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									Document   Document Type    Document Name   Doc        Government Department /   Year of        Relevant        Relates to RE Summary                                                                                                                                                          Local        Hyperlinkl to website
Level                                       Number     Agency                    Publication    Section         technology type                                                                                                                                                                Government

National   Policy/Consultati Renewable               1 Irish Energy Centre               2002 1. Scope          All          This consultation document proposes the strategy for the RE R,D&D programme of the IEC. The focus is to stimulate deployment of RE that are close to
           on                Energy                                                           and Focus                      market and to develop technologies which have prospects for the future.
                                                                                                App A, 3.2 All               Often there is a lack of knowledge, experience and confidence with regard to RE amongst policy and decision makers and within the energy supply
                                                                                                Non-                         industry. Furthermore, there is often a lack of appropriate planning guidelines, and administrative or authorisation procedures to deal with proposed
                                                                                                Technical                    renewable energy projects. This is reflected in the planning process where the relatively minor local negative impacts of RE developments are
                                                                                                Constraints                  sometimes perceived by planning authorities and the general public to outweigh the national environmental benefits accruing to Ireland from increased
                                                                                                                             RE deployment.
                                                                                                App B, 2.2      Biomass      Biomass could commercially provide 40% of Ireland's primary energy supply…Increasingly stringent legislation regarding the disposal of sewage,
                                                                                                Biomass                      agricultural and municipal waste suggests that increased amounts of these wastes will be available for energy purposes in the future. Increases in
                                                                                                                             forestry planting will also give rise to more forest and wood residues which will potentially be used for energy production.
                                                                                                App B, 3.1      Solar        Solar thermal technology for doemstic water heating and swimming pool appplications is now well established and commercially available across the
                                                                                                Solar           Thermal      EU and USA…Some specific Irish priorities for funding would be the development and maintenance fo a computer database/programme for the
                                                                                                Thermal                      simulation of solar thermal systems designs in buildings and allowing customisation of parameterisation for typical large Irish building designs
                                                                                                                             (hospitals, sports centres, swimming pools, etc.); development of Guidelines for...good-practice architectural integration of solar thermal components;
                                                                                                                             demonstration projects.
                                                                                                App B, 3.2      Passive      Particular key issues for this technology include education of consumers, builders, architects, construction industry, and local authority planneers could
                                                                                                Passive         Solar        have a major impact on in the development of more passive solar design. Possible benefits may be derived from...incorporating certain minimum (or
                                                                                                Solar                        best practice) passive solar desing in Industrial Codes, guidelines or legislation. Some spcific Irish priorities for research funding...Codes of Practice for
                                                                                                                             Passive Solar Design; geographical planning (siting) of housing and commercial buildings development; integration of passive solar desing in education
                                                                                                                             and training curriculum of architects and planners; development of criteria/check-list for Passive Solar Design for planning applications.
                                                                                                App B, 5    Small            Some specific priorities for funding would be…research into mitigation of the environmental iimpact of small-scale hydro plants in Irish rivers.
                                                                                                Small Hydro Hydro
                                                                                              App B, 6          Heat         Payback priod of heat pumps is normally between 5 and 10 years. Specific priorities for funding would be development of Guidelines for Green/Solar
                                                                                              Ambient           Pumps        procurement for public buildings, good practice architectural integration of solar thermal components.
                                                                                              App C, 2.2        Biomass      Some specific priorities for funding would be…to assess feasible LFG resource in all counties in Ireland; demonstration of best practice examples of
                                                                                              (c) Landfill                   landfil site design and operation.
