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									                            ANGLO-BELARUSIAN SOCIETY
                                                                            from the Chairman:
                                                                                     Jim Dingley
                                                                                 109 Dane Road
                                                                              Margate CT9 2AF
                                                                              tel. 01843 223533
                                                                        mobile: 07803 931 667
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Colloquium Organiser: The Anglo-Belarusian Society (founded 1954)

Date of Colloquium:     Thursday 30 October – Saturday 1 November 2008

Working languages of the colloquium: Belarusian and English

Colloquium fee: £20 for all participants in the colloquium, excluding those
presenting a paper. The fee covers the reception, all refreshments on the two days
of the colloquium, and all printed materials (programme, papers and abstracts).


The working sessions of the Colloquium will be held in the Pushkin House (Friday
afternoon) and the Ukrainian Institute (Saturday)

Thursday 30 October

1730 Reception hosted by the Director, School of Slavonic and East European
     Studies, University College London (16 Taviton Street, London WC1H 0BW)

1900 Colloquium dinner (Yialousa Greek Taverna, 18 Woburn Place, London
     WC1H 0LU) [not included in the colloquium fee]

Friday 31 October

A visit to the Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library and Museum in north London
(39 Holden Road, London N12 8HS) can be arranged in the morning.

(Pushkin House. 5a Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2TA)

1300              Buffet lunch

1400              Formal opening of the conference

                  Session I – Kupała, Kołas and the wider world 1
                  [chair: Prof. Aleś Barščeŭski]
1430            Jim Dingley
                (Chairman, Anglo-Belarusian Society)
                Fifty years on: Harold Goad’s Language in History and its
                relevance today for the study of Kupała and Kołas

1500            Dr Siarhiej Kavaloŭ
                (Department of Belarusian Studies, Institute of Slavistics,
                Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin)
                Рэцэпцыя творчасці Янкі Купалы і Якуба Коласа ў сучасным
                беларускім тэатры

1530            Paula Maria Survilla
                (Associate Professor of Music, Wartburg College, Waverley IA)
                Belarusian Sound “Affects”: Troping the Poetic Soundscapes of
                Janka Kupala and Jakub Kolas in Three Musical Contexts

1600            Refreshments

                Session II - Kupała, Kołas and the wider world 2
                [chair: Professor Survilla]

1630            Uładzimier Arłoŭ
                (professional writer, Minsk, Belarus)
                Зыход паэта зь яснай явы: вэрсіі Купалавай сьмерці

1700            Dr Czesław Seniuch
                (Belarusian Service, Polish Radio)
                Гісторыя майго перакладу на польскую мову паэмы Якуба
                Коласа Новая Зямля.

Saturday 1 November (Ukrainian Institute, 79 Holland Park, London W11 3SW)

                Session III – Kupała and Kołas: the literary heritage 1
                [chair: Prof. Zina Gimpelevich]

1000            Prof. Aleś Barščeŭski
                [Department of Belarusian, Warsaw University]
                Нашаніўскія беларускія пісьменьнікі ў ацэнках вульгарных
                сталінскіх крытыкаў

1030            Vera Rich
                [professional journalist and translator]
                Kupala’s sonnets revisited

1100            Aleś Paškievič
                (Chairman, Union of Belarusian Writers)
                Зямля й неба Якуба Коласа: паэмы Новая зямля і Сымон-
1130          Prof. Arnold McMillin
              (Emeritus Professor, School of Slavonic and East European
              Studies, University College London)
              Respect and Disrespect for Kupala and Kolas as reflected in
              contemporary Belarusian literature

1300 – 1400   Buffet Lunch

              Session IV – Kupała and Kołas: the literary heritage 2
              [chair: Prof. Arnold McMillin]

1400          Prof. Zina Gimpelevich
              (Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies, University of
              No Time for Prayers When the House Is on Fire: Janka
              Kupała’s ‘Žydy’

1430          Dr Katarzyna Bortnowska
              [Department of Belarusian, Warsaw University]
              Адносіны сучасных беларускіх мадэрністаў да Купалы,
              Коласа і Багдановіча.

1500          Dr Nina Barščeŭskaja
              [Belarusian Service, Polish Radio; Department of Belarusian,
              Warsaw University]
              Дыялектная лексіка ў мове Купалы і Коласа.

1530          Prof. Nina Miačkoŭskaja
              (Belarusian State University, Minsk)
              Тэма роднай мовы ў драматургіі Нашаніўскага Адраджэння
              (Карусь Каганец і Янка Купала)
              (Unfortunately Prof. Miačkoŭskaja is unable to attend the
              colloquium; we nevertheless hope to be able to present her

              Session V – Summary and Conclusions
              [chair: Jim Dingley]

1600          Round-table discussion of possible joint research topics in
              Belarusian Studies

1630          Formal closure of colloquium, followed by refreshments

The organisers of the colloquium would like to express their grateful thanks to
the following organisations and individuals for their generous financial support:

Association of Belarusians in Great Britain
Fundacja im. Ciechanowieckich, Warsaw
Embassy of the Republic of Belarus, London
Embassy of the Republic of Poland, London
Modern Humanities Research Association
Michael Bojarowski
Silvestr Budkiewicz
John Moultrie

Thanks also go to those who have offered to provide accommodation:
Alison Cameron
Pauline Dingley
Vadzim Dziamidchyk
Alan Flowers
Vasil Jeudakimau
Mgr A Nadson
James O’Connor

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