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'The Masterwork' Award Winning Fish-Knife is a 1979 performance sculpture
by Paul Richards and Bruce McLean with music by Michael Nyman. The                             'The Masterwork'
                                                                                            Award Winning Fish-Knife
companion album is the second release by Michael Nyman and the first release
including the Michael Nyman Band. It was released by Audio Arts magazine only
on audiocassette, initially in a limited edition of 300 copies, although many more
were produced which have the number boxes blank.
The music was performed by the Michael Nyman Band, recorded live in one take
and ending in applause at Riverside Studios and edited for the album by William
Furlong, Audio Arts' editor-in-chief.
The artwork is a four-part theatre work that "deals with the consequences after
the unveiling of the ultimate architectural masterwork, a 'model' for society."[1]
The four parts of the work are dance, dramatics, gymnastics, and contemporary
sound, including music, dialogue, and noises, with each discipline utilized in a
way to emphasize its unique qualities.
The first side of the album is the dialogue sculpture for four voices reducing to
one. There are many voices, male and female, as many as four at once, none of
whom are identified, but one is Michael Nyman. The voices comment on
architecture, social class, welfare, Jimmy Carter, and the nature of art, among
                                                                                         audiocassette cover by Paul Richards and
other things, often as arrogant or stentorian characters. There are complaints
                                                                                                      Bruce McLean
about 'The Masterwork,' particularly by a workaday architect who does not
                                                                                                Live album by Michael Nyman
consider himself "slashed" with multiple disciplines. There is also brief mention of
a "mirrored fish-knife." This portion of the album is a multitracked, overlaid studio   Released 1979

production.                                                                             Recorded Music: July 25, 1979 (Riverside
                                                                                                 Studios, London)
The second side is Furlong's edit of the music, known as "Masterwork Samples."
                                                                                                 Text: August 1979, (Riverside
The music bears "no necessary dramatic relation" to the dramatic structure of the                Studios)
performance sculpture, but the music's exposition is "truncated, short-circuited,
                                                                                        Genre       Contemporary classical music,
accelerated or run continuously where later they may be fragmented." The music                      Minimalist music, Spoken word
is based on permutations of an 8-chord model, including substitutions and
                                                                                        Length      56:55
                                                                                        Language English
The section "The Woman Who Had Everything" develops musical material from
                                                                                        Label       Audio Arts
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola and Orchestra
K. 364, which Nyman would later use as a basis of material in Drowning by               Producer William Furlong

Numbers. [2] Some of the music also formed the basis for Nyman's "M-Work" on                     Michael Nyman chronology
Michael Nyman, as well as the of the opening titles music for The Falls.                 Decay Music        'The      Michael Nyman
                                                                                            1976         Masterwork'       1981
The cassette cover announces that the world premiere of 'The Masterwork' Award                             Award
Winning Fish-Knife would be given in November, 1979. The 2011 liner notes for                           Winning Fish-
the CD release of Michael Nyman, in the commentary on "M-Work", state that the                              1979
project never advanced further than this audiocassette release.

No one is credited on the album apart from Nyman, Richards, McLean, and Furlong, a group credit for the Michael Nyman
Band, and E. Hallett &. Co. for the printing.

  1. ^ Liner notes. All quotations are from this source unless otherwise specified.
  2. ^ Pwyll ap Siôn. The Music of Michael Nyman: Text, Context and Intertext. Aldershot, Hants: Ashgate Publishing, 2007. p. 103.

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