’s blessings shown in
Hanukah and in the coming of his son, our savior, Jesus Christ our Lord.

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