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					                                                     Buyer Information Package

Service Provided by Your Real Estate Professional
       Polly Brewer - Realtor® NC & SC Licensed
               Keller Williams Realty - University


                                                Buyer Information Package

          The Keller Williams Realty
                Belief System

                                  (pron. Y-For-See-To-Tees)

Win-Win…………………………………………………………………..or no deal
Integrity………………………………………………… the right thing
Commitment ……………………………………………………in all things first to understand
Creativity ………………………………………….ideas before results
Customers …………………………………………….always come first
Teamwork ……………………together everyone achieves more
Trust ...............................................................starts with honesty
Success ...............................................results through people


         To build careers worth having,
 businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.

                                                 Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
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                                                    Buyer Information Package
                             Here Is Where It All Begins!
Thank you for the opportunity to discuss your real estate needs. I think you’ll find that the home
buying process can be educational and a lot of fun! Buying a home is a cooperative venture that
requires thorough communication and teamwork. When we meet, I will discuss buying a home
in the Charlotte area and how we can best work together to achieve your goals.

If you have any specific issues you’d like to address, please make note of them now and bring
them to my attention at our meeting. I will make sure that all of your questions are answered to
your satisfaction!

I urge you to take a few minutes of your time to review this packet carefully. These materials
have been created with the input of many agents with years of real estate experience, and is a
comprehensive look at what to expect in your quest for a new home.

After our first meeting, I will have a clear picture of your needs and wants, and you will have a
clear picture of what to expect in the exciting process of finding your new home! I look forward
to our first meeting and a fruitful working relationship!

If you need any additional information at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Polly Brewer
Polly Brewer

Cell Phone:            704.724.9682
Fax:                   704.409.4823

                                                    Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
              704.724.9682.
                                                        Buyer Information Package

North Carolina real estate law requires that I inform you of your options in choosing what type of agency
relationship we will employ when I work with you, and it is my pleasure to do so.

My preference is to work only for you as your Exclusive Buyer Agent in the purchase transaction. The
listing agent on all properties that I show you is legally representing only the interests of the seller. The
Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement allows me to act on your behalf by assisting you in negotiations,
disclosing any available information about seller motivation, coaching and counseling you on the details,
and providing you with sales information on comparable properties to help you determine a fair market

Without that authorization from you, licensing law requires that I represent the seller as his/her
“subagent”, and that I attempt to obtain the best possible price for the seller. Also, many properties
will be unavailable for us to see because the listing agency may not authorize agents from other firms to
act as the seller’s subagent.

If you decide not to authorize me to be your Exclusive Buyer Agent, you are stating that you do not want
representation from me and that you understand that I will be representing the seller.

I need to know what agency relationship you prefer prior to showing any homes to you and before you
share any confidential or personal information with me.

If you are uncomfortable at the time of our initial meeting committing to an Exclusive Buyer Agency
agreement with me, that is completely understandable. I can offer another legal alternative that allows me
to act as your Buyer’s Agent under an Oral Agreement between us. This is a non-exclusive arrangement
which does not bind the client to any one particular agent but still allows for me to act exclusively as your
Agent for a limited period of time.

I will review the “Working With Real Estate Agents” brochure and will be happy to answer any
questions you may have about agency relationships.

                                                       Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
                 704.724.9682.
                                                       Buyer Information Package

7 Reasons to Buy a Home

1. Pride of ownership is a key reason for wanting your own home. Decorate it to your own taste and
   enjoy all of the benefits while making a great investment.

2. Real estate over time has been considered a good investment because most of it has appreciated. The
   effects of leverage can multiply the increase when borrowed funds are used to purchase the home.

    Many times, the largest investment a person owns is their home. Homes have been a good hedge
    against inflation. Homeowners build equity and can borrow against that equity for a variety of reasons
    that could include college, medical, or to start a business.

3. Qualified mortgage interest and home equity loans are deductible for Income Tax purposes.

4. Property taxes on a first or second home are deductible for Income Tax purposes.

5. A homeowner can exclude up to $500,000 of capital gain if married, filing jointly or up to $250,000 if
   single or filing separately for homes that have been the taxpayer's principal residence for the previous
   two years.         There is no age requirement for taking the capital gains exclusion.

    It is not necessary to purchase a replacement home more expensive than the one sold. Homeowners
    can buy a more or less expensive home with no tax consequences assuming their gain is less than the
    allowable amounts.

