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					                 Qatar : QAPCO Organizes Balance Scorecard Forum.

QAPCO QAPCO Qatar Petrochemical Firm Ltd. organized a a single day "Balanced Scorecard
Balanced Scorecard

A efficiency metric employed in strategic management to identify and boost numerous internal
functions and their resulting external outcomes. The balanced scorecard attempts to measure and
provide feedback to organizations in order to help in implementing Forum"where delegates from
Ras Gas, QAFCO QAFCO Qatar Fertiliser Company, Qatar Steel, Qatar University andQatar
Olympic Committee participated. The Balanced Scorecard idea isone of the most prolific tool ever
utilised for executing StrategicManagement Program. The Balanced Scorecard approach assists
companiesunderstand their risk management criteria and work on their strategymaps. It helps
companies adopt a more properly-organized structure with agreater concentrate on creating
individuals within the organization.

 The occasion was formally opened by the QAPCO Corporate ExcellenceDepartment with a
presentation on "QAPCO Technique Managementthrough Balanced Scorecard" where QAPCO
shared its more than 5years encounter of Balanced Scorecard implementation and application.The
introduction also highlighted how QAPCO is utilizing Balanced Scorecardas a management tool,
overall performance measurement tool and initiatives tool.This was followed by two presentations
delivered by external StrategySpecialists. A representative from Palladium Middle East spoke
about' Strategy Execution Practice by Manufacturing Companies'which was followed by an
additional interesting presentation entitled'Linking Performance to Pay' from Vision &
StrategyManagement Consulting. This subject provoked several queries anddiscussions from

 Mr. Nasser Al Hajri, QAPCO's Human Resources The fancy word for "men and women." The
human resources division inside an organization, years ago known as the "personnel division,"
manages the administrative elements of the workers. & LearningManager stated " It is crucial that
businesses have a structured goaland create a strategy for their organization development. By
adopting the BalancedScorecard approach, we hope to improve our effectiveness, set targets,and
accomplish targets with correct measurements". This was supportedby QAPCO Acting Head of
Corporate Excellence, who stated The BalancedScorecard idea is critical for the future of QAPCO
but implementingit is one particular issue but understanding and executing the notion is harderbut
far more crucial for businesses like QAPCO. We have seen case research,wherein, companies
that have successfully adopted the concepts ofBalanced Scorecard have noticed greater
shareholder value.

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This can either increase the goods value or value..

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