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                                                             Real Estate In Chicago
                                                                  By Paul Gorney

    Real Estate in Chicago Continues to Boom

Based on a sluggish economy and a large supply of available properties, economists expected real
estate in Chicago to move at a slower pace

in the fourth quarter of 2004 and into the first quarter of 2005.

To the Contrary…Real Estate in Chicago

A search of local records in Chicago, Illinois shows that 6,300 new homes were sold in 2004, an 80%
increase in sales over the previous year.

The bulk of those sales came in the fourth quarter, which is traditionally a slow sales period for real
estate in Chicago.

Since the New Year, residential real estate in Chicago, IL hasn’t skipped a beat in sales, contributing to
new national home sales records and surpassing those set in the 1980’s. Realty experts are citing the
popularity of condos converted from apartment high rises as well as an influx of new first time buyers
as major influences in this growth. Chicago continues to attract a diverse group of buyers, including
empty nesters and those looking to upgrade after selling their current home.

Sales of real estate in Chicago were led by the sale of condos, which enjoyed a 3.4% increase over
last year. The demands within this segment also led to an increase of just over 7% in the median price,
placing pricing in the range of $211,000.

Real estate in the Chicago area saw a slight drop-off in single family home sales, with a nearly 5%
drop from the previous year. This drop in market share is attributed to the desire for the condo lifestyle.
For those of you who think that this lack of interest in single family homes has brought about a drop in
price, think again. You’ll find that the price for a single family home in Chicago rose almost 10%,
placing the median price at $279,000.

If you’re interested in buying property in the Chicago real estate market, whether you prefer the city or

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a location in the suburbs, call or email your realty agent now so that you can begin your search of
available properties.

Paul Gorney is a real estate expert and writer for various real estate publications in the U.S. is easy to find when you have expert help.

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                                                               Chicago Realtor
                                                               By Paul Gorney

 A Chicago Realtor, a member of the National Association of Realtors, follows a strict code of ethics
that go beyond the state licensing laws and has access to the Multiple Listing Service, on which
property for sale is listed. Your Realtor can help you market your home, assisting you in getting top
dollar, or help you find homes for sale and assist you in getting the best home for a fair price.

Buying a home is a big step, especially in a market like Chicago. As far as residential real estate is
concerned, Chicago is a diverse and complex marketplace. Finding the right Chicago Realtor can
really make a difference in what is one of the most substantial purchases of your life. Experrience,
market knowledge, and negotiating skills are a must!

What to Expect from a Chicago Realtor

A good Chicago Realtor will help you buy or sell a home in the Chicago area. S/he should do the
following: *Provide a comprehensive, current directory of Chicago real estate listings *Provide relevan
details, such as a description of the property, photos, maps, and neighborhood information (schools,
stores, transportation, etc.) *Explain the entire real estate buying/selling process in Chicago

Qualities of a good Chicago Realtor

When interviewing Realtor candidates, use the following criteria: *A good real estate agent is
knowledgeable, experienced, and professional. *S/he has an effective marketing plan. *S/he is able to
make an accurate appraisal of your property's value. *S/he is a competent, fair negotiator. *S/he
adheres to the code of ethics set forth by the National Association of Realtors. *S/he will make the
process of buying/selling a house in Chicago as simple as possible.

Be sure to find a Chicago Realtor who knows your area and will give your property the attention it
deserves. You can't simpy put a sign in the front yard and hope for the best. You need a local Realtor
who can provide the appraisal, marketing, and negotiating you're looking for.

How to Find a Chicago Realtor

There are several ways to find a Chicago Realtor. Here are just a few suggestions: *Click on a real
estate website, such as, Dream Town, or Home Gain to find a Realtor who is local,
qualified, and professional. *Interview several agents and review their proposals. *Discuss terms and
conditions before you sign. *Check credentials and track records. *Talk to homeowners who have
worked with the Realtors to get their opinions of his/her professionalism.

Paul Gorney is a national real estate expert and writer on various real estate areas of interest. 

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