6. Preferential tax treatment on gains that have been made from capital assets held more than one year
   are permitted by IRS. This is especially important for homeowners with gains in excess of the
   allowable exclusion.

7. Mortgage payments include the interest for the time that the money has been used and principal to
   retire the debt over a period of time. Each month part of the payment is for principal accumulation.

                                                      Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
                704.724.9682.
                                                    Buyer Information Package
MLS Member

As a member of the Multiple Listing Service, I can research any listed properties customized to
your particular requirements. I can narrow down the hundreds of prospects to those that most
closely match your wants and needs. And when you are ready, I can show you the properties we
have agreed on.

If you should see an ad in the paper or a sign in a yard, call me to find out the information.

If you want to see it, I will show it to you.

For Sale by Owner

Many times a homeowner will work with an agent, even though the home is not listed with a real
estate broker. It is necessary for the agent to introduce the buyer to the property.

A homeowner trying to sell his home himself is usually doing so in hopes of saving the
commission. Coincidentally, this is the reason a buyer wants to deal directly with a homeowner.

If you want to see a home offered by the owner and want the advantages of my services, please
let me contact the owner and set the appointment.

Builder’s Homes

Most builders are more than willing to work with agents who accompany the buyer to the
property on the initial visit.

By working through me with builders, you get all the services offered by me in addition to those
offered by the builder. You'll get more, but you won't pay more for it.

                                                     Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
               704.724.9682.
                                                   Buyer Information Package
Pre-Approval Is an Advantage

Applying for a loan and obtaining approval before a buyer finds a home they want to buy can be
a distinct advantage. Submitting a loan application is going to be required eventually unless you
are going to pay cash for the home.

Pre-qualification is a procedure whereby you receive an opinion from a mortgage officer about
how much you are eligible to borrow. In the process, any obvious difficulties that might cause
problems may be discovered. This process is always recommended but it does not have the
advantages of a pre-approval.

Pre-approval requires a complete application along with credit reports and verifications. The
Mortgage Company will issue a commitment letter subject to a specific interest rate, points, and
a satisfactory appraisal when the property is identified.

Time limits are usually placed on pre-approval commitments. It is recommended that you be in
a position to look at homes and be prepared to make a decision on a suitable property after you
receive your pre-approval commitment.

The advantages of being pre-approved are:

   Narrowing your focus to the right-priced homes.

   Avoiding the disappointment in deciding on a home that you can’t afford.

   A seller who is confident about taking their home off the market because of buyers who have
    a definite loan commitment.

   One less contingency that the seller will be concerned with to get their home sold.

   Closing more quickly, the lengthiest contingency is usually the mortgage approval.

   Minimizing the anxiety of not knowing whether or not you qualify.

                                                    Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
              704.724.9682.
                                                  Buyer Information Package
Preparation for a Mortgage Application

      Names and addresses for two full years
      Gross monthly income
      W-2s for two years, if available
      Year to date pay stub
      Proof of income from rentals, investments, etc
      Proof of retirement, disability or Social Security
      Proof of child support or alimony paid/received

       If self-employed:
       Two years Federal Income Tax Returns
       Current year profit and loss statement

        Each creditor's name, addresses and type of account
        Account numbers for each
        Monthly payments and approximate balances
        Amounts of child care expenses

       Names and addresses of banking institutions
       Account numbers for all accounts
       Type of accounts and present balances

       List of assets in stocks, bonds, and property
       Life insurance cash value (documented if used as cash down payment)
       If applicant is selling a home, a copy of sales contracts
       Social Security numbers for all parties
       Veterans - Certificate of Eligibility & DD-214
       Cash or check to pay for application fee

       Copy of sales agreement
       Copy of listing on property
       Instructions on how appraiser is to gain entrance

                                                    Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
              704.724.9682.
                                                   Buyer Information Package
My Unique Selling Position

There are over 7000+ agents in the Charlotte area available and willing to help you with your
home purchase! To make a solid case for letting me assist you, I have to provide a higher level
of service both before and after the sale.

I am not just looking for one sale to you. I want you to consider me as your real estate
professional for the long-term.

The reasons for doing business with me must be such that not only will you not consider doing
business with anyone else, you will feel comfortable in referring me to your friends and family
who are looking to buy or sell a home.

Neighborhood Knowledge

I’ll know the neighborhoods that you are considering or will find someone who does. I will
identify comparable sales, and locate information on the schools, shopping, crime,
demographics, and other things you feel are important.

