Easter in the Garden by BookLove1


									Easter in the Garden

Value:   Easter – The Resurrection of Christ

Amy and Amber loved Easter. They loved the pretty dresses and hats they
got to wear and all the ladies at church wore. They loved the story of
Jesus rising from the dead and the flowers and the candy and of course,
the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts. Usually on Saturday, they went to
the one in Central Park with all the kids. Mommy and Daddy always hid
lost of eggs all over the house and in the garden.

One of Amy and Ambers favorite things to do is to get up really early on
Easter morning and go out in the garden and find all the eggs Mommy and
Daddy hid there last night before their parents ever even got up. They
always surprised Mommy and Daddy with full baskets of Easter eggs already
gathered before they even woke up.

This year they did extra good because Amy and Amber got up just before
the sun came up. The quickly got into their Easter robes and slippers
and tried to be quiet for all the giggling as they slipped into the
garden. Mommy kept a huge garden that had rows and rows of flowers and
plants and paths that went back to some land Daddy used to dump the
trimmings when he mowed the lawn. Amy searched for eggs around the lily
pond and Amber near the Azalea bushes when Amber suddenly called to her
twin sister.

“Amy come here. I have never seen this path before.” Amy ran to her
sister and saw what she had found. It was a new path but it didn’t look
new. It looked very old because it was laid in with huge granite stones
and it rose like it was going up a hill which none of the others did.
Amber was a little nervous about following the strange path but before
she knew it Amy started stepping up the stones and moving further up the
hill so Amber joined her. Both were very curious about this Easter

The path wound around and twisted but it was always an uphill climb until
suddenly it leveled out and they were in a clearing. “What is this place
Amber?” whispered Amy and the girls held hands as they bravely explored
further. As they walked in tiny little steps, suddenly Amber stopped.

“Look at that.” She said and Amy saw what she saw. It was a huge cave
and there was a massive stone lying on the ground and there was stuff
lying around like someone had been here and run away. Just then, the sun
peeked over the eastern horizon and at that same exact moment, a light
burst from the cave door that was brighter than the sunrise. “Amy,”
Amber said with a frightened, shy whisper, “do you think this is the….”

“I don’t know Amber.”   Amy whispered back “Let’s go see.”

Slowly they inched forward until they were at the opening of the cave.
They peeked around and there He was. Sitting on the edge of a large slab
looking at his hands and praying, dressed all in white with strips of
grave wrapping lying at his feet, he was preparing to stand up.”
“Jesus?” Amber said in awe, shock and feeling the love she had for him
come up. As she said that, Jesus looked at her and smiled a smile that
made them know it could only be him and that the love of God was bursting
from him.

“Hello Amy and Amber.” He said in his soft loving voice.   Then he
extended his arms. “Come see me.”

The twins ran to their Savior and jumped into his arms. “Jesus did you
just get rose from the dead?” Amy said kissing the backs of his hands.

“Yes Amy.” Jesus answered and they felt the joy that was in him flowing
to them. For what seemed like hours he talked to them about how much he
loved them and how much he loved his disciples and all sinners and that
he came to earth to take everyone who loved him to Heaven.

“Now girls, I must go see my disciples. I want you to go back down the
hill to your parents and then go out and tell everyone you know about
what you saw here and that I rose from the dead to give them eternal life
so they will never die. Promise?”

“WE PROMISE JESUS” and they kissed him and they ran out of the cave
passing two ladies who were coming up the path. Then they ran all the
way home and there was mommy making her special Easter breakfast. But
Amy and Amber never forgot to tell everyone about Jesus and how he rose
from the dead to save us. And we should never forget the true meaning of
Easter either and tell everyone we know of the amazing miracle of Easter

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