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					        Righteous Insanity
God Told Me to Break Up With You

                 Scene 1

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                 God Told Me to Break Up With You
                                       SCENE ONE

(Josh and Alex's apartment. There is a couch and a coffee table. Music- something Harry
         Connick Jr. Josh is alone, rehearsing his break up speech for Angie.)

JOSH- "Angie, this is not an easy thing to say. We've spent three wonderful months
      together. And I know before that, we both pretty much liked each other. For five
      years, we liked each other. But sometimes, that thing we wanted so much, well…"
      No, that's not good. (starts again) "But sometimes, what we have in mind as best
      for our lives isn't what God sees as best for our lives. That said, I think that you
      and I…" No… "I think we should take some time…" Nuh uh. "After much prayer
      and deliberation, I feel God wants us to break…" "To spend some time apart--
      (puts a hand up as if silencing an imaginary Angie) Please, I know this is hard…
      (hears the imaginary Angie's response) I know, we had a romantic night just four
      days ago. But those feelings, well, they just aren't there. And you don't want to be
      in a relationship as unstable as that. Do you?"

                                   (Knock on the door.)

JOSH- Who's there?
ANGIE- (off) Angie.
JOSH- Just a minute!

                       (Josh straightens himself and the room a bit.)

JOSH- Come in.

                 (Angie enters, walks to hug and kiss Josh on the cheek..)

ANGIE- Hey there.
JOSH- Hi, sweetie. How are you?
ANGIE- Fine. You feeling better?
JOSH- Much better, thanks.
ANGIE- Where are we eating dinner?
JOSH- Well, before we go, there's something I wanted to talk about.
ANGIE- Oh yeah?
JOSH- Yeah.
ANGIE- (shrugs) Well, let's talk.
JOSH- Have a seat.
ANGIE- Okay.

                                (Angie and Josh sit down.)

ANGIE- Oh, I meant to ask, did you get the tickets?
JOSH- Hmm? Oh, you mean Phantom?
JOSH- No, I didn't get them yet.
ANGIE- You didn’t?
JOSH- No, I… Well, let me tell you why I wanted to talk and I think you'll understand.
ANGIE- Okay.

                      (Josh clears his throat, takes Angie's hand.)

JOSH- Angie…
ANGIE- Josh.
JOSH- Angie, this is not an easy thing to say. We've spent three wonderful months
      together. And I know before that, we both pretty much liked each other. For five
      years, we liked each other.
ANGIE- Four years.
JOSH- Only four?
ANGIE- I thought you were a creep at first. Remember?
JOSH- Oh yeah. Well, time's not the issue. What matters is… (trying to find his place) I
      mean… (smiles awkwardly) Angie, sometimes, what we have in mind as best for
      our lives isn't what God sees as best for our lives.
ANGIE- (leans back) I think I know what you're trying to say.
JOSH- Please, let me continue. I know this isn't easy to hear.
ANGIE- (taking Josh's hand in both of hers) No, Josh, it's okay.
JOSH- Okay?
ANGIE- Yes. In fact, it's pretty ironic that you say this because… well, because in
      praying and deliberating about our relationship, I feel God wants us to spend
      some time apart.
JOSH- (stunned) Time apart? I don't understand.
ANGIE- (puts a hand up to silence the real Josh) Please, I know this is hard…
JOSH- Hard? It's more than hard. It's… I can't believe this is happening. Only a few days
      ago, we had that romantic dinner, and we danced by starlight to Sting, and--
ANGIE- I know, we had a romantic night just four days ago. But those feelings, well,
      they just aren't there. And you don't want to be in a relationship as unstable as
      that. Do you?
JOSH- But how in the world can those feelings be there one day and gone the next?
ANGIE- I don't know. I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways.
JOSH- You're serious? This is God's doing. God told you to break up with me.
ANGIE- More or less.
JOSH- But what about you? What do you want?
ANGIE- Only God's best, for me and for you.
JOSH- I can't believe this is happening.
ANGIE- You're seem so surprised.
JOSH- Surprised is putting it mildly. I'm stunned.
ANGIE- Only a minute ago you were talking as if you were going to break up with me.
JOSH- Break up? I wasn't going to break up. I was… Oh my gosh.
ANGIE- Maybe we shouldn't go to dinner. I'm sure you want to be alone
JOSH- Not really. I want to be with you.
ANGIE- Josh, please don't make this any harder.
JOSH- How hard can it be for you? You're the dumper. I'm the dumpee.
ANGIE- (pats Josh's hands) We'll talk about this some more another time.
JOSH- You promise?
ANGIE- Sure. I promise.

                          (Angie kisses Josh on the forehead.)

JOSH- Don't do that unless you mean it.
ANGIE- Bye, Josh.

                                  (Angie starts to exit.)

JOSH- I love you.

                     (Angie exits without responding. Alex enters.)

JOSH- So what?
ALEX- How did she take it?
JOSH- Angie? She's great. Couldn't be better.
ALEX- You're kidding.
JOSH- Nope.
ALEX- You broke up with her, and she was happy about it?
JOSH- No, she broke up with me before I had the chance.
ALEX- What?
JOSH- You heard me.
ALEX- I don't believe it.
JOSH- That makes two of us.
ALEX- But after the other night, that romantic date you had…
JOSH- Those feelings "just aren't there."
ALEX- That's what you said.
JOSH- That's what I would have said given the chance.
ALEX- Hey, look at it this way. You felt God leading you to break up. This proves that
      God was telling her the same exact thing.
JOSH- But with things turning out the way they did, I can't help but wonder. Was I really
      right in thinking I wanted to end the relationship?
ALEX- Sure you were. She had her dreams. You have yours. She wants to be a teacher.
      You want to be a missionary.
JOSH- But she would have given that up for me.