Appropriate Houses to Consider

I’ll look for what you desire and can afford in an area you want to live. I’ll show you all the
homes that are available, not just the ones that I have listed.

Good Financial Decisions

Every buyer needs basic financial information to make a good buying decision. You’ll know
that you qualify for the home, what the estimated payments are, and what the closing costs will

Work Diligently to Find Your Home

I’ll work hard to find your new home. I understand that finding a home is a priority and will
consider it my priority as well. I’ll screen and preview homes so as to not waste your time and
when I find one that I feel meets your needs, I will arrange to show it to you as quickly as

                                                    Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
              704.724.9682.
                                                      Buyer Information Package

Buyer Agency Can Benefit You

When a buyer agency relationship exists between you and I, you are entitled to special fiduciary
client level services.

Loyalty - the real estate agent must act in the best interest of the buyer.

Obedience - must follow the lawful instructions of his /her client.

Disclosure - of all material facts such as relationships between agent and other parties, existence
of other offers, status of earnest money, seller's financial condition, property's true worth,
commission split with other brokers, and legal effect of important contract provisions.

Confidentiality - any discussions, facts, or information that should not be revealed to others but
does not include responsibility of fairness and honesty in dealings with all parties.

Accountability - reporting of where any money placed in the hands of the broker is kept.

Reasonable Skill and Care - arriving at a reasonable purchase price and advising buyer of such,
affirmatively discovering material facts and disclosing them to the buyer, investigating the
material facts related to the sale.

With buyer agency, your interests will be represented in the purchase of your home. This is
different from a typical sub-agency transaction where the buyer is not technically represented.

Agency is a legal relationship and a written agreement should be completed to explain all the
duties and responsibilities.

                                                     Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
               704.724.9682.
                                                    Buyer Information Package

Who Pays the Commission?

The Seller

In most every case, the Seller has signed a listing agreement with his agent specifying a certain
fee to be paid for selling the home. It can include provisions for splitting that fee with the selling
agent, regardless of agency representation.

The Buyer

In some cases, the Buyer pays his agent a commission as set out in their written agreement. If
the buyer pays his agent from his separate funds, it would not be appropriate for the buyer's
agent to also accept part of the fee paid by the seller.

The Client Determines How the Agent is Paid

The seller agrees to pay his agent in the listing agreement and the sub-agent of the seller who
sells the property.

The buyer agrees to pay his agent if buyer agency is elected.

In almost every case, the buyer directs his agent to be paid from the seller’s proceeds.

                                                     Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
               704.724.9682.
                                                   Buyer Information Package
Home Protection Plan

Some sellers provide a Home Protection Plan for the buyer that covers certain items for a one-
year period like:

   Heating and air conditioning systems
   Interior plumbing
   Built-in appliances
   Electric pool equipment

If a Home Protection Plan is not provided on the home you contract for, you can acquire the
coverage yourself. The price of programs will vary in price and coverage and among carriers.

Home Inspection

Under current North Carolina law, the seller will provide a property disclosure for interested
buyers prior to writing a contract. This will declare any material facts about the physical
condition of the property.

The property disclosure does not take the place of a buyer’s inspection that is usually made after
a contract is completed.

For unique situations(i.e. Pool systems, spas, etc.). A provision for a home inspection can be
added to the sales contract identifying those areas to be inspected by a professional inspector
who specializes in those items of interest.

Of course, the purpose of the inspection is to find major defects in the home.

The areas of concern include but are not limited to:

   Mechanical – heating, air-conditioning, appliances.
   Plumbing – fixtures, lines, water heaters, sewers.
   Electrical – wiring, out of date systems.
   Structural – doors, windows, roof, foundation, drainage, ventilation, and environmental

I will be happy to supply a list of recommended inspectors. You are encouraged to accompany
the inspector to ask questions and receive a written report itemizing any areas of concern. I will
also plan to be on-site when the inspections take place.

                                                    Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
              704.724.9682.
                                                     Buyer Information Package
Process of Buying a Home


During the initial interview, you’ll share your expectations and learn about the process of buying
a home. I will share my knowledge about areas, prices, financing, your qualifications, and
normal procedures.

Taking into consideration your wants, financial abilities, and needs, you will decide on price,
size, style, and area. At this point, we will begin the search to find your new home.


As discussed earlier, a prudent strategy for a successful purchase is to apply for pre-approval as
soon as you begin the search for a new home. Negotiating a contract with a loan commitment
can be very advantageous to you and sometimes is even the deciding factor in a successful
acceptance of your purchase offer.

