Tunog Tuna Tuna Gensan Mechanics by ormanpogi


									                                      Tunog Tuna, Tunog Gensan!

                                            Rules and Regulations


          a. Five notable contestant bands have been chosen by a board panel to submit songs in the

          b. Each band will represent a barangay in Gen. Santos City.


          a. Each entry must be an original composition of at least one of the members of the contestant
             band and exclusively the contestant must own all rights of copyright to the entry.
          b. The following compositions shall not be eligible as entries:
                 i.   Those which have been previously published, recorded or released in any part of the
                ii.   Those which have been commissioned by a third party;
               iii.   Those which are found to contain two (2) or more bars of melody or lyrics similar to
                      that of a published or released song in the Philippines or abroad; and
               iv.    Any entry, which in the sole determination of the competition committee is not suitable
                      by reason of content.
          c. Lyrics:
                 i.   The lyrics must be in Filipino, Bisaya, Illonggo or English or a combination of the three.
                ii.   If the lyrics include a word which does not have a general and accepted definition, the
                      contestant must explain the basis for including the word through a footnote in the lyric
               iii.   Words that are registered trademarks are not allowed.

          d. Form and Length of Entries
                 i. The contestant must submit one (1) accomplished entry form for one (1) Entry/Song.
                ii. The melody and lyrics of an entry shall be final once submitted. A song selected as
                    Finalist may be modified subject to the prior approval of the Competition Committee.
               iii. The song must not exceed four (4) minutes inclusive of intro and extro.

     c/o Asia United Bank, G/F Belinda Enterprises, Santiago Boulevard, General Santos City | 0918-908-0895 | orman_pogi@yahoo.com
          e. The song’s lyrics should include the following themes and/or content
                i.  General Santos City, the Tuna Capital of the Philippines
               ii.  The quality of living in the city
              iii.  Fun in Gensan


          a. Criteria | The Contestants are subject to the following three-step process of judging

                   i.     Core Evaluation – 50%

                                   Lyrical Quality (Grammar, poetry & language construction) – 25%
                                   Message (Quality of the Gensan Themed Message) – 25%
                                   Clarity of the Message (How understandable the song is) – 25%
                                   Melody (The quality and beauty of the tune) – 25%

               Formula: Final Core Evaluation Percentage = (Core Evaluation Total x 40) / 100

     b. On-stage – 50%
            Full Band Arrangement of the Song Entry (The song’s overall dynamics) – 30%
            Stage Presence (Performer’s stage ethics, chemistry and movement) – 20%
            Voice Mastery (The vocalist(s)’s quality) – 20%
            Musical Mastery (The instrumentalists’ quality) – 20%
            Audience Impact (Public acceptance of the performance) – 10%

     c. Final Score = Final Core Evaluation Percentage + Final On-stage Percentage

     d. Screening
            Tunog Tuna, Tunog Gensan will choose the judges and post their names on the official
               judging sheets
            The five chosen finalists will have a number-of-likes competition via the GandaEverSoMuch
            The Finalists will perform the entry in full band to be judged live in a battle of the bands

         Champion – 20,000.00 cash + trophy
         First Runner Up – 15,000.00 cash + trophy
         Second Runner Up – 10,000.00 cash + trophy
         Consolation Prize - 5,000.00 cash
         Best Performance (Manny Pacquiao Award) – 2,000.00
         Best Song (Ganda Ever So Much Award) – 2,000.00

     c/o Asia United Bank, G/F Belinda Enterprises, Santiago Boulevard, General Santos City | 0918-908-0895 | orman_pogi@yahoo.com

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