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					                                                           SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

                 SECRET KEYWORD FINDER
                               Report by SeoBuddy

First of all, kindly apologize me, as this report was written by me and am not from
  a native English speaking country. So, you might see some Grammar mistakes.
 I wrote this report as much as simple to understand and best of my knowledge.
 If you have any troubles kindly PM me or mail me to

                                                          SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

Adjust Adobe Reader Zoom to ‘Fit Width’ to view the images clearly in this report.

                                                      SECRET KEYWORD FINDER


       This report will explain you how to find super niche keywords in a
quick time. The following method is used successfully for the past few
months to find niche keywords to myself and to my clients as well.

       As said, we do not need any kind of software other than Google
Keyword Tool to find Niche Keywords. To make things easier, I have
included screenshots to follow and kindly do not miss any steps!

       There is a 3 steps process to find a Best Niche Keyword!

   1. Keyword Research
   2. Bulk Domain Search
   3. SEO Optimization Analysis

   For you convenience, I have also included 3 videos about the above

topics with Media Player. Watch the videos in Full screen mode for more


                                                       SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

                             KEYWORD RESEARCH

     With straight to the point, we head over to Google Keyword Tool to
start our proceedings. We recommend to login to your Google adwords
account to make things easier and to access more options to find the best

After you logged in, you will see a page like below,

                                                      SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

Then, change the settings as shown below, click Advanced Options and

    In the Match Types (left side) Tick mark [Exact] as we’re going to find
      only Exact Match Keywords.

    In the Locations and languages, select United States and English
      (we’re going to target those).

    In the Filter ideas, click +Add another and select Local Monthly
      Searches and put 1000 (this is US local monthly search count, you
      can adjust this if you need more local search volume) anything below
      1000 is not worth targeting!

                                                      SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

    Now, click again the +Add another, this will bring another drop down
      and select Global Monthly Searches, put 2000 (as same like local
      search, you can increase the number of searches here as well)

    Click again the +Add another, this will bring another drop down and
      select Approximate CPC and enter $1

    Click again the +Add another, this will bring another drop down and
      select Competition. Tick mark the Medium and High (This is
      important, if you targeting Adsense keywords. If you’re targeting
      Amazon or Clickbank keywords, then you can avoid this option)

      The above settings are commonly known to many of you. Now, we’re
ready to find the niche keywords. The above settings will help us to filter
out the keywords automatically while on the search!

      Usually, to start the keywords research, we put some keyword on the
word or phrase box and click the search button! But here we do not going
do that!!

                                                   SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

                          My Secret Method

BOX, leave it empty. Now, on the Category drop down, select HOME &
GARDEN (you can select other categories as well) and click the SEARCH
button now!

      Voila! Now, Google Keyword Tools shows up to 800 keywords in the
category of Home & Garden without even typed a single keyword phrase.
This is pretty easy, isn’t?

      You just found 800 keywords that were already filtered by Local
Searches, Global Searches, CPC and Competition!!

                                                      SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

     To download all 800 keywords in a shot with all the details, click
Download button and in the drop down click ALL 800. Select the CSV
option to download and open it on MS-Excel!

     There are more categories to find more keywords like these and also
check the sub-categories for the main category. Click the Category drop
down and you can see the arrow marks, click on them, where as there are
more sub-categories to choose.

     Remember, Google search results provide only 800 keywords at a
time. So, if you found 800 search results, then select the sub-categories to
find in-depth keywords for that category!

     We just finished our first step on the keyword research process and
we have now lots of keywords that were filtered to meet our requirements!

     Now, let’s move on to next phrase!

                                                SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

                        BULK DOMAIN SEARCH

           Now, let us see how to search for domains in bulk. We are
going to use Godaddy Bulk Domain Search feature. Once we downloaded
the keywords on excel (like below) copy the first 450 keywords (as
Godaddy allows only 500 searches at a time).

                                                        SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

      Paste those 450 keywords on the godaddy bulk domain search box
(do not worry about the closed brackets and spaces between words)

Tick mark .com .org and .net, as we’re going to find only these three TLDs
and click GO button. A Pop-up message will appear as there are special
characters, just click ok on that and wait for few seconds.

                                                        SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

Out of those 450 keywords, we have 36 keywords (includes com/net/org)
available to register!!

      Copy all of them and paste it in a separate excel file.
                                                         SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

     In this way, you can find more domains by collecting more keywords
on Google Keyword Tool.

     Let us go to the final phrase to check out the SEO competition to pick
the right keywords to start your new website or blog 

                                                       SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

                     SEO COMPETITION ANALYSIS

     So for, we have found the keywords that meet our criteria and also
found the domains that available to register. The final important step is to
find the easiest keywords to promote, as not all keywords are easy to go
on. To find that, we’re going to use Market Samurai to check on-site and
off-site SEO competition and going to pick the best keywords!!

     You can download Market Samurai 40 days Trial Period. To get 40
days trial period select ‘Ed Dale – The Thirty Day Challege’ and fill your
name and email, if you have selected any other option, the trial days will be

                                                       SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

     This trial period is far enough to our needs, after 40 days completion,
either you have to buy it or you can simply go to the above link and register
with a new email to get another 40 days for free! If you’re really happy with
Market Samurai and found useful, I suggest you to buy this Gem!

     Check your email for the download link and follow the instructions to
install Market Samurai!

                                                        SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

      Create a new project in Market Samurai, type any keyword (or you
can put project name etc). Select the country as United States (you can
select other countries as well if you’re not targeting United States) and click

                     Click New Keyword in the Left Side

                                                        SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

Now, open your excel file where we saved our available domains and paste

the first one on the keyword box. Click Update

Then, click SEO COMPETITION and a page like below will appear!

You can see, Off Page and On Page SEO details… we do not need all the
information to pick the right keyword, look out closely un-tick those are not

Tick-mark the following on Off Page:
    PageRank (PR)
    Page Backlinks (BLP)
    Domain Backlinks (BLD)
    Page .edu/.gov Backlinks (BLEG)

                                                   SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

Tick-mark the following on On Page:
   Keyword in Title
   Keyword in URL
   Keyword in Description
   Keyword in Header Tag

These are the very important things we should consider to pick the right
keywords! Now click, Generate Results, wait for few seconds to load the
first page SEO competition on Google!

Below is the First Page SEO competition result on Google for the keyword
“STRAIN RELIEF” This Keyword is good to go to register the Domain!!

                                                         SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

Off-Page SEO Competition

PageRank (PR)
This is an important aspect to pick easy keywords. Make sure the top 5
results have not more than PR3. (The above keyword meets our

Page Backlinks (BLP)
Another important thing to check keyword quality is look after for number of
backlinks each links have. Again, the top 5 results should have low
backlinks (refer the above image)

Domain Backlinks (BLD)
For this one, you do not need to give much importance, as almost every
links for any keyword will be high as in the image.

Page .edu/.gov Backlinks (BLEG)
This will also be very less for most of the keywords. Do get some .edu/.gov
backlinks to your site and it will boost your serp rankings for sure.

                                                    SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

On-Page SEO Optimization

     For On-Page SEO, check whether the keyword are in Title,
Description, URL, Header Tag. For the above keyword, it looks bit
competitive on On-Page SEO, but I still pick this keyword as positive, as
the Off-Page SEO is pretty easy to rank.

                                                 SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

                     THINGS TO NOTE DOWN

1. While checking SEO competition on Market Samurai, you should
  view the Google result page by clicking ‘View Results in Google’ in
  the bottom of Market Samurai page. As few sites has authority type
  look (like below) If any of the keywords looks like the below image,
  you should avoid those keywords, as it’s not going to be easy to
  outrank those authority sites.

                                                 SECRET KEYWORD FINDER

2. Also, keyword like ‘Hotels in New York’ also shows Google Places,
  where you can’t outrank them as well. You should avoid these kind of
  keywords as well

3. You should also avoid seasonal keywords. These keywords don’t
  have sufficient search volumes for each month. Keywords like
  ‘Christmas Decorations’ have only search volumes on November and
  December months, in result, you won’t get traffic for the remaining

                                                           SECRET KEYWORD FINDER


                      Hope you enjoyed reading this report!

       I would be happy if you leave a feedback on the WSO sales page!!

       If you have any more doubts regarding this report, post the query on
the WSO sales page, so that everyone can benefit or you can PM or mail
                     me to

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