Don’t take the chance of loosing your dream house to someone else who has the loan
commitment in place at the time of the offer. All other items being equal, the seller will almost
always take the contract offer from the buyer who is already qualified and has the loan
commitment letter in hand.

There are specific things necessary to make a loan application and assembling them can take
some time. It is recommended to use the enclosed list.

Formulating an Offer

When we find the right home, of course you will want to make an offer to purchase it. This is
done in writing specifying every detail that is part of the agreement. There are standard forms
that I will provide you with and assist in their completion (see sample contract included).

Once we tender an offer we will wait to see if the seller accepts your terms or returns a
counteroffer. If a counteroffer is presented, then I will assist you in determining the
appropriateness of the new terms and will offer counsel as to whether an acceptance of the
counteroffer is in your best interest, or if there is room for further negotiation.

If all goes well, the offers and counteroffers will be distilled down to a final offer that is
acceptable to both parties and we will have a contract!

                                                     Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
               704.724.9682.
                                                    Buyer Information Package
Now is when my real work begins. For the next few weeks I will be shepherding the deal
through the necessary hurdles, inspections, etc. so that we arrive at the closing table prepared to
close the deal with no surprises. During this time I will be in regular contact with you, even if
it’s just to say that everything is going according to plan.

The last step is to assemble all of the loan papers at the settlement table. You will need to pay
the balance of your down payment and your closing costs at this time (usually with certified
funds). The process concludes when you are handed the keys to your new home!

Home Buying Process

    Initial Interview

     Pre-Approval              Credit Report          Loan Commitment

     Show Homes                    MLS                     Builders                   FSBO

     Offer Written              Negotiated


    Escrow Opened

       Appraisal              Earnest Money              Title Search




                                                     Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
               704.724.9682.
                                                   Buyer Information Package

Closing Cost Estimates
(B=buyer cost S=Seller cost)

Loan Origination Fee:     (B) A fee that covers the lender’s administrative costs in connection
                          with the loan. Typically 1% of the loan amount. Can sometimes be
                          financed into the loan or waived at a higher rate.

Discount Points:          (B)/(S) A one-time charge used to adjust the lender’s yield on the loan
                          to match what market conditions demand. One point=1% of the loan
                          amount. Average = 0-3% of the loan amount.

Appraisal Fee:            (B) A statement of property value made by an independent appraiser.
                          Conventional appraisals average $325, FHA/VA appraisals average

Appraisal Review:         (B) Lender’s cost to review the appraisal and inspect the property if
                          necessary. Average $25.

Credit Report:            (B) A report obtained from one or more reporting agencies to check the
                          borrower’s credit history. Average $50.

Express Charge:           (S) Charges to defray the cost of expressing the loan package overnight
                          to the lender. Average $30.

Underwriting Fee:         (B) A fee charged by some investors to underwrite and approve the
                          loan application. Average $100-$300.

Tax Service Fee:          (B) A one time fee charged to the lender by an independent tax
                          reporting agency to search tax records and route the property tax
                          billings to the lender for payment. Average $75.

Mortgage Insurance:       (B) This protects the lender from loss due to default, and allows the
                          borrower to obtain loans with less than 20% down. Cost varies
                          depending on the loan-to-value ratio, type of loan, etc.

Hazard Insurance:         (B) This protects you, the owner, against loss due to fire, theft and
                          natural hazards. The first 14 months are paid at closing.

Title Insurance:          (B)/(S) Protects you, the buyer and seller, against loss due to claims
                          against the property, which cannot be found on public record. Average
                          $2 per $1000 of coverage.

                                                     Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
               704.724.9682.
                                                    Buyer Information Package
Revenue/Deed Stamps: (S) Fee charged by North Carolina. $2 per $1000 sales price.

Interim Interest:          (B)/(S) Interest on the new loan that is collected at closing to pay
                           through the end of that month. Your first payment will not be due
                           until the first full month following closing!

Escrow Deposits:           (B) Funds held in an account by the lender to assure future payment of
                           the hazard insurance, property taxes and mortgage insurance. Average
                           is 2 mo’s hazard insurance, 2 mo’s mortgage insurance and 4 mo’s

Attorney Fees:             (B) Fees for legal services of the closing attorney for title examination,
                           obtaining title insurance, and conducting the closing. Average $475.