National   Planning         Local                    2 Dept of Environment               1995 Gas
                                                                                              All               General      Agenda 21, the United Nations Action Plan to achieve global sustainable development in the 21st century, calls upon local authorities worldwide to draw              
           Guidelines       authorities                                                                                      up Local Agenda 21’s by 1996, to promote sustainable development at the local level. The achievement of sustainable development depends on the
                            and                                                                                              integration of well-defined sustainability criteria into all programmes and activities concerning environment and development. Local authorities have a
                            sustainable                                                                                      key role to play in this regard, because of their wide-ranging responsibilities and functions in relation to the environment, planning, development, housing
                            development:                                                                                     and the provision of other physical and personal services. In Chapter 3 it suggests that LA can lead by example, including "energy conservation in
                            guidelines on                                                                                    buildings, services and use of equipment" and "giving preference to environmentally-friendly products in specifications for tenders"; "local authorities can
                            Local                                                                                            contribute to sustainability through their new housing developments and the refurbishment of older dwellings. This can include taking account of
                            Agenda 21                                                                                        environmental factors in site selection, design and landscaping of new developments..."
National   Planning         Wind farm             3    Dept of Environment               1996 All               Wind         1 Context: "These Guidelines are intended to facilitate planning authorities in dealing with [wind farm development] planning applications and in making             
           Act/Guidelines   development:                                                                                     appropriate provision in development plans for possible future proposal".
                            guidelines for
National   Planning         authorities
                            Development 4              Dept of Environment               2000 All               All          It is now mandatory for each local authority to include a section on RE. This document is suggested boilerplate text stating the Council’s support for               
           Act/Guidelines   plans and      (Paper)     / IEC                                                                 government policy in RE and that they will: Endeavour to implement govt RE strategy in their own region; Actively implement a share of national RE
                            renewable                                                                                        targets on renewable energy; Seek to provide positively for development of appropriate RE sources; Seek to respond positively to RE applications that
                            energy                                                                                           have received EU support; Seek to respond positively to RE planning applications.
National   Planning         Planning and 5_1           Dept of Environment               2000 All               All          "You will look in vain for a definition of Sustainable or sustainability in the new Bill. This is not an oversight. Most people know what sustainability is and   Developm
           Act/Guidelines   Development                                                                                      are familiar witht the philosophy which gave birth to the concept. It was thought that a strict legal definition in the Bill itself would only serve to dampen    ent Plan
                            Act 2000                                                                                         and constrain such a dynamic concept."- Luke Griffin, DOE, Nov 1999.                                                                                              Strategist
                                           5_2                                                  Part II,        Wind         "S9 deals with the provision of strategic Regional Guidelines and these in turn will feed into a national spatial strategy…The provision of energy from           Developm
                                                                                                Section 9,                   wind power is itself part of national energy policy. The implications of the installation of any individual wind farm will, as far as spatial planning is         ent Plan
                                                                                                Chapter III                  concerned, be local. However, it seems to me that the policies of a development plan which is itself rooted and grounded in a coherent fashion in                 Strategist
                                                                                                                             Regional Guidelines, which in turn feed into a national spatial strategy, - the policies of such a development plan will offer far more clarity and eventually
                                                                                                                             may according to circumstances be far more accomodating of the local requirements of a national wind energy policy."- Luke Griffin, DOE, Nov 1999.

