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                         LawCrossing LABOR DAY Weekend
                         [by Carina Zaragoza]
                         This week, the Leader of LawCrossing’s R&R Department offers an alluring suggestion for how you can spend YOUR Labor Day
                         Weekend…3 days of anything but labor. Go relax. Enjoy it. Soak in the last weekend of Summer. Tuesday morning will be here
                         before you know it, so put off thoughts of it for as long as possible while sitting in a spacious spa.

Three Glorious Days of the Ultimate R&R              with olive trees and lemon groves. The over-           and movements, you will increase energy
Recently, Labor Day has gone from a cel-             all look is Mediterranean, with guests housed          flow. All programs start off with an invigo-
ebration of the working class to a celebra-          in cottages having red tiled roofs. French an-         rating morning hike to take in the beautiful
tion for celebration’s sake. In honor of every       tiques adorn the rooms everywhere. Inspired            scenery.
hard-working American out there, instead of          by ancient Roman and Turkish traditions, the
parties and drunken melees, this LawCross-           bath house is fit for the gods. You’ll feel like       Then there’s my personal favorite, spa treat-
ing Labor Day Weekend is all about rest and          you’re on a European vacation (minus all the           ments that include facials, hot stone mas-
relaxation.                                          hilarious mishaps, a la Chevy Chase).                  sages, and aromatherapy. You will receive
                                                                                                            three one-hour facial treatments using natu-
Work, work, work. It seems that’s all we ever        Named by Forbes Magazine as one of the                 ral products to purify and hydrate the skin. A
do anymore. The Monday-through-Friday                best luxurious spas in the US, Cal-a-Vie is            90-minute massage using basalt lava stones
routine has become so, well, routine. We             noted for allowing only 24 guests at any given         melt away muscle tension and soreness.
sit in our offices, gazing out the windows (if       time. This results in a 4 to 1 staff to guest          And the treatment most commonly associ-
we’re lucky enough to even be near a win-            ratio. You’ll have 4 staff members trained in          ated with spas, an Ayruvedic Mud Scrub will
dow), looking at the beautiful summer sky,           relaxation and rejuvenation at your beck and                                 cleanse and stimulate
daydreaming of the beach and an ice-cold             call. The best part is no thinking is required                               your body, leaving you
Corona. Then, finally, the day we’ve all been        on your part. The spa plans each day for you                                 with a healthy glow.
waiting for arrives--Labor Day. Labor Day                                     from dusk ‘til dawn.                                Pure heaven.
gives us a chance to tear off our ties and kick                               The various packages
off our heels. Labor Day has come to symbol-                                  all include gourmet                                 Unlike past LawCross-
ize the end of summer. So we celebrate the                                    spa cuisine and a                                   ing Weekend features,
three-day weekend with all our might - bar-                                   full itinerary. They’ll                             the Cal-a-Vie spa three-
becues, road trips, and aah, that cold Corona                                 even provide workout                                day weekend won’t
(or two or three or four…).                                                   clothes; so there’s no        break your bank (not that other LawCrossing
                                                                              need to pack.                 Weekend items or extravagances have left
But have we forgotten the true meaning of                                                                   you penniless; after all, you’re a LawCross-
Labor Day? More than a century ago, the                                       The spa offers many           ing member). For mere thousands, you’ll
working class would hold a parade on the             programs with a specific theme to accommo-             be doing your mind, body, and soul a great
first Monday of September to honor their             date your goal. There are fitness programs,            service (akin to the great service LawCross-
hard work. Labor Day officially became a             emphasizing diet and exercise. The usual               ing provides your career for a small fee).
national holiday more than 100 years ago. As         week-long package includes all the fitness
of late, America has lost her way. So instead        programs offered by the spa. But you can               But unfortunately all good things must come
of heading across the border, let’s stop short       also opt for a-la-carte programs for the               to an end. Until next Labor Day, keep that
and pamper ourselves with 3 glorious days of         three-day weekend. If intensity is your cup of         dream alive.
the ultimate rest and relaxation in beautiful        tea, then Cardio Kickboxing is the way to go.
Vista, California.                                   The class combines martial arts principles
                                                     with overall body conditioning. Or if you want
Located 40 miles north of San Diego, Cal-a-          to exercise mind, body, and soul, there’s Tai
Vie is spread across 200 acres of land dotted        Chi. Using a series of synchronized breaths


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