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Camera Angles


									Camera Angles
         Angle of framing
A camera angle is the position of the
frame in relation to the subject it shows.
The Angle is determined by where the
camera is placed, not the subject
Angles can be slight or extreme, but all
angles convey meaning to the viewer.
            Eye Level Shot
 Shot is level to ground
 Camera is 5 to 6 feet from ground, similar
 to how an actual observer would see the
Realistic directors favor this angle, since it
 captures the clearest view of a subject.
 Not intrinsically dynamic, so often the
 norm, or “neutral”
      Eye Level Examples
Japanese filmmaker Ozu positioned
camera 3 to 4 feet from the ground
Level gives the feeling of observing the
scene seated Japanese style
Ozu believed that value judgments were
made through camera angles.
He wanted to keep camera neutral and
  Eye Level Examples, Ozu
Still from Good
Morning (1959)
Camera is positioned
close to the ground,
connecting viewer to
the children
Eye Level Examples, Ozu
             Still from Tokyo Story
             Level close to ground
             also creates a feeling
             of familiarity, as
             though the viewer is a
             guest sitting in the
        Eye Level Examples
Ozu’s influence is seen in
modern Japanese films
Taste of Tea (2004)
Like Ozu, the film focuses
on individual characters
in the family behaving
honestly and revealing
themselves to the viewer
through their actions
(both good and bad)
              High Angle
Camera is positioned
above the subject
looking down.
Q:How do you think
this makes the
subject appear?
A: Subject looks
smaller and helpless.
Viewer is looking
down on subject.
              Low Angle
Camera is positioned
below camera looking
Q: what is the affect
of a low angle shot?
A: opposite to high
angle. In low angle,
subject appears more
powerful and
        Low Angle examples
Low angle is often    And horror films
used in propaganda    Halloween (1978)
Triumph of the Will
   Comparing Low and High

Stills from Christmas Story (1981)
Which angle is which? What do you imagine is
happening here?
              Oblique Angle
Camera is tilted to the
This angle suggests
imbalance, movement,
This image captures the
moment the characters
realize their roommate is
Shallow Grave (1994)
             Oblique Angle
Example: Citizen
Kane (1941)
Oblique angle
suggests mental
instability of character
What other angle is
noticeable here? Why
is it used?
           Bird’s Eye View
Camera is positioned directly overhead
Viewer is detached from action; subject is often
unrecognizable and insignificant
Apocalypse Now (1979)
Shot taken from helicopter, depicting the
American bombing of a Vietnam village.
Consider: As a viewer, do you feel sympathy for
the victims in the village? Why or why not?

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