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					                                      Sierra Nevada College

              Residential Lease Agreement- SINGLE OCC. ROOM
THIS LEASE AGREEMENT is made and entered into this _____day of ___________, 20______ by and
between Sierra Nevada College,        hereinafter referred to as "SNC" and

_______________________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as "Tenant".

     1.   SNC leases to Tenant and Tenant leases from SNC, upon the terms and conditions contained
          herein, the dwelling located at 999 Tahoe Blvd for the period commencing on the 13 day of
          August, 2012 at 9:00AM and thereafter until the 16 day of May, 2012 by 3:00PM, at which
          time this Lease Agreement shall automatically be terminated each year, unless renewal is
          submitted in writing.
     2.   Tenant shall pay as rent the sum of $ 4700.00 for each semester, due and payable in student
          accounts, in advance, if not paid in full the tenant will be billed. Tenant further agrees to pay
          interest charges for each month the rent is not received.
     3.   Tenant agrees to use said dwelling as living quarters only for ________ adults, namely:

     4.   Tenant agrees and accepts that SNC is a dry campus, therein no illegal drugs or alcohol are allowed
          anywhere on SNC property, regardless of age, and or medical cards. Each Tenant agrees to follow
          SNC‘s write-up policy outlined in the Student Handbook, available at, also upon
     5.  Tenant agrees to accept the property in its current condition and to return it in "move-in clean"
         condition, or a special cleaning charge upon vacating the premises will be charged to your
         student account. The carpets are to be vacuumed. If the room isn’t in acceptable condition
         cleaning charges will be accessed, as determined by the SNC housing department.
     6. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED. All pets on the property shall be presumed to be strays and will
         be transported to an appropriate agency as prescribed by law, in addition to a write-up.
     7. Tenant agrees not to allow any other person to live therein other than as named in paragraph 3
         above without first obtaining written permission from SNC as a guest for only a 3 day period.
         Further, a guest form must be completed at the front desk of Patterson Hall, and approved by
         the housing department.
     8. Should any provision of this Lease be found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of
         the Lease shall not be affected thereby and each term and provision herein shall be valid and
         enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.
     9. All rights given to SNC by this Lease shall be cumulative to any other laws which might exist or
         come into being. Any exercise or failure to exercise by SNC of any right shall not act as a
         waiver of any other rights. No statement or promise of SNC or his agent as to tenancy, repairs,
         alterations, or other terms and conditions shall be binding unless reduced to writing and signed
         by SNC.
     10. Tenant is subject to community charges for vandalism, missing/damaged dining hall serve-
         ware, and or damages that occur in the dorms.
     11. SNC shall not be liable for any loss of Tenant's property by fire, theft, breakage, burglary, or
         otherwise, nor for any accidental damage to persons or property in or about the leased
         premises resulting from electrical failure, water, rain, windstorm, etc., which may cause issue or
         flow into or from any part of said premises or improvements, including pipes, gas lines,
         sprinklers, or electrical connections, whether caused by the negligence of SNC, SNC's
         employees, contractors, agents, or by any other cause whatsoever. Tenant hereby agrees to
         make no claim for any such damages or loss against SNC. Tenant can purchase renter's
         insurance at Tenant’s expense.
     12. IMPROVEMENTS TO PROPERTY - Any improvements to the property made by tenant inside
         or outside must be removed upon leaving the property on end date stated above, or charges
      will be assessed to student accounts. This includes improvements such as but not limited to;
      the installation of book shelves, shelving, decals, addition furniture, etc.
13.   Any removal of SNC's property without express written permission from SNC shall constitute
      abandonment of property where as SNC will charge Tenant’s student account for property lost.
14.   SNC reserves the right to access the leased premises at anytime for any reason.
15.   There will be no charge of Security Deposit, however if there are damages upon departure for
      holiday break, and or departure from the dorm, charges will be assessed and charged to your
      student account. Any damages not previously reported as required in Exhibit A section, will be
      repaired at Tenant's expense.
16.   Tenant agrees to accept said dwelling and all of the furnishings and appliances therein as
      being in good and satisfactory condition unless a written statement of any objections is
      delivered to SNC within three (3) days after resident takes possession. Tenant agrees that
