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lesson plan - archery


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									                   Camp Catoctin Girl Scout Day Camp Archery Lesson Plan

Activity: Archery
Category: High Adventure
Plan version date: 7 July 2010

Junior and Teens

   •   Have fun
   •   Introduction to the proper procedures and form of basic archery


   •   45-50 minutes


   •   Campsite range


   •   10-12 bows (should be sized for girls 4th grade and up)
   •   arrows (should be sized for girls 4th grade and up)
   •   10-12 sets of protective equipment (arm guards, finger tabs, etc) (should be sized for girls
       4th grade and up) – 3 to 5 should be for left hand firers
   •   8-10 targets
   •   8-10 backstops
   •   8-10 ground quiver
   •   Whistle (or other start/stop device aid)
   •   Communication equipment to first aider and HQ
   •   Timekeeping device

   •    1 instructor for every 10 archers – instructor requirements are adult (at least 18 yrs old)
        and certified (National Archery Association or equivalent or documented experience in


   •    ?

Leader pre-execution steps:

   •    Prepare range and all equipment for use
   •    Inspect the range and make sure downrange is clear
   •    Check communications equipment
   •    Check emergency equipment
   •    Check participants for proper attire and safety items
   •    Be aware participants will range from 4th grade thru High School with varying
        conditioning levels

Safety Restrictions:

   •    Restricted to Juniors and above
   •    All participants will attend a safety session prior to unit archery block
   •    Restricted to ample daylight, very light rain is allowable
   •    All safety equipment must be properly worn
   •    In event of inclement weather continuation decision will be based on
            o During more than very light rain must halt
            o During thunder/lighting must wait 30 minutes since last instance

Participant prerequisites:

   •    none


   1.   Unit leaders will move unit to archery range.
   2.   Participation is not mandatory.
   3.   Instructor will give instruction.
   4.   8-10 participants will be on the firing line at a time.
   5.   Prior to departure the participants will police the area.
   6.   Nearest bathroom facilities are located at bath house.

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