Directions for installing the trunk release

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					Directions for installing the trunk release.
First things first, you will need a few tools. To install the trunk release you will need a 10mm socket wrench. You will need some wire strippers, wire, and either wire connectors or a soldering iron.

The pictures above are close ups of the civic trunk release. The first thing you will want to do is release the cable that runs to the release next to the drivers seat. I have circled it in blue in the pics above. Pop the blue plastic out of the clip and maneuver the cable at the end of the cable out of the guide. Next remove the two 10mm bolts circled in red in the picture on the left. After removing the bolts put them aside as you will need them to install the new release. There will be a power connector that I did not take a picture of on the old trunk release. Push on the clip and remove the connector. Finally there is a metal rod that connects the key hole to the trunk release. You have to twist the plastic cap off the rod and push the rod through the hole.

One final step once you have the old trunk release removed is to squeeze the clip lock for the metal rod and remove it. You will connect it to the metal ring I circled in green above. Next step is to connect the the wiring connectors with the 2 wires to the connectors circled in orange above. Now you will connect the metal rod by sticking it through the hole in the center of the plastic clip and twist the clip around until it locks on the rod. Now you will take the 2 bolts from the old trunk release, and bolt the new trunk release through the 2 holes circled in red. Finally you will connect the steel cable where I circled in blue. The trunk release is physically installed now. Now to wiring the relay to you alarm and trunk release. I have created the following diagram. If you lock at the metal pins on the relay they should be labeled by number and layed out as in the pic below. You can install the relay in a few places based on whether you have amps in your trunk or not. I would suggest installing the relay near your alarm control module. You need to connect a wire to 12V power and connect it to pins 86 and 30. Next find where the trunk/accessory is on your alarm and make sure it’s a (-) output. Now wire that to terminal 85 on the relay. Now run a wire from 87 back to your trunk and connect it to the wire on the release. I would suggest running it up the support arm on the trunk lid and zip tie to where the wire shrouds are already ran to the trunk lid. I would highly recommend using black wire to run to the trunk.

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