                                            5_2                                                 Part II,        Wind,        "A development plan shall include objectives for the provision or facilitation of provision of infrastructure including transport, energy and communications Developm
                                                                                                Section 10,     Biomass,     facilities…"                                                                                                                                                  ent Plan
                                                                                                2(b)            Hydro                                                                                                                                                                      Strategist
                                            5_2                                                 Part II,        Wind,        "A planning authority shall take whatever measures it considers necessary to consult with the providers of energy…inorder to ascertain any long term          Developm
                                                                                                Section 11,     Biomass,     plans for the provision of the infrastructure and services in the area of the planning authority and the providers shall furnish the necessary information to ent Plan
                                                                                                3(c)            Hydro        the authority".                                                                                                                                               Strategist
                                            5_3                                               First             Wind,        Among the reasons for which an authority may reserve land are:" … for energy generation and for energy networks, including renewable energy, and for Developm
                                                                                              Schedule,         Biomass,     other networks, and for ancillary facilities to service those networks."                                                                             ent Plan
                                                                                              Part V,           Hydro                                                                                                                                                             Strategist
National   Policy/Consultati Green paper             6 Dept of Public                         Section 1
                                                                                         1999 All               General      The purpose of the paper is to prompt debate on managing the energy sector in an environmentally sustainable way. The paper proposes                              Developm
           on                on                        Enterprise                                                            objectives:·       to encourage early action across all sectors aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions to meet our commitments under Kyoto ,                  ent Plan
                             sustainable                                                                                     using the lowest cost options;·        to conserve energy across the economy;·        to promote alternative and renewable sources of energy;and to do so         Strategist
                             energy                                                                                          in a way which maintains the competitiveness of the sector.                                                                                                          
                                                                                                            9.5 All          "Government policy is to create the circumstances and conditions that will stimulate the deployment of renewable sources of energy where they have                Developm
                                                                                                                             the prospect of being economically and socially attractive and to facilitate research, development and demonstration of emerging renewable energy                 ent Plan
                                                                                                                             technologies". One of the main planks in the Minister's strategy is the "encouragement of local involvement in renewable energy development".                     Strategist
                                                                                                           13.6 All          "Local Authorities have a vital role to play in relation to sustainable energy programmes and measures. The areas of particular relevance are…the                 Developm
                                                                                                                             drawing up of regional development plans whose scope and application can have a significant impact on efficient and environmentally friendly use of               ent Plan
                                                                                                                             energy, e.g. use planning, ...waste managemnet planning initiatives including the procurement of waste-to-energy themrla treatment capacity; the          Strategist
                                                                                                                             granting of individual planning permissions...; the encouragement of a culture of sustainable energy use among local architects, engineers, planniers,
                                                                                                                             designers and developers;..."
National   Policy/Consultati Sustainable             7 Dept of Environment               1997                                Sustainable development has been defined as development which meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future                   
           on                Development                                                                                     generations to meet their own needs. The National Sustainable Development Strategy is designed to apply considerations of sustainability more
                             : A strategy                                                                                    systematically to Irish economic policies and to integrate them into associated decision-making processes.
                             for Ireland
National   Policy/Consultati National        8 Policy                     1999            2.22 All            In relation to sustainable development: "the main environmental challenges which must be addressed by the NDP and other policy measures                    
           on                Development                                                                      include…meeting our Kyoto commitment to limit our production of greenhouse gas emissions."
                             Plan (2000-
                             2006)                                                        4.65                “In the energy sector, a key priority in the National Development Plan will be to identify those areas of expenditure which will assist Ireland in complying
                                                                                                              with its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol to the UN Convention on Climate Change. The strategy will be to pursue least cost approaches to achieving
                                                                                                              more sustainable energy devices and systems. There will be a pronounced emphasis on economic instruments such as emissions trading to give
                                                                                                              incentives to CO2 emitters and energy users to reduce emissions costs effectively.”
                                                                                          4.66                “Special efforts will also be necessary to expand the use of renewable energy and to promote the development of technology which contributes to CO2
                                                                                         4.128                In relation to rural impact - “Investment in telecommunications and energy will be mainly concentrated in more peripheral areas where the market alone
                                                                                                              is unlikely to provide and this should be of direct benefit to the surrounding rural areas.”
                                                                                          13.4                The EU Commission has identified regional competitiveness as one of three strategic priorities for Community Policies.
                                                                                          13.5                Under Regional competitiveness, one of the priorities identified by the Commission for consideration for assistance is investment in energy (efficiency
                                                                                                              and renewable).
                                                                                          13.9                “In recognition of the potential that the development of alternative energies has to contribute to sustainable development and to achieving Kyoto limits
                                                                                                              and in line with Community Priorities, the Plan proposed Structural Funds expenditure of support investment in respect of this in the Economic and
                                                                                                              Social Infrastructure Operational Programme.
