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									EV Fest 2012 - More Than 40 Exhibitors - Over Double Than at Previous

EV Fest 2012 announced this year's show date will be scheduled for
September 9 at the Pavilions, Evergreen Brick Works, at 550 Bayview
Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

Toronto, ON, September 08, 2012 -- Canada’s largest and most influential
EV Show, EV Fest 2012 is the primary and vital connection between
hobbyists, intenders, buyers, and various manufacturers across Canada.

“EV Fest 2012 is our largest show ever. Consumers are gradually becoming
more knowledgeable and receptive. Electric vehicles and hybrids are
growing by leaps and bounds in their acceptance,” says EV Fest founder
and show executive producer, Robert Weekley.

“Gas prices have been extremely high all summer. The first weekend after
Labour Day is the ideal time to show off new cars. It’s a chance for the
dedicated do-it-yourselfers to show off what they’ve been up to this past
year. And the OEMs are embracing fully electric vehicles and hybrids. Gas
Cars of today, will be Electric tomorrow. They want to get in front of
their customers too,” he noted.

Citing the two new Dual Head Schneider-Electric charging stations capable
of servicing four Electric Vehicles at one time, Weekley is confident the
location is a natural fit for EV Fest 2012.

“This many charging stations tells’ me our goals are aligned. There are
many new directions in the EV marketplace. Consumer acceptance of these
technologies is at an all-time high. And the OEMs have taken a step in
the right direction. Of the 40+ Exhibitors, we’ve got 15 personal
vehicles, 14 private businesses, 1 Large OEM, and 3 OEM’s, 4 Corporate
Businesses and Non-Profits are on-board. We also have had New Sponsors
coming on board this year. We’ll also see a wide range of EV bikes,
Trikes and conversions exhibiting.”

New this year is a separate category, Electric Garden Tractors. “New
supporters are coming on board all the time. Toyota Canada, Toronto
Hydro, Unicell, Schneider Electric, and Dean Meyers GM are among those
who recognize the value of educating and guiding consumers in the
alternatives available to them.”

“We’re expecting at least 4 times last year's 250 visitors. Advance
Tickets are available now. There’s more trust in the marketplace. Most
companies are aggressively pursing some form of hybrid technology. We're
now seeing new companies with brand new, from the ground up EV’s, such as
the TESLA Model S Sedan, or the Unicell Purolator QuickSider Delivery
Vehicle. They’re in the position to be embraced by new consumer
receptivity and are entering the marketplace at a great time,” opines

EV Fest 2012 runs from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM September 9th at the Evergreen
Brick Works, 550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4W 3X8.
For further information: MEDIA CONTACT: Robert Weekley, EV Fest 2012 show
producer, robert@evfest.ca 416-901-9191

Robert Weekley
EV Fest
c/o 3219 Yonge Street, Suite 235
Toronto, ON, M4N 2L3

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