Recording Fees:            (B)/(S) Fees paid to the Clerk of the Court to record the deed, deed of
                           trust and any other necessary documents. Average $20.

Survey:                    (B) Property survey by an independent surveyor that shows the
                           property lot lines, easements, encroachments, and any improvements.
                           Average $300 - $400.

Termite Inspection:        (B) Self-explanatory. Average $70.

Structural Inspection:     (B) Fee paid to an independent, licensed inspector to visually inspect
                           the mechanical and structural components of the property. Average

Radon Test:                (B) Fee for testing to determine the presence/absence and levels of
                           radon. Average $75.

Well & Septic:             (B) Tests to determine the adequacy and condition of the well and
                           septic systems. Average $150.

                                                      Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
                704.724.9682.
                                                   Buyer Information Package
Mutual Commitment

I will:

Make my best effort to find the home that meets your needs until you either find a home or tell
me to stop looking,

Commit my time, resources, and experience to find exactly what you want, while incurring my
own expenses.

Will you:

Tell me what you like and dislike about the homes we look at?

Tell me if you want to look at a home listed with another:

     -    Broker,
     -    Builder, or
     -    For Sale By Owner.

Tell me if you feel the need to talk to another agent?

Let me know if your plans change?

Work with me until we find you the right home?

Polly Brewer
Polly Brewer

                                                    Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
              704.724.9682.
                           Buyer Information Package

                             Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University 704.724.9682.
                                Buyer Information Package


                                  Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University 704.724.9682.
                                                             Buyer Information Package
Property Tax Examples

                                 1. House and Lot Purchase Price - $150,000
               Tax Rate                          City/County   Incorp. County      Unincorp. Cty.
               (Per $100 Valuation)              $1.1767       $0.7567             $0.9193

               Evaluation in 2003 - $150,000
               Tax Rate x $100 Value on
                                                 $1,765.05     $1,135.05           $1,378.95
               Solid Waste Fee                   $    57.00    $       12.00       $     12.00

               *Two Examples of
               2003 Toyota Sienna LE @
                                                 $   264.99    $   170.41          $    207.03
               1999 Honda Accord LX V-6 @
                                                 $   137.56    $       88.46       $    107.47

               Total Taxes                       $2,224.60     $1,405.92           $1,705.45

                                 2.   House and Lot Purchase Price - $250,000
               Tax Rate                         City/County        Incorp. County Unincorp. Cty.
               (Per $100 Valuation)             $1.1767            $0.7567        $0.9193

               Evaluation in 2003 - $250,000
               Tax rate x $100 Value on
                                                $2,941.75          $1,891.75      $2,298.25
               Solid Waste Fee                  $    57.00         $    12.00     $    12.00

               *Two Examples of
               2003 Ford Explorer XLT @
                                                $    327.00        $ 210.29       $    255.47
               2001 Acura TL @ $20,050          $    235.93        $   151.72     $    184.32

               Total Taxes                      $3,561.68          $2,265.76      $2,750.04


       Persons living in the City have an additional $30 auto fee included in the tax amount.
       Vehicles are no longer a lien against real estate. The law changed as of January 1, 1993. Vehicles are
        assessed and billed following tag renewal or issue of a new tag.

Source: Mecklenburg County Property Assessment and Land Records Management Department, September 2004.

                                                       Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
                 704.724.9682.
                                                        Buyer Information Package


All information provided is considered proprietary and is maintained in the strictest confidence.
This is for OUR use only!

Date: ______________
Name: _________________________________________________
Name: _________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________ State: _________________ Zip: ____________
Home Phone: ______________________________ Cell: ______________________________
#1 Work Phone: ______________________ #2 Work Phone: ___________________________
Pager: ______________________________ E-mail:___________________________________

1.     Are you working with a Realtor® now?                                                  □ Yes □ No
       Have you signed “Buyer Agency Agreement” with him/her?                                □ Yes □ No

2.     What is your idea of a great Realtor®?

3.     Have you ever bought or sold a home before?                                           □ Yes □ No

4.     Was it with a Realtor®?                                                               □ Yes □ No

5.     How did you feel about your experience?                        □ Positive, □ Negative, □ Indifferent

6.     Please tell me how to reach you and what method of communication you prefer:

       What is the best time to call you?

7.     How soon do you want to be settled into your new home?

       Why are you buying now?

       How long do you hope to be staying in this next home?

