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The Museums of Northumberland


									The Museums of Northumberland
Northumberland is rich with history and there are a multitude of fine museums to present you with artifacts and information on every facet of that history. Many of these museums do not follow the traditional ‘hands off' approach that is indicative of most modern museums, instead, many of these museums not only allow hands on, they specifically have interactive displays that reconstruct the ways of life in other ages. The Beamish Open Air Museum is demonstrative of this way of thinking as it recreated what life was like in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This interactive walk through history is located on a huge 260 acre site. George Stephenson, known as ‘the father of railways' was born in a small stone cottage in Northumberland. The cottage was built in 1750 and inventor George Stephenson was born there in 1781. His birthplace is open to the public with guides dressed in period clothing. One room is open to the public and parking is easy in Wylam Village. The newly refurbished ‘Head of Steam' Darlington Railway Centre and Museum which was re opened on April 5th of 2008 with it's brand new name is inexorably connected with the father of railways George Stephenson as Locomotion No1 ale, which is available at the museum is brewed at Wylam, which is the birthplace of the famous inventor. You can buy bottles of the ale at the museum shop along with ‘Rocket' ale. This newly restored museum offers interactive displays as well as audio visual presentations that tell the history of Darlington and the impact railways have had. The popular exhibits of the pre-restored museum are still present in the post-restored museum. These include locomotives in the main area of the museum. These displays have been enhanced with newer exhibitions and also interactive displays that cater to people of all ages. This includes ‘touchy feely' type exhibits as well as puzzles for the younger crowd. Northumberland is dotted with a multitude of castles of all differing ages and histories. Alnwick Castle was the home of the Percys, one of the most powerful Northern families. It is a massive castle that is still under the name Percy, though these are people who took the name when the moved into the castle. The castle is open to visitors during the summer months and has the distinction of being used as part of Hogwart's School in the movie entitled "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". Every castle has its own distinction and its own unique history and every one deserves a visitation especially by those that are enthralled with castles.

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