      failure to file such statement shall be conclusive proof that there were no defects in the
      property. Tenant agrees not to permit any damage to the premises during the period of this
      agreement to woodwork, floors, walls, furnishings, fixtures, appliances, windows, screens,
      doors, lawns, landscaping, fences, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and heating, and
      mechanical systems. Tenant specifically agrees that he will be responsible for, and agrees to
      pay for, any damage done by rain, wind, snow or hail caused by leaving window open; overflow
      of water or stoppage of waste pipes, breakage of glass, and damage to screens, abuse or
      neglect. Tenant agrees not to park or store a motorhome, recreational vehicle or trailer of any
      type on the premises.
17.   Tenant's obligations are as follows:
      A. Take affirmative action to insure that nothing is done which might place SNC in violation of
      applicable building, housing, zoning, and health codes and regulations.
      B. Keep the dwelling clean and sanitary, removing garbage and trash as it accumulates,
      maintaining plumbing in good working order to prevent stoppages and leakage of plumbing
      fixtures, faucets, pipes, etc.
      C. Operate all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and other
      appliances in a reasonable, safe manner.
      D. Assure that property belonging to SNC is safeguarded against damage, destruction, loss,
      removal, or theft.
      E. Conduct himself, his family, friends, guests, visitors in a manner which will not disturb others.
      F. Allow the SNC or his agent access to the premises for the purpose of inspection, repairs,
      safety and emergencies at anytime.
18.   G. Comply with all provisions of this Agreement, Tenant warrants that he/she will meet the
      above conditions in every respect, and acknowledges that failure to perform the obligations
      herein stipulated will be considered grounds for a write-up and or eviction.
19.   No additional locks will be installed on any door.
20.   Keys: Room key and mailbox key are both $25.00 to replace, if lost or stolen. If said keys are
      broken please bring all the pieces to the SNC housing department and receive a free key.
21.   In the event repairs are needed beyond the competence of the Tenant, Tenant is urged to
      contact the SNC housing department.
22.   Appliances or furniture in the unit at date of lease per the attached Exhibit "A", are loaned, and
      not leased to Tenant. Appliances or furniture is the responsibility of Tenant who will keep them
      in good condition.
23.   Smoke Detectors have been installed and are in operable condition in each room. SNC will
      maintain the smoke detectors. SNC has the right to enter at anytime to inspect the smoke
      detectors. If at anytime there is concern that the smoke detectors are not in working condition
      please notify the housing department. If you have any questions about the smoke detectors,
      you should call us promptly. If tampered with by Tenants, SNC will not be held responsible or
      agent from any responsibility for losses due to my/our non-compliance with the law or
      malfunction of the alarm.
25.   All parties agree that termination of this Agreement prior to termination date will constitute
      breach of the tenancy and all payment will be kept.
26.   From time to time, SNC may be represented by an RA and or security.
      27. In this Agreement the singular number where used will also include the plural, the masculine
          gender will also include the feminine, the term SNC will include, Owner or Lessor; and the term
          Tenant(s) will include Resident, Lessee or Renter.
      28. The Tenant was asked if he/she could speak, read and understand English. He/she was told
          that signing below would indicate that they understood what they were signing and that he/she
          did speak and read English.
      29. All micro-fridge units will cost an additional $200.00 per year to rent out. This is an optional amenity and
          renter will be responsible for any damage and/or cleaning the unit may need upon departure.


Signing below means you have read the Lease, are in full agreement with it and have received a
copy of the contract.

ACCEPTED THIS ____________ DAY OF ________________________20 _____,

at _______________________________________________________.

(Address, City and State)

Tenant 1

SNC, Director of Housing or Student Affairs
                                         EXHIBIT "A"
The following appliances and/or furniture are on loan to Tenant for the period of Tenant's rental
agreement or lease on the following basis: Tenant agrees, by the signing of this agreement, that all
appliances and/or furniture herein listed are accepted by Tenant, individually, as being in good working
order or condition. Tenant agrees to maintain said appliances and/or furniture in good working order at his

                                  APPLIANCES AND/OR FURNITURE

     Furniture Description     Appliance Number or         Condition      Location

Tenant: ______________________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________________



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