                                                      Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
                704.724.9682.
                                                         Buyer Information Package

8.    If we were lucky enough to find the right home today, is there anything that would prevent you from going
      ahead and buying today?                                                                  □ Yes □ No

       If so, what?

      Is there anyone else involved in this decision?                                         □ Yes □ No
      If Yes, whom?

9.    Unless you are paying cash, arranging financing is our most important task before we begin!

      Do you have a “Pre-Qualification from a lender?                                         □ Yes □ No

      Do you have a “Pre-Approval” Letter?                                                    □ Yes □ No

      If so, who with?

10.   If you don’t have a lender you prefer, I would like to put you in contact with one who will help you
      determine your financing needs and abilities. May I?                                       □ Yes □ No

11.   How long have you been looking?

      How many homes have you seen?

      Have you seen anything you liked?                                                       □ Yes □ No

      Why didn’t you buy one of them?

12.   Do you need to sell your current home?                                                  □ Yes □ No

      If so, would you like me to refer you to a Realtor® in your area?                       □ Yes □ No
      If you are leasing, when does your lease expire?

13.   In detail, please try to describe your current home to me in your own words:

14.   What do you like and dislike most about your current home?

                                                      Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
                704.724.9682.
                                                          Buyer Information Package

15.   Are you participating in a corporate relocation?                                           □ Yes □ No
      If yes, who is the contact person?

      May I contact them?                                                                        □ Yes □ No
      How do I reach them?

16.   Now, in detail, please try to describe your next home to me and what you will like most about it:

17.   In your new home, what features are the MOST and LEAST important to you?

18.   Where is your workplace located now, or going to be located?

      Your spouse’s (if applicable)?

19.   Please rank these concepts in order of importance to you:

              Value/Price/Resale value?                                     □ Low   □   Medium   □ High    □ Critical
              Monthly payment ?                                             □ Low   □   Medium   □ High    □ Critical
              Prestige/Reputation/Status?                                   □ Low   □   Medium   □ High    □ Critical
              Friendly neighbors/Social contact?                            □ Low   □   Medium   □ High    □ Critical
              Schools?                                                      □ Low   □   Medium   □ High    □ Critical
              Commute/Access to airport or work /convenience?               □ Low   □   Medium   □ High    □ Critical
              Proximity of Shopping/Theater/Arts?                           □ Low   □   Medium   □ High    □ Critical
              New home construction?                                        □ Low   □   Medium   □ High    □ Critical

20.   Do you have any special needs? (schools, churches, medical, special education, handicap accessible,
      special rooms, office in home, one particular neighborhood, one particular school, one particular floorplan,

21.   Is there an area of town that you prefer (ie- Area 5, uptown area, Union County, University area)?

22.   What is your target price range? $_______________________ to $_________________________

23.   Please write down any questions or comments that you feel are important.

                                                      Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
                704.724.9682.
                                                           Buyer Information Package
24.   If I do a great job for you, may I use you as a reference in the future?                    □ Yes □ No

25.   I am closely associated with a carefully selected group of business people that I trust and respect. I can
      most likely offer you a referral to someone for just about any need you may have. Before you resort to the
      Yellow Pages, please ask me for a referral!

26.   If you would like to search for available homes in the Charlotte area, I suggest that you try which has a direct access to the Charlotte Realtor’s MLS database.

                                                      Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
                704.724.9682.
                                                               Buyer Information Package

Home Buyer Interview - Financial Data

What size monthly payments do you want:                                                        $ ______________
What price range are you looking:                                                              $ _____________
How much cash is available?                                                                    $ ______________
Does this include closing costs?                                                                   Yes  No 
Do you currently own?                                                                              Yes  No 
Do you need to sell before buying?                                                                 Yes  No 
How much do you think your home is worth?                                                      $ _____________
What is the unpaid balance? $___________________________Interest rate _______% term ________yrs.
Type of loan ___________________________________________________________________________
Monthly payment                                                                                $ _____________
If renting, how much is your rent?                                                             $ _____________
List your regular monthly payments (installment debt, revolving charges, student loan, etc.)
Description                                                                                             Amount
____________________________________________________________________                           $ _____________
____________________________________________________________________                           $ _____________
____________________________________________________________________                           $ _____________
____________________________________________________________________                           $ _____________
____________________________________________________________________                           $ _____________
Are all debts current?                                                                             Yes  No 
Is there any problem with your credit?                                                             Yes  No 
What is your monthly income:                                                                   $ ____________
Employed  Self-employed 
What is your spouse’s monthly income?                                                          $ _____________
Do you have any other monthly income?                                                              Yes  No 
If yes, how much?                                                                              $ _____________
Where are you employed? ______________________________________________________________________
How long have you been employed there? _______________________ ____________________________
Have you or your spouse ever taken bankruptcy?                                                     Yes  No 
If yes, explain: __________________________________________________________________________________
Have you or your spouse had a home foreclosure?                                                    Yes  No 
If yes, explain: __________________________________________________________________________________

                                                         Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
                   704.724.9682.
                                                           Buyer Information Package
Home Buyer Interview - House Requirements Form
           Category/Topics/Options                             Comments                                    Priority
           Type:                         Townhouse

            Single-family detached      Condominium
           Condition:                    Fixer-upper
            New                         Remodel
            Lived in                    Restoration
           Style:                        Contemporary
            Traditional                 Specify
           Size:                        Square feet
           Exterior Finish:             Foundation
                                        Window styles
           Interior Trim Style:          Modern
            Traditional/Colonial        Other
           Interior Layout:              Traditional
                                         Open style
           Ceiling styles:
            Standard                    Tray
            High                        Vaulted
           Other Interior:
            Lots of windows/light       Fireplace
            Skylights                   Ceiling fans
           Number of Bedrooms

           Number of Baths
           Master Suite                  Yes
                                         No
           Guest/In-Law Suite            Yes
                                         No
            Living Room
            Family Room
            Great Room
            Media Room/Home Theatre
            Bonus Room
            Play Room
           Kitchen  Layout

                      Cooktop ( Gas  Electric)
                      Oven ( Gas  Electric)
                      Vent ( Hood  Popup)
                      Refrigerator/freezer
                      Dishwasher
                      Trash compactor
                     Cabinet style/color
                     Eat-in space

                                                             Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
                       704.724.9682.
                                                                    Buyer Information Package
                     Category/Topics/Options                         Comments                                   Priority
                     Dining Room
                     Laundry Room
                     Home Office

                     Category/Options                                Comments                                   Priority
                     Heating Fuel:       Electric

                                         Natural Gas
                                         Propane
                                         Oil
                     Heating system:     Forced air
                                         Floor furnace
                                         Room units
                                         Radiant in-floor
                     Water:              Municipal
                                         Well
                     Sewer:              Municipal
                                         Septic
                     Entertainment:      Media room/Home theater
Tech Home Features

                                         Whole-house audio/video
                     Information:        Wired network
                                         Wireless network
                                         Broadband Internet
                     Communications:     Multiple phone lines
                                         PBX
                                         Intercom
                     Convenience:        Lighting control
                                         Automation
                     Security:           Alarmed
                                         Monitored
                     Infrastructure:     Structured Wiring
                                         Standby/Backup Power

                                                                  Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
                            704.724.9682.
                                                 Buyer Information Package

Home Buyer Interview - Neighborhood Requirements Form

 Topics/Options                           Comments                                              Priority
 Location:      Suburban
  Urban        Rural
 Age:           Established
  New          Historic
 Amenities:     Golf
  Club         Parks
  Pool         Recreation Center
  Tennis       Other
 Security:      Patrolled
  Gated        Neighborhood Watch
 Schools:       Pre-Kindergarten
                Kindergarten
                Elementary
                Middle/Jr. High
                Senior High
                Walk to school
                 Distance (miles)

  Groceries     Mall
  Gas station  Other
 Commute     Travel distance, one-way

 by Name

                                                   Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
             704.724.9682.
                                                            Buyer Information Package
Home Buyer Interview - These are the subjects we will discuss when we meet!

   “How much can I qualify for?” Let’s arrange for your “pre-qualification letter” now!

   The Law of Agency and how all real estate agents work

   Earnest money, or "binder"

   Full price, lower offers, counter proposals, and market value

   How I do the home search (MLS areas and search criteria on input sheet)

   How many homes will we see? How long will it take?

   The buying process from home search to closing – the timeline

   “Free money”, “free closing costs”, and other gimmicks

   Personal Property vs. Real estate

   Review of Offer to Purchase and Addenda

   Inspections and repairs, and those negotiations

   Do I need a survey?

   What about the appraisal?

   What about insurance?

   New construction (pros and cons)

   What to do, what NOT to do when we look at homes

                                                         Polly Brewer Keller Williams Realty-University
                   704.724.9682.

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