                                                                                         13.21                In relation to environmental impact and sustainable development in the context of compliance with EU and national policies: “Under the Treaty of
                                                                                                              Amsterdam, the Union’s financial instruments are required to work, simultaneously and in the long term interest, towards…sustainable
                                                                                                              development…this means that environmental and nature protection legislation must be incorporated into the definition and implementation of measures
                                                                                                              supported by the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund. This will help the Union to comply with its international commitments such as those
                                                                                                              concerning climate change at Kyoto…Achieving [the Irish] target will prove extremely difficult in the context of rapid economic growth.
                                                                                         13.22                "The establishment of a system of eco-audit of policies is a key environmental priority in the Government’s ‘An Action Programme for the Millenium.’ In
                                                                                                              addition, ‘Sustainable Development – a Strategy for Ireland,’ undertook to develop within three years, a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
                                                                                                              system for major sectoral plans and programmes.”
                                                                                         13.28                In relation to compliance with existing international obligations to reduce sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and ammonia production – “meeting these
                                                                                                              targets will require significant action in the energy, industry, transport and agriculture sectors.”
National   Policy/Consultati National        9 Dept of Environment        2000 Ch 10             All          The NCCS outlines the strategy to meet Ireland's commitment to limit greenhouse gases emissions to a 13% increase over 1990 leves by 2008-2012.
           on                Climate                                                                          Some of the key points relating to Renewable Energy in the strategy include: the reduction of annual CO2 emissions by 1 million toones by 2010 through
                             Change                                                                           increased deployment of RE; review of rate and structure of Energy Taxes; fuel switching from coal to RE. Chapter 10 deals specifically with the role of
                             Strategy                                                                         Local Authorities. "In the development of Performance Indicators to measur the efficiency levels achieved by local authorities, one of the criteria will be
                                                                                                              the contribution the local authority has made to control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions within their areas of direct responsibility, and towards
                                                                                                              controls and reductions in their local communities" and "Local authorities play a particularly important role in relation to greenhouse gas reductions in a
                                                                                                              number of sectors, including opportunties in the planning...sector,...and in relation to emisssions from their own activities".

                                                                                 Ch 10           Land fill gas "Local authorities had particular responsibilities in relation to waste management, the source of 17% of CH4 emissions in 1990… Emissions of CH4 from
                                                                                                               the waste sector arises from the anaerobic decomposition, in landfill, of wastes containing carbon. Up to 50% of this can be recovered from modern
                                                                                                               landfill in practice, and flared off or used in the production of electricity", and " The installation of landfill gas recovery in the period to 2010 will double
                                                                                                               existing landfill gas generating capacity (from 12MW to 25MW installed capacity)...This energy recovery from land fill and thermal treatment will displace
                                                                                                               0.8Mt CO2 equivalent from fossil fuel electricity generation."
National   Policy/Consultati A Strategy     10 Dept of Public             2000 Section 3 -       Wind         This strategy was produced in response to needs identified in the Green Paper on Sustainable Energy. The principle conclusion of the Group was that
           on                for               Enterprise                      Spatial                        three key elements, Electricity Market, Electricity Network and Spatial Planning , need to be integrated into a plan led approach to wind energy
                             Intensifying      (Renewable Energy               Planning                       deployment. With regard to Spatial Planning, this process involves identifying areas which are deemed suitable or unsuitable for wind energy
                             Wind Energy       Strategy Group)                                                development, under the categories of "Strategic areas", "Preferred Areas", "Areas open for consideration" and "No-Go Areas". These areas may be
                             Deployment                                                                       identified by the Local Authorities or on a regional or national basis and should all be incorporated into Local Authority development plans. In this way,
                                                                                                              the plan led approach should identify where wind energy should be developed.                                                                               
National   Planning         Fishery                                       1992 All
                                            11 Dept of the Marine and Natural Resources          Hydro        A hydro-electric scheme can damage a fishery; this resource must be protected and taken into consideration in the planning stage of a hydro-electric
           Act/Guidelines   Consideratio                                                                      scheme. This paper sets out some general guidelines on fishery aspects which should be taken into account.
                            ns for Hydro-
Procurement/State Aid
Planning Guidelines

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