                                (Alex gives Josh a look.)

JOSH- Honest, she told me she would.
ALEX- Maybe God didn't want her to give that up.
JOSH- Then I could give up my dream.
ALEX- Right. You've been dreaming of the mission field since you were eight years old.
      If you didn't go, you'd be miserable all your life.
JOSH- I'd give it up. I'd give it all up for her.
ALEX- I'm sure you would, but would it be worth it?

                                    (The phone rings.)

JOSH- Is it Angie?
ALEX- Nope. (picks up the phone) It's Erica. (on phone) Hello?
JOSH- Erica… (shudders) That’s all I need tonight.
ALEX- Hey, girl. What's up?… You need to talk? What for?
JOSH- (mocking Erica) I'm miserable and depressed because Ben broke up with me.
ALEX- Are you? (kicks Josh in the leg)
JOSH- I'm not joking. Listening to her is like watching an episode of Felicity written by
      an obsessive-compulsive. (repeats in rapid fashion) "Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Bn
      Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben…"
ALEX- Well, no, I'm not doing much of anything.
JOSH- If she's coming over, I am out the door.
ALEX- Why don't I come pick you up?
JOSH- Yes! Please, go. Go to her.
ALEX- Well, in that case drop on in.
JOSH- (standing to leave) Goodbye.

              (Erica enters on her cell phone before Josh gets three steps.)

ERICA- Hello, Josh, Alex.
ALEX- (hanging up the phone) That was quick.
ERICA- (hangs up the cell) I am so glad I caught you guys. I'm having the worst night.
ALEX- Why is that?

                                  (Erica glares at Josh.)

ALEX- What's he done now?
ERICA- It's what he didn't do, Alex.
ALEX- Which was?
ERICA- I saw Ben this afternoon in the hallway after my biology class. And I said hi to
JOSH- And he didn't say hi back.
ERICA- No, he said hi. He actually said hi. So I asked how he was doing, how classes
      were and all, and he said they were good. He said his English class was killing
      him, but that's not uncommon for Ben because Ben has trouble staying awake
      when he reads. I mean, when ever Ben sits down to read, he always falls asleep.
JOSH- And this man wants to be a doctor.
ERICA- Shut up, Josh!
ALEX- (trying to restore peace) Go on, Erica.
ERICA- Anyway, Ben and I actually had a real conversation that lasted more than thirty
JOSH- Five minutes.
ERICA- Four and a quarter.
JOSH- You would time it.
ERICA- Shut up, Josh. But then Ben had to go, but before he did I invited him to come to
      dinner, and he said he couldn't so I asked Ben to promise that he would call me
      tonight and Ben said he'd try.
JOSH- And he didn't call.
ERICA- Ben didn't call.
ALEX- Erica, you're worrying over nothing. He didn't promise he would. He said he'd
JOSH- Do, or do not. There is no try.
ERICA- But Ben always used to call.
ALEX- Ben is very busy these days. He's working his tail off to get into med school.
JOSH- On the other side of the country, far, far away from you. Which is why he broke
      off the relationship now so he wouldn't have to do it later.
ERICA- Hey, if you're not going to be supportive, you don't have to stay.
JOSH- You mean I can leave? Thank heavens.

                                      (Josh exits.)

ERICA- Jerk.
ALEX- Josh had a bad night of his own, Erica.
ERICA- Bad night or no, he was a jerk. All guys are jerks. (calmer tone) Except you,
ALEX- I appreciate that, but in all fairness, Josh really isn't in the best mood.
ERICA- Why not?
ALEX- Angie broke up with him.
ERICA- Angie? I thought he was supposed to break up with her.
ALEX- She beat him to the punch.
ERICA- And he's upset?
ALEX- Yeah.
ERICA- But that's what he wanted.
ALEX- He wanted to break up with her. It's a blow to the old ego.
ERICA- You men and your egos.
ALEX- It's always easier being the dumper than the dumpee.
ERICA- It's a real shame though, Josh and Angie. They really seemed good for each
     other. Just like Ben and me. Why do the good couples break up?
ALEX- I don't know, Erica. Probably has something to do with why I can't seem to get a
     girl to take me seriously.
ERICA- I take you seriously.
ALEX- Would you go out with me?
ERICA- Gosh no. You're like my big brother.
ALEX- As does every other girl I know. But, in spite of my frustrations, I honestly enjoy
     the role God gave me. I've helped many a sister in Christ through many a tragic
     break up. I've held them, listened to them, guided them in seeking God first, and
     then watched them go off and find more boyfriends or husbands.
ERICA- God will send you someone perfect some day.
ALEX- As he will for you.
ERICA- He already has sent me someone perfect. It's just that my perfect person is an
ALEX- He's not an idiot. He's wants to be a doctor one of these days, and he's not going
     to let anything stand in his way.
ERICA- Especially a girl who loves him more than her own life.
ALEX- (standing) Come on, Erica. I'll take you out for dessert.

                                  (Alex and Erica exit.)

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