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                                                Real Estate In Breckenridge Colorado
                                                                By Gary Ruplinger

    I remember the very first time I visited Breckenridge, Colorado. I said, “Hey, this looks like and
authentic little mountain town you see in pictures.” My friend replied, “It is.” And I’m not alone in
thinking that, I recently went there with friends again last year for some snowboarding, and they said
basically the same thing I said. I’ve seen several of the towns in that area, and none of them are as
nice as the town of Breckenridge. So if you’ve considered buying property in the mountains,
Breckenridge is a great choice.

Maybe you just want to get out of the hectic city or just have a place where you can go to relax anytime
of the year. The scenery there is hard to beat, and opportunities to be in the great outdoors abound.

Breckenridge isn’t the cheapest mountain town to live in, but that doesn’t mean it’s unaffordable.
Properties can be had for $200k - $3 million, so there is likely to be something to fit your budget,
whether you plan on permanently moving there or just buying a second home.

Whether you’re looking for a condo in town, or a cabin nestled back in the mountains, you’ll likely be
able to find it in the Breckenridge area. There is also a variety of duplexes and townhouses in the area.

One of the biggest draws of Breckenridge is the world class ski resort in the town. With 145 trails
offering everything from very easy greens to expert only double black diamonds, you’re sure to find
what you’re looking for at the ski resort. And when you’re done for the day, it sure is nice to go back to
a nice warm cabin, build a little fire, and sit around and drink hot chocolate and relax for the evening.

However, there’s more to Breckenridge than just winter activities. If you love hiking and biking, then
there is just as much to do in the summer as there is in the winter.

And if that’s not enough good news for you, the Breckenridge area provides an excellent area for
investment. The area has seen a rise in home values for the past 20 years, and estimates suggest that
trend continuing into the foreseeable future. Even in a weakening national real estate market, the
Breckenridge area is still going strong, with prices going up 5 to 7% in the past year.

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So if living in the mountains is a dream of yours, why put it off any longer. Visit Breckenridge and learn
everything an authentic mountain village has to offer.

Gary Ruplinger is the webmaster for and To learn more about the real estate markets, and the benefits of living
and visiting these areas, visit his site.

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                                             The History Of Breckenridge, Colorado
                                                               By Scott E Palat

If your ski vacation this year makes it to beautiful Summit County be sure to visit the most historic gold
mining town in Colorado, Breckenridge. With world class skiing and snowboarding, the four peaks
which surround the town are massive but can actually be tamed.

Peak seven, peak eight, peak nine, and peak ten are all around thirteen thousand feet. Each peak can
be skied if you have the tools and knowledge.

Breckenridge started out as a gold mining town. Hundreds of families and people came to
Breckenridge hoping to strike it rich. After the gold boost of the eighteen hundreds people had to wait
almost sixty years for the white gold otherwise known as snow. Breckenridge gets lots of snow
averaging over two hundred inches of snow per year. Many of the buildings here are from the historical
gold mine era. The Gold Pan bar in Breckenridge used to be a miners bar from the eighteen hundreds
it is one of the oldest bars in the state of Colorado . When you walk through the door you will realize
the historical significance.

In eighteen fifty nine gold was discovered along the blue river, and a base camp later to be known as
Breckenridge. Breckenridge does contain more than three hundred fifty different buildings and
structures that still remain. This makes Breckenridge one of largest historic district in Colorado . During
the summer time, the locals run Gold Mine Tours and they are quite exciting.

In the year 1860, Breckenridge established the first post office which finally put Breckenridge on the
national map. In eighteen eighty two the railroad arrived in Breckenridge. Today, you can hike up the
trail as the old railroad has been removed. The railroad was very much responsible for Breckenridge's
growth and wealth.

Breckenridge the ski town wasn't established until 12/16/1961. On opening day they had one T bar ski
lift and only one double chair lift on peak 8. With an fortunate seventeen thousand customers in there
first year Breckenrige certainly seemed to have a bright future. Breckenridge was the first Colorado
resort to allow snowboarding way back in 1984 there acceptance with snowboarders is still there today.
In 1985 Breckenridge hosted the first snowboard world cup and every year since then, they've hosted
major event's.

In 1997 Breckenridge and Keystone are merged with Vail and Beaver Creek to form Vail ski resorts.
On your next ski or summer vacation I hope you make it to historical Breckenridge, Colorado where
you are sure to have a good time. offers discounts on hotels, condos and other fun activities. You can
also rent your own helmet cam and enjoy a recorded dvd to help you relive your ski vacation.

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