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									Isles of Britain, The Islands that make up the British Isles
When people come to Britain they often visit many different islands around the area. The most popular include the Orkneys, the Scilly Isles, and the Isle of Wight. Each of these - and the others - has their own unique attractions and charm, but they all share some similarities, too. Because they're in close proximity to one another the weather is often similar. There are some islands that have slightly different weather because of their location, though, so it's important that you take location into account and pay attention to the time of year. You don't want to end up having a bad holiday because you thought the weather would be nice and it actually wasn't. There are indoor attractions, of course, but the main reason that most people visit these islands is because of the things to do outdoors. Hiking and walking are very popular, and so are tours of the castles, manors, and other ruins and relics that have been left behind. People who want to see these things can find different things to look at on each of the islands around Britain, so if you're a real history buff you're in for a treat.

The landscape is another thing that brings people to these islands, since the scenic beauty of these islands is very hard to beat. The gardens that they have along with the beautiful beaches and miles of rugged coastline bring thousands of tourists each year. Many of these people are from the UK but they go to the nearby islands on their holidays because they can get back to nature and really enjoy it. It helps them get away from the worries and cares that they have in the city and at their jobs, and they can just relax and enjoy the natural beauty. People come to the islands from other countries, too, because they're looking for that natural beauty. They want to be able to enjoy the peace and quiet and partake in some of the festivals that are offered, as well. The Isle of Wight in particular has a lot of festivals throughout the year, so people often plan their holidays around one or more of them. Whether you're looking for the crowds that come with a festival or the peace and solitude that comes with standing on a rugged coastline when there's a winter storm blowing in, you can get them both and more on the islands that